River of Stars Ch 7 bit – rare as hen’s teeth

Jack shrugged. “So, oh master of minions. If Kanzeon wasn’t the System Lord here fifteen centuries back, what happened?”

“She wasn’t the System Lord,” Sanzo stated. “She was one of Śakra’s Queens, with a serious bent toward genetic and non-Goa’uld tech research.”

“Śakra – that’s another name for the Jade Emperor, in Buddhism,” Daniel blurted out. Thank goodness for quick cramming on that group of myths when he’d realized they were dealing with Shangri-La again. “But the Jade Emperor is Yu. We’ve met him.”

“Different branch of the legends, different Goa’uld,” Sanzo shrugged. “This guy was definitely not Yu. He was Śakra, also known as Śakro devānām indraḥ. Śakra, Lord of the Devas. Though these days, people mostly call them kami.”

“Kanzeon’s offspring,” Sam exclaimed.

Sanzo fluttered a hand, yes and no. “Some of Kanzeon’s offspring are in kami. The Heavenly Army. Some are in ordinary people. Kanzeon’s Favored. And some kami are just themselves, wandering around getting into trouble. There’s not a lot of them, but they’re out there.”

Jack sat up, just a fraction straighter. “Hok’taurs.”

“Probably,” Sanzo allowed. “Stories say they have weird powers, and they’re even tougher than priests. Haven’t met any, that I know of.” He settled himself on the stool, looking into the distance as if organizing his thoughts. “Anyway. When the Asgard made their deal, Śakra thought he’d pulled one over on the gray guys. After all, what was he giving up? If Kanzeon managed to get herself into a pickle bad enough to need a sarcophagus, well, so sad, he had other queens.” Violet eyes creased, darkly amused. “And then, it looks like he started thinking. What did a bunch of telepaths know that he didn’t?”

“Those little gray bastards,” Jack smirked.

Sanzo smirked right back. “Oh, I bet she was scheming to take over even then. She’s twisty and smart and scary as all hell when she gets an idea. Remember that. But. I’d bet she wasn’t planning anything that would have killed him.”

“System Lords tend to exile their defeated enemies,” Daniel agreed. “That didn’t happen?”

“I want to dig into it a lot more, because it looks like things got messy,” Sanzo said soberly. “What I’ve found so far – one of the lesser Goa’uld in Śakra’s entourage, Li Touten, wasn’t of his lineage. Happens, usually isn’t a big problem, System Lords just keep them away from the really secret stuff. Only this particular Goa’uld was also into gene-mixing, and it looks like Śakra thought he could use the guy to undermine Kanzeon and scoop all her research out from under her, then leave her twisting in the wind for the Asgard to zap.” He drew in a long breath. “And then the Tok’ra stuck their fingers in.”

“Messy,” Jack reflected. “Do tell.”

“Like I said, I want to do more research,” Sanzo growled. “What I could get? There was a massacre. Running, screaming, things on fire. And at the end of the day Śakra and Li Touten are dead, so are half the Heavenly Army, there are monsters loose on Shangri-La we’re still dealing with today, and Kanzeon’s on the throne.” He paused. “And the temple records say even the trees in Heaven wept, because Kanzeon lost part of her family that day. She’s hated the Tok’ra ever since.”

Oof. “Um… we are allied with the Tok’ra,” Daniel had to remind him.

“Dr. Jackson. You of all people know you don’t have to like someone to work with them,” Sanzo replied. “I can tell you right now one thing Kanzeon’s going to want is for the SGC to officially tell the Tok’ra she’s asking them to get the fuck off her planet. That way you can tell the Asgard she asked, and she can squash the bastards if she catches them. Because this last mess with Gonou is one of a long, long list of Tok’ra making problems here, and she’s had it.” He stood. “So. You’ve got info. You’ve got some time to poke it. I suggest you use it. Kanzeon has a sense of humor.” He took a step away-

Stopped, and sighed. “Colonel.” Sanzo turned back toward them, violet eyes narrowed in pure irritation. “I have to apologize for the rash. Hakkai… has a vicious streak. Especially when the idiot thinks he’s protecting me. And I didn’t know enough to catch him at it. This time.” He glanced at Daniel. “And you’d better keep a close eye on what you’re eating. Only reason you’re not down with a rash is Hakkai managed to slip you the preventive medication. I’d love to know how. Rainfire tea tastes awful.”


33 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 7 bit – rare as hen’s teeth

  1. >>And some kami are just themselves, wandering around getting into trouble.

    *Raises eyebrow.* If I didn’t know better, I’d say that sounded familiar… but you’re stories are never THAT easy.

    >> Only reason you’re not down with a rash is Hakkai managed to slip you the preventive medication. I’d love to know how. Rainfire tea tastes awful.

    I love that Sanzo feels obligated to apologize for Hakkai, even though it hurts. And… bless SG1 not knowing the oddness of Goku sharing. … Wonder if Sanzo has ever had one of Goku’s granolas…


    1. *G* In this AU, Sharak Sanzo is a kami.

      I’m actually not sure Goku’s granola would help Sanzo much. Different immune systems take different medicinal doses. And Sanzo’s vulnerable to that particular nasty. Hakkai has to give him a very strong dose.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “…She’s hated the Tok’ra ever since.”

    You know, I have never seen her, read of her, being anything other than amused (In all it’s horrifying forms) or on a rare occasion, sad.

