River of Stars Ch 7 bit -Allies and questions

“I wish you all a pleasant evening.” Rising to his feet, Jikaku bowed, and waited until they returned it. “There is one more thing you should know.”

Halfway to the door, SG-1 paused.

“When the case of Cho Hakkai was first brought to us, Kanzeon Bosatsu contacted the Asgard, and told them she had one of their Tok’ra allies, so they might collect it,” Jikaku said plainly. “The message they returned was simple. ‘Our allies state there is no Tok’ra Gonou’.”

Major Carter paled. “But-”

O’Neill held up a hand.

Sensing their : shock: and :calculation:, Jikaku nodded. “Think on that, Colonel O’Neill. And then consider why we might not have been swift to destroy Gyokumen Koushu.”

Oh god. Oh god, we’re in over our heads. We’re so far in, we’d need a crew of bulldozers to dig us out-

“Danny.” Jack’s hand on his chest brought his pacing to a halt in the middle of their quarters; a room not much bigger than Jikaku’s meditation chamber, but with chairs and futons for all. “You’re wearing a hole in the nice, clean floor.”

“Sorry,” Daniel stammered, absently noting that the anti-itch salve really did work. Jack and Sam looked a lot better, even if they did smell of mint and burnt pecans. Like Goku’s granola, though that had tasted just a little bit burnt. “It’s just- I know who she is, Jack. I think I do. And it’s bad. It’s really, really bad-”

“Danny. Breathe.” Jack took a step back, and gave him a look askance. “Who she is?”

“Koushu,” Daniel got out. “Jack… we know other Goa’uld don’t get onto Shangri-La. We know that. According to the Tok’ra, even Nirrti’s tried to crack the place. It wouldn’t be standing if anything she made got through.”

“Yeah. Except for Koushu,” Jack started.

“Jacob was lying.”

“You don’t know that,” Sam argued.

“I believe Daniel Jackson does,” Teal’c said thoughtfully. “It would be a reasonable deduction, even if he did not. The Tok’ra have been deceptive about Shangri-La from the beginning.” He gazed at Sam. “Do Jolinar’s memories include why Selmak wished to execute the child Son Goku?”

“They want her dead,” Sam said, after a moment’s troubled thought. “I hear Kanzeon’s name, and sometimes – sometimes there’s just this hate that comes up like acid. She has to die.”

“The Asgard would object,” Teal’c noted.

“Maybe not,” Sam said bleakly. “Sir, Janet and I had time to run a few tests before you left, we just haven’t had any privacy until now….”

Daniel started to object, then shook his head. If Jack hadn’t already thought of a dozen non-psychic ways they could be spied on, mentioning it wouldn’t help.

“…I think Goku is what was Lost.”

Jack raised an eyebrow, clear go on.

“He’s an alien, sir,” Sam said steadily. “Not variant human. Alien. But the youkai, and Sanzo – they are variant humans. Engineered with DNA from Goku’s species. Kanzeon’s researching them. She may be trying to recreate them. And if that one known original individual were destroyed….”

“Her research falls apart, treaty’s broken, and the Asgard hang her out to dry,” Jack finished. “Meaning everything she’s got, including the Scriptures, might be loot for whoever got there first. Like, say, some of Kanzeon’s nastier offspring, we’ve seen that before….”

Jack trailed off, and Daniel winced. On the one hand, good, he wasn’t stating the obvious. On the other-

He’s going to make Sam say it. It’s not fair.

But Sam squared her shoulders, and faced it like a soldier. “Or the Tok’ra.” She turned toward Daniel, the faintest hint of hurt shining from blue eyes. “That’s what you think. That’s why you’re panicking. You think Gyokumen Koushu is a Tok’ra.”

“I think we need to consider the possibility,” Daniel admitted, wishing he looked half as miserable as he felt. “But there’s something even more basic we need to think about. And it’s my fault we missed it, I should know better-”

“Danny,” Jack said quietly.

Daniel stopped. Took a deep breath, counted to three, and exhaled. “Jack, we’ve been so focused on alien we haven’t thought about people. Individuals. And we should, even the Goa’uld can listen, if it takes a whole Asgard warfleet to get them to the table-” Breathe. Sum up. “How do we know all the Tok’ra agree on what they plan to do to the System Lords?”


32 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 7 bit -Allies and questions

  1. >>“How do we know all the Tok’ra agree on what they plan to do to the System Lords?”
    That’s simple Danny-boy. You don’t.

    At not least in a version of the Stargate universe that isn’t being run by ham-handed writers and has had a bit of common sense regarding socio-political interactions added.

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  2. So what’s the Temple’s/Kanzeon’s plan for dealing with the b***ch if they think attacking her might violate the treaty?

    Because I would assume that Sanzo’s crew would part of their forces as far as the treaty is concerned. I mean it’s not like they could rely on the SGC for that role.


    1. Attacking her might be messy. Finding and zapping Gyumaoh, though – he may be nonstandard but he’s still a youkai, and Sanzo’s crew can definitely deal with him. The problem is finding him. Because Houtou Castle has a certain someone confusing all of Kanzeon’s sensors….


