River of Stars Ch 7 bit – introductions

A/N: In case anyone missed it, Hakkai has a sadistic streak.


“Colonel O’Neill, High Priest Jikaku, in whose charge is the Temple of the Setting Sun. Behave. Or he’ll feed you your spine.”

A swirl of white and green, Sanzo stalked out, Goku skipping after him.

“Hey!” Jack started forward-

Three ringed hands flew up, and triggers clicked.

Daniel glanced around. Yep, there were Hakkai and Gojyo, easing out of the line of fire. And being let go, which was Not Fair At All.

“Hey… how’s it going?” Lowering his voice, Jack grumbled, “Daniel?”

“Hello,” the archaeologist smiled, deliberately stepping between Jack and the nearest ringed hand. “I’m Daniel Jackson, and it’s nice to meet you. This is Jack, and Major Sam Carter, and Teal’c-”

“Don’t worry, they already know us,” Gojyo grinned, fading behind the guards. Chortling, Hakuryuu took off from Hakkai’s shoulder, disappearing out the door.

“I sort of figured that out,” Daniel said dryly.

Which gained him a chuckle from Jikaku, even as the priest raised a bushy white brow at Hakkai. “Not the most auspicious of beginnings.”

“Sanzo’s been polite,” Hakkai said ruefully. “For about four days.”

“You call that polite?” Sam demanded.

“He hasn’t shot you once,” Gojyo shrugged. “So, yeah.”

“Oh, dear,” Jikaku murmured. A gesture and a few words dispersed half the guards back around the rings, the rest filing out into the larger temple. “Well. Humor an old man and walk with me, Colonel? You’ve come a… very long way, and I imagine we might well make good use of one of the meditation rooms to talk.”

“Before you try to put roast colonel on the menu?” Jack said dryly, matching Jikaku step for step and waving them to follow. For a man his age, the priest kept a brisk pace.

Jikaku chuckled. “Roast? I think not. Finely diced and stewed; you’re not tender enough for anything less. Though that would be rude for emissaries. However, if you insist….”

“You’re serious,” Jack said flatly.

“I am a priest of Kanzeon Bosatsu, Colonel.” A wry, wise smile. “And we were staring off Jaffa armies centuries before the Asgard decided to intervene.” Jikaku eyed Hakkai again. “I take it we’re dealing with the usual?”

“Since at least last night,” the healer confirmed reluctantly. “And… off and on before then, since we left Aomura.”

Jikaku sucked in a breath. “I’ll have something sent to the baths.”

“Thank you,” Hakkai said fervently.

“Baths, huh? Yeah, he probably is headed there, the little hot-water addict,” Gojyo shrugged. “Have to admit, it’ll feel nice after all that rain.”

“Rain?” Jikaku said darkly, with a look at Hakkai Daniel could only call dubious.

“Very heavy. Very cold,” Hakkai said cheerfully. “And we shouldn’t impose on you further, not when you have such important guests to see to.” Grabbing Gojyo’s arm, he moved.

“Hey – what – Hakkai!”

They were gone.

“Well, that explains why half of you are down with rainfire.” Jikaku shook his head, walking on. “Though I am surprised it’s not three of you, if you’re of the same land… I’ve sent for salves from our apothecary; we keep them on hand for lay visitors. You’ll want to wash, and change your clothing; the spores can linger quite some time.”

“Spores?” Sam paled.

“Laymen?” Daniel pounced. “You mean, this doesn’t affect priests?” So Hakkai – oh, you bastard.


10 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 7 bit – introductions

  1. Hakkai is sneaky. Very sneaky. With a mean streak. A big mean streak. Best that they learn this now in a relatively harmless manner before they learn it via not having all of their internal organs and/or blood where it belongs . . .

    Sanzo sounds like he has had all of people he can handle for a while. Like “I’m getting a few minutes of well-deserved quiet and alone time and anyone who tries to interrupt it for anything less than world-ending catastrophe will be shot. Then set on fire.”


    1. And hopefully SG-1 will take the warning that well-timed inaction can be as hazardous to their health as any deliberate poisoning. Ooof.

      And that would be a yes. Too many idiots, too many emotions. Need quiet and hot water now.

      (Plus Hakkai effectively just asked for, “get the things we know he’ll eat, he’s all argh again.”)


  2. So if I’ve got this right the ‘poison-ivy’ that is currently afflicting Jack and Sam is a rain carried fungus. And can cause widespread infection within hours right through unbroken skin.
    Yikes, that is a nasty bug.

    And that these spores hit people hard who don’t have particular traits. Considering that Danny boy is apparently sensitive to empathy/telepathy on some level here and the priests don’t seem effected I’m guessing it’s related.


    1. It’s more an allergic reaction to the fungus – very similar to poison ivy. (Poison ivy is highly underrated. Under some circumstances it can kill you.)

      It’s – ahem – a little less complicated than that. Hakkai is nasty, but what Teal’c told him about Daniel… his nastiness does have limits. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I should feel sorry for the SG 1 but it is difficult at the moment. *cackles* They should now recognise Sanzo in a good behaviour since they have seen him irritable. Kanseon help them during their first youkai battle.


  4. I actually just stumbled upon an old and inexact breakdown of Hakkai’s kill count that made me think of this and giggle ( http://users.livejournal.com/_diesmiling_/6346.html [also, love + infinity to the last comment wondering what type of killer Gonou/Hakkai would be classified as]) still, assuming +/- 500, SG1 should count their blessings with the itchies. Sanzo-ikkou are all very “permanent solutions to temporary problems” people… and Hakkai doesn’t like them much right now.

    Poor Sanzo. If he was almost anyone else, I’d say he needs a hug, but it’s him so he needs space and quiet and people’s emotions not being LOUD at him.


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