What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – boring conversation anyway…


“Right, right, annoying noise anyway,” Simon said hurriedly, poking at various controls on the monitor station near the elevator that looked promising. “Come on, this button is obviously an on, there has to be an off!”

“Not necessarily,” Tiburon shot back, searching the station just as frantically, scooping up anything that looked like a stray bit of data storage that Drakon didn’t get to first. Though the FBI agent had hauled out a few of his own flash drives, and was pulling something on the nearest computer that Simon sort of doubted was entirely legal. “This isn’t a standard setup-”

Ja’far’s hand slapped Tiburon’s away from one particular button. “Trapped!”

Tiburon swore. “They’ve mixed tech and magic all through here. You probably need a magic key to turn the bloody alarm off-”

Malachy’s hand rested on Simon’s shoulder. “They know we’re here. Give us an advantage.”

Me? But what can I do? I’m no security expert, I’m not a soldier, I’m just

:You were never “just” anything, my king.:


Malachy grabbed Tiburon and Drakon as he moved, hauling them clear of anything metal.

“Bararaq Saiqa!”

Lightning struck with his cutlass, stabbing deep into the heart of the security station before lashing out like a spiderweb of sparks. Lights and sirens flickered, screeched-


Hmm. Dark in here.

Beside him, Simon felt Ja’far’s deep sigh.


23 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – boring conversation anyway…

  1. But the bad guys also have enemies attacking from above and soon from inside. Alan and Sarah are loose and (I suspect) a certain alchemist and martial artist may also cause problems. I’m also not certain that such a racket might not attract the fire department and police (and they can’t *all* be on the take…) and Pablo for his little sister… Pass the popcorn…


  2. Simon’s only defense for using the Han Solo school of dealing with stuff: I didn’t hear anyone else coming up with a better idea.

    It is a multi-layer trap and as you said before, it was nearly adequate for the job . . . but NEARLY isn’t good enough when dealing a King with a Metal Vessel (or any Metal Vessel user), let alone two of them. Not to mention the lunatics storming in for them, after them, and/or willing to do the enemy of my enemy thing with them . . .

    Especially since some of the Djinn seem to be inclined toward being clingy MacGuffins this time around . . .


    1. Um… when Vathara says “multi-layered”, she means that this bit is only the first layer. It’s going to get harder (and messier) from here on out, people!

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      1. Didn’t think it was going to be easy. Just that Our Heroes are pretty good at getting themselves back out of trouble. Not always easily and not always prettily but they get it done.

        And the bad guys might almost get them but as the expression goes almost only counts with horse-shoes and hand grenades.


    2. Agree with you totally on “Not good enough.” But it’s going to be a closer shave than anyone likes!

      Long story short: I had an Idea, so I went and looked up volcanoes, which we know Amon’s Full Equip can handle, to check… certain environmental conditions. Just to be sure I was remembering correctly.

      I was. *EG*

      …This is gonna be fun….


  3. >>Almost only counts with horse-shoes and hand grenades.
    I always toss in nukes, because, much like an Equipped King, if the main blast doesn’t get you, the backwash will.

    And that last bit, where Simon just pulls out the lightning and fries it all and Ja’far just sighs and shakes his head? That is so funny to me and I’m not sure why? It’s funny out of proportion anyway.

    But even if our BDH are in a multilayered trap, and our BG planned for external assaults, and paranoia might mean they’ve planned for things that are nearly as nasty as what’s going to hit them, it’s the internal assault that I speculate they’ll miss. Because the Fomoire chains can’t be fought, and there’s nothing a housewife and her child can do to hurt them. And only minor amounts of extra security on their temporary ally/dupe, probably nothing compared to what is needed to stop a determined Phae and Callimachus with all the lovely distractions from the BDH. *Halo* As all of the Generals will tell you, insufficient paranoia is the leading cause of death.

    After all, that’s what happened with Sinbad all those millennia ago.


    1. Heh. They have things planned for an internal mess as well. Unfortunately.

      You mentioned nukes?

      However. One thing they are not prepared for is the power of the Djinn. That’s going to be the kicker. (Well, the power of the Djinn, the magi, and Ja’far’s knowledge and abilities from growing up near Chernobyl.)

      (You did mention nukes. And hazmat symbols.)

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      1. I am intrigued by your reply. That was mean, now I have hamsters running through my brain and I’m going to bed after this! Though at least it’s not mice, after listening to SJ Tucker’s Kingdom of the Mice, and her reading of The Mice before it, mice are scary creatures. “When we eat the sun will it taste like mouse? We swear by the dust we shall soon find out.”

        Any one have thoughts over whether We are Shangri-la or The Kingdom of the Mice is the theme song for Al-Thamen?

        Yes, I did binge listen to all of the songs. It’s a thing.

        And it just hit me of all the nasty things a Life Magician with a detailed knowledge of what radiation does to a body could wreak. Especially one who’s rukh had tasted it, sampled it all, to protect the wielder, and later a King.

        Nasty mind of mine wants to know if the Shays were playing with how radiation would effect rukh, or a magician, or if a magician could clean up after radiation. Or do anything about radiation poisoning. Or, well, nasty depths in my mind.

        And can I get a music video for Girl With the Lion’s Tail for Morgiana? It suits her, but I do not have the software for video editing.

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