  3. And if they happen to run across the witch while they’re dealing with Gyumaoh….well self defense is a thing you know.


      1. *Snrk* I’m reminded of that bit from Reload, where the innkeeper’s girl is determined to keep an eye on these shifty characters, they’re obviously demons….

        And she’s absolutely right. They’re definitely shifty, and three out of four of them are demons. They’re just not the real problem….

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  4. Just when you though this situation couldn’t get messier . . . .

    I still vote that the completely evil snake lady (as opposed to the completely insane snake lady) needs to go down. Because I don’t think she’s going to stop if she just curb-stomps Kanzeon and takes over Shangri-La.

    Because Gao’uld always seem to have further but similar ambitions to the ones they outright state. Like 1) First, kill Enemy A, then 2) Take over Enemy A’s stuff (planets, slaves, nifty tech) and prune out what I don’t need / will not be loyal to me, 3) Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to Enemy B, and 4) Repeat Until My Death*

    *They never seem to run out of enemies. By the time they have finished with one set, they have acquired two more sets.


    1. Which actually makes a bit more sense if you think of the Goa’uld as colonial animals with a Queen. In a normal situation, colonies would be able to spread out far enough not to run into each other so much. In the current System Lord setup, there’s not enough natural boundaries to keep colonies from clashing.

      And yep, Koushu needs to go!


      1. @YMF: You aren’t the only one. After all, in their dicussion of behaviour in Ch. 5, that’s exactly the conclusion SG-1, Hammond, and Fraiser came to.


      2. I like leaf-cutting bees in particular. We had a potted plant by the back door at one point that something seemed to be munching on, but we couldn’t figure out what.

        Then one morning I happened to be right at the window and saw a fairly large black bee land on the plant… and start snipping out a neat circle of leaf. I swear, it was land, snip, and fly off, all within 5 seconds. Very cool! Looked it up later, and they use the leaf-bits to line their next tunnels and wall off larvae with pollen in individual cells. 🙂

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  5. And *now* they’re getting to the source of the problem with the Tok’ra. Considering the help or lack there of that comes from that quarter, the SGC is better just to kick them to the curb and say “We’ll deal with our problems on our own. Have fun!!”

    ‘Cause let’s face it. Tok’ra have been fighting the System Lords for centuries and barely made a dent. SGC comes in and they start falling like flies. I know who I’d want in my corner, hard questions and bad attitudes and all.

    *snickers* Of course, of the choice, I’d rather tag along with Sanzo and company and take my chance at getting shot by Sanzo.


    1. Part of the problem, at least.

      Well, they’d like to avoid kicking Jacob to the curb, if they can just get Selmak to see sense. 🙂

      Although my bunnies think part of the Tok’ras’ problem is that the SGC is successful. They know, because they were born knowing, that they’re Highly Advanced Species. How can primitive humans beat them at their own game? It has to grate!

      And, well, yes. Sanzo tends not to shoot people unless they’re actively evil or about to do something lethally stupid. I’ll take that over some people!


  6. You know that feeling when you’re reading something really good an a thing happens and you just say a soft, understated, slightly awed “Damn,” to yourself, and that’s really all that needs to be said?

    *softly* Damn.


  7. Waaaaait a second (re-reads the comments about the anti-itch salve and Goku’s granola) This wouldn’t happen to be why Daniel didn’t break out in the poison ivy from hell, would it? Because Daniel’s comments imply that Goku’s *shared* the granola with him. Now, I’ll admit it’s been years since I’ve read Saiyuki, but that seems a little out of character for him. I could be way off base, but did a certain ex-human healer suggest to the monkey that this is something that he should do? If so… (Slow clap) well played, Hakkai. Well played.

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  8. >>“They want her dead,” Sam said, after a moment’s troubled thought. “I hear Kanzeon’s name, and sometimes – sometimes there’s just this hate that comes up like acid. She has to die.”>>

    Think that lingering Jolinar (sp?) memories / thought patterns are effecting how Sam is reacting to Shangri-La and the ikoku? Not consciously but still having an effect. Because knowing that it’s not HER hate probably doesn’t make shooing it away any easier. Because non-alien-induced brain gremlins aren’t so easy dealt with so I can’t imagine something like that is either . . .

    On that train of thought, was Gonou typical of the Tok’ra in his opinion toward youkai and hanyou? Because that might add another horrid, terrible layer to the messy layer cake that is Hakkai’s feelings about being youkai.


    1. The traces Jolinar left behind are definitely having an effect. At least identifying the problem will let Sam deal with it better.

      You want another messy, terrible layer? Given the Tok’ra’s canon attempts on the planet… what do you think Gonou might have been up to, cozying up to one of Kanzeon’s offspring and her host? And how much did the Council know about it?


      1. Oooh . . . That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be good. Hakkai pretty much cannot catch a break can he? Outside of meeting Sanzo and the rest of the ikoku. Probably why he is such a sneaky bastard (you know, besides the other reasons he has for that).


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