    Hate, though… Her aiming to destroy something utterly? If she were to actively stick her hand in? That thought, is so utterly beyond terrifying… Dig your way to hell, so you can hide in it’s deepest pits.

    Honestly, she and Sinbad would get on like a house on fire. No survivors. They gotta be related somehow… and she would make as terrifying a “King” as Sinbad. If not more so.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanzeon as a King? EEP. *looks for deepest hole possible and whispers* we don’t even let the bunnies know some things exist. Ever. Because someone, somewhere might write that and then there goes the multiverse. Shhhh.


      1. >Well, so far Kanzeon’s mostly gotten back at them by keeping them from getting what they want from her. But yeah. Get the Goddess of Love and Mercy upset? Run!
        And I imagine that when/if SG1 formally informs the Asgard about the Tok’ra situation as she becomes relatively free and clear, the next Tok’ra group that tries starting s**t on her planet will be wishing they had never been spawned.


      2. Of course, with the Tok’ra, that’s sometimes not a terribly high bar.

        Not that all Tok’ra are idiotic, even by our standards – but there are definitely some that fall very, very far into that category.

        *evil grins at what Kanzeon can do once this is settled*


      3. I had a horrible, horrible thought. It probably won’t work because of distance and responsibilities and whatnot, but isn’t Kanzeon both crazy enough and stubborn enough to be a romantic interest for Simon?
        (I know it won’t happen, but you know you want to see Jaf’ar freak out over the possibility. You know you do!)

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  3. Oh exposition how we love thee . . . especially when it’s presented well.

    Messy situation. Can understand WHY Kanzeon hates them so much.

    Is one of the Tok’ra ever going to get their head out of their behind long enough to give their version of events – the real version from their POV, not the Tauri Are Idiot Children Who Cannot Handle The Truth Especially When Some Of It Makes Us Look Bad version they’ve been trying to sell.

    Granted I think the truth will have to be pierced together from those different points of view but still . . .

    Awww for Sanzo apologizing for Hakkai (who regrets nothing – about that anyway) *ducks gunfire*
    Still it’s sweet of both of them. Besides the not appreciating how polite he was being, I think Hakkai didn’t like that Jack was hurting Sanzo with his emotions. Just because Sanzo can withstand that pain doesn’t mean he should have to.


    1. Thank you! There’s a lot of info SG-1 needs to find, dissect, take apart and compare; hopefully it’ll all come out right.

      Jacob’s going to get Selmak to give some honest details in Chapter 9. Part of it… turns out to have been a classic failure to communicate. The Asgard don’t get humans or Tok’ra as well as they’d like!

      (I have aspirin for Hammond. He needs it!)

      *Snrk* Sanzo knows Hakkai regrets nothing. Sanzo’s the leader, though, so this is his fault – at least for not being quite as sneaky as his subordinates!

      And yes. Sanzo and Gojyo not only kept him alive, they made him want to live again. Hakkai is very… upset when something troubles them unnecessarily.


    2. >>The Asgard don’t get humans or Tok’ra as well as they’d like!
      And considering the Asgard are freaking telepathic here that indicates a rather different mentality than either humans or Goa’uld.

      But considering in canon they never seemed to figure out the idea of simply chucking a large object at a target to break it they have some odd blind spots.

      And I have to wonder what sort of society and biology would result in that mentality. I mean sure by and large in modern society, humans have forgotten a lot of what were essential skills less than 100-200 years ago.
      It still doesn’t prevent us from picking up a rock to smash the problem if all else fails.


      1. You do wonder, yes. Especially since based on later SG seasons the Asgard used to be a lot more like regular humans, including sexual reproduction instead of cloning. Why they apparently engineered that out of their species… *Facepalms* I have a feeling someone thought it would be a Good Idea, and no one had enough go-against-the-crowd stubborn to say “but what if something goes wrong?”

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  4. >>And some kami are just themselves, wandering around getting into trouble.>>

    The crossover bunnies giggled at that one. Largely they think because repeating that to certain parties would cause face-palming.

    And protests from the main ones it being applied to “The other title is bad enough . . .”

    But also potential for a Ghostbuster reference: “If someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes !”


      1. Yep.

        “You know, I’m insulted. Guy impersonates me and doesn’t even bother to be at all awesome. Do you see that hair? It was brown and barely past his ears . . . .”


      2. Is it a bad thing that I’m now imagining SG-1 running into the goa’uld version of the dijjn who sit back and let their kings/hosts run their systems for them? ‘Cause I’ve got bunnies in my head thinking about how the Asguard/SGC treaty would have gone if Sinbad or Alibaba had shown up with Chronos only for everyone else to figure out later that the only goa’uld who actually contributed anything was Chronos; Baal and Amon were having to much fun sitting back and letting their hosts talk in circles around everyone else…

        Or the tok’ra trying to get their heads around goa’uld who thought humans were doing a pretty good job and letting their leaders take advantage of being able to run goa’uld technology…


  5. ooh!! Why do I have this Very Bad Feeling about a certain Stepmother…. After all, if the Tok’ra denied the existence of one of their operatives when he went the same way as the Joker (but with less laughter), why not a second one who decided that taking over and Ruling Hell was better than Serving Heaven?

    And if that’s true, perhaps once the Tok’ra get the message, then Kanzeon can start moving a bit more openly against Evil Stepmomma….


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