River of Stars Ch 7 bit – Jikaku

As a high priest, Jikaku could instruct, and remonstrate, and guide those in his charge in a more correct path. Genjyo Sanzo could blaze through a temple, shake evil-doers out of hiding, shoot anyone who needed it, shoot at anyone who simply needed a lesson in life’s unexpected hazards, and otherwise terrorize into nervous breakdowns anyone who, for one reason or another, simply was no longer fit for the position they held.

Blessed Goddess, but I do love that young man.

After all, who else would think enough of an old tanuki like himself to hand him such an interesting problem? Which the Tau’ri certainly were – and Daniel Jackson not the least of it.

A natural empath, Jikaku thought. They were born sometimes among lay people, even those who hadn’t had a temple relationship. Most eventually joined the priesthood, but temple records and his own decades of experience indicated the numbers of lay empaths had been slowly but steadily increasing. Which was part of what made Gyokumen Koushu’s tactics so monstrously divisive. A weak, untrained empath, bombarded with lethal hate, would instinctively reply in kind – leading to atrocities on both sides.

Yet even with no training, and little power, young Daniel is trying to shield himself, Jikaku observed. Wary, and yet he wants to trust… I wonder. Does he suspect what we are?

“Among your legends,” the bespectacled young man began, “do you have a story of the first world? Where humans were discovered by Ra?”

“We do,” Jikaku nodded, projecting :respect for another’s caution:. “As we have stories of how Ra lost that world, and why. It seems even a god may tire of existence, and choose to return to the Wheel to be reborn.”

Daniel almost flinched, radiating more quiet :caution: and :worry:.

So. He does sense us.

“Choose to?” O’Neill said dryly.

“The arrogance to assume you are invulnerable is a choice, Colonel,” Jikaku replied, equally dry. “Even for a god.”

“You know who we are,” the colonel said bluntly.

After a slap at a god like yours, who could not? Ah, well. It’d been fun while it lasted. “Three humans, traveling with a former First Prime of Apophis?” Jikaku shrugged. “One scholar, one scientist with the touch of a dead Tok’ra, and one commander. All of whom carry weapons and gear not native to other worlds… yet seen here, when one of our temples was attacked, almost two years ago. Yes, I know who you are. Or rather, I know who the System Lords claim you to be. Who do you say that you are?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” O’Neill shrugged back. “We’re the good guys. Just ask the Asgard.”

“I’d rather not,” Jikaku chuckled. “I prefer to be polite to my guests – and given they likely see you as good but destructive children, the answer might be embarrassing.”

:Fury.: Tightly controlled, and well banked, but :fury: nonetheless. And as pleasant as standing in an acid bath.

If he’s been enduring that for days, it’s no wonder Sanzo wants to shoot the man, Jikaku thought ruefully. “It’s better to laugh than to be constantly offended, Colonel,” the high priest said matter-of-factly. “After all, we’re not the race in danger of dying out, are we?”


20 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 7 bit – Jikaku

      1. Is that what Kanseon is trying to do? Fins a solution to the Asgard’s problem? It would be rather like hir to help allies like that who have helped hir go so long.


      2. Heh. No, she’s not trying to fix their particular genetic problem. She’d probably try if they asked, but her pet project is something a bit different.

        …Also, Thor might be justifiably nervous about letting Kanzeon anywhere near Asgard DNA, given she mutters under her mental breath about what kind of idiots stop regular breeding, obviously they need a serious intervention…. *G*

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  1. I know Jack and Thor are kinda friends but are they really that close that a small ( though true) dig at the Asgard in general ticks him off that much? Or has exposure to Sanzo made him enclined to dislike all Shangr-La priests in general? As for being the good guys, that’s a matter of perspective and considering Jikaku just mentioned the attack on the temple , it doesn’t seem like the smartest position to claim.


    1. Thor named a ship after Jack. He was touched. Thor’s also the guy who got an Ancient database out of Jack’s head, helped Earth negotiate a treaty with the System Lords to avoid direct assaults on the planet, and saved Cimmeria from Heru’ur. All things considered, he’s been a fairly good ally to Earth, he just doesn’t have the forces to help as much as he’d like.

      And, well, given Jikaku’s on friendly terms with Sanzo, of all people, yeah, Jack’s going to dislike him to start. He may change his mind. Eventually.


  2. Jack might need a reminder about the main rule for truly adult conversations. Namely: During the course of this conversation, I’m going to say things that you don’t like. You will listen like an adult AND respond like an adult if you wish to be treated like an adult. If you respond like a very young child, you will be treated accordingly.

    And to be fair to Jack empathically smacking people with his emotions, he doesn’t know that he’s doing it. I think he knows he was doing something in the conference room and it was having an effect before the NID flunky interrupted but I don’t think he realized that Hakuryuu wasn’t the only psychic in that room (besides poor Danny – to be fair to Sanzo catching him while smacking down the NID flunky, Sanzo didn’t know that Danny is an untrained empath and neither does Danny). ‘Course being psychic is an out there theory on Earth . . . like aliens building the pyramids.

    When Danny gives his theory about empathy – telepathy and gets it confirmed by someone, I wonder if anyone is going to inform him that HE’s an empath too. A weak one but still there. Probably considering having lethal hate poured down his throat could go very badly as Jikaku has noted it has in the past.


    1. Well, part of being fair to Jack is he doesn’t realize that emotions he keeps off his face still affect this mess.

      …It’s also unfortunately canon that Jack can be very cavalier about locals in a position of power. Good thing if you’re “fighting gods”; not so good if you’re dealing with people who value their dignity.

      *Wry G* Given the SGC has met the Asgard, who are telepaths – psychics should be a bit less out there.

      And yes. Very good point – when people are a little more certain of dealing with each other, Danny should definitely get a heads-up about “this is how to shield.”

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      1. Psychics should be less out there but the Asgard are aliens. Aliens that look like aliens. Not aliens who are human and/or partially human. Not humans from Earth. They are used to the weirdness being from out there somewhere in space. Not from right here on Earth.

        (The lesson that Earth is just as weird as the rest of the universe is one they will also need to learn [or re-learn if the crossover bunnies get their way] when SG-1 meets the Hancock crew.)


    1. >>Hmm. I’d have to get into RWBY for that to work. I admit I like their tropes page…😉
      The show may start off a bit slow in the first season but things start picking up.

      Also from what I understand while the White, Black and Yellow trailers are canon to the greater story, the Red trailer was more an introduction to the Girl and her Scythe.


      1. I’d heard the Red trailer was actually supposed to take place at some point in the future, yes.

        Mostly I have a distinct lack of time. Maybe once Taka’s all edited I can take a bit to binge a new fandom!


    1. Huh. After much searching, that may not be canon, but it’s definitely my headcanon to explain 1) their mouths don’t move when they talk, 2) how they were able to get that library out of Jack’s head, and 3) how they were even able to understand what he asked for in the first place when he opened the ‘Gate to their galaxy. Not to mention the constant “all the aliens speak English”. Now, the Goa’uld have stolen people from Earth and spread their knowledge around, likewise the Tollans and Nox have had extensive contact – but the Asgard? Are from another galaxy.

      Not to mention the darn “answering machine” left on Cimmeria. Which apparently “speaks” to anyone in the language they understand. Also, it’s SG canon that the Asgard (darn you Loki) are the explanation for all reports of encounters with “little gray aliens” and just about every account of those – including in the SG ‘verse – says they are telepathic.


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