What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – threatening butterflies

Aladdin paused in the doorway. “They might have keys-”

“We don’t have time for keys.”

And this was a hunt and Morgan knew hunting in this world and he was not going to argue. Not when he could hear dark rukh whispering all through this awful tower, angry and venomous and… confused.

Why isn’t he failing? came the hiss of dark wings. Why isn’t he dead?

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Aladdin muttered to passing darkness. “He’s Alibaba. Don’t you know the Sinbad fairytales?”

Some dark wings swirled in confusion. Others seemed to hover, like a dazed blink of darkness. But a few-

Augh run away run away!

Aladdin didn’t watch them scatter, busy helping Morgan and Maria break chains and drag two emaciated bodies out of their prison cells, back to the stairwell. The alarms were a little quieter there, muffled by stone and distance. “There’s going to be more fighting. If we make you a door, can you get them out?”

“Make a door?” Maria said shakily, supporting a youngster who had to weigh barely half of what she did.

Morgan grinned, bounced up to the ground floor landing, and drew her leg up for a kick.

Fanalis bone and muscle versus antique stonework. Swooping his turban under their rescued kids, Aladdin had to grin too. Poor stones.


8 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – threatening butterflies

  1. … why do I have a feeling that Alibaba/Alen is associated with dark rukh in a few obscure old myths- not because he’s fallen/not fallen, but because he gave the rukh a collective headache and it REMEMBERS that and it’s been interpreted wrongly.

    Wait until the dark rukh realizes SINBAD/Simon is there, too. Much fleeing, indeed. Either one is bad news on their own, but BOTH? Run dark little flutters, run.


      1. You know Things Will Happen when you verb a name. (Sinbad’ed/Simoned are absolutely verbs as well. That’s the word for the universe giving up and likely making Jaf’far STAB something after he extrapolates his king from this insanity.)


      2. Oh yes. Ja’far has used “he’s been Simoned” for years now. It’s the only way to describe the people bemusedly going “what just happened?” after a certain King who may remain nameless talked them into lending him their parasail to go after the giant octopus.

        And with two kings, it’s just going to get worse….

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  2. This is great! I’ve been hoping to see this bit since you mentioned it in the comments.

    >>Augh run away run away!

    Best reaction


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