Earring Tales: RWBY Yang

Sometimes I take requests. A friend asked me if I could come up with a Yang (from RWBY) impression. Challenge accepted!



As someone said on getting the pic, “obviously no one has damaged The Hair recently.”

Crystal metallic sunshine for the drops; I’ve currently got more of those on order so I can make another pair of Yang.

The interesting thing was trying to balance the colors on these. I tried a lot of designs, but putting either black or red into the beadwork on the top just didn’t seem to work for that impression of burning blonde. So I poked around my earwires, and found some niobium anodized to black. That seemed to help balance out the design with the black bugles on the drops, and still keep that upper-level gold.

BTW, when I started out designing these, I’d been planning to use the gold-lustered green tea beads (see the main beads on the Criosol earrings) because they struck me as being about the color of Yang’s leather jacket. But that… just didn’t work. So I ended up going with shades of gold/yellow, cranberry luster of the eyes, and black. Which are the character’s signature colors.

Thoughts, suggestions?





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