What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – Harvesting

Domingo put his shoulder under Malachy’s, helping the redhead keep moving when the man obviously wanted to keel over and stuff a whole mountain over his ears. He could almost, almost hear the high-pitched sound tormenting the man, like the faint trill of singing mice from one of Matt’s nature shows.

The man can hear in the ultrasonic range. That’s insane!

Though what was really insane was the fact that they were heading toward whatever had just exploded, in the dark, following Tiburon’s red-lit flashlight. Because of course any youngsters related to the madmen he was with would be near something that went boom.

And I have to go, I have to know, if Sarah and Matt are there I have to be there – if they aren’t we still have time to find them!

And he was not freaking out at the Latin script and ominous symbols above the more prosaic lab warnings on each of the doors they passed as they raced down the emergency-lit corridor. Even if he was pretty sure Aqua was water, Lux was light, and next up was Fulgur, lightning-

Something gleamed above in the faint red light, and Domingo yanked them both backwards.

The slam of the steel wall down almost made his heart stop.

Ja’far has Simon, Tiburon’s right by him – we’re okay. We’re all okay.

And even with all his fear for his family, that was a rush of relief. Which… he wasn’t going to think about. They were here and they were help and he’d worry about it later.

Simon was already knocking knuckles against the slab of corrugated steel. “Hmm. I thought I’d killed the power to anything like this… oh. Huh.” He cocked his head, as if listening to someone unseen. “Baal says it has its own power source. Linked to something that reaches elsewhere through – oh, that’s interesting. I think it’s radio-triggered.”

Radio– “It’s a trap,” Domingo blurted out, as another steel wall slammed down behind them. “It’s – why – this makes no sense-!”

“No, it does,” Ja’far said grimly. “Anyone with enough power to break in, is enough power to be worth harvesting.”


21 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – Harvesting

  1. Y’know, the more we see of the Shays, the more sure I am that if any of Al’Thamen managed to be reborn, this is where they ended up. I’m half-expecting Arba to pop up with a sweet smile and a fountain of black rukh. Maybe not now, but in a sequel. For old times sake. Because even if she can’t ever see her ‘father’ again, she can still carry out his will and make the rest of us miserable *shudder*


      1. …oh dear. Hopefully they’re not going to pop up with their memories somewhat intact, or they’ll have a massive axe to grind with our heroes.
        …or, y’know, try to kidnap Simon to attempt to use him as David’s vessel again. After all Al’Thamen are a bunch of fanatics, simply because the good guys burnt David’s soul to ashes doesn’t mean that they *believe* he’s gone for good, and I can’t imagine anything they’d do to Simon in the process of finding out would be pleasant.


  2. Of course it was trap. These guys aren’t stupid. At least not in the sense of making sure their Tower of Misery can take out any angry friends and/or relatives that track them down. And while a lot of poor people disappearing doesn’t tend to get noticed by the authorities, it is noticed by the people who love them. And if they got a hint of what happened, they might try to take matters in their own hands. Like our heroes. Of course, our heroes were a little more prepared. Not that Tower of Misery isn’t crazy dangerous and potentially lethal to our heroes – it is. But while they don’t have all of their old powers and skills back (yet), these are the people who fought and (with more help from characters not appearing yet) eventually defeated Al-Thamen. That alone makes them more to deal with than your average person who might not even know WHY their loved one was grabbed by the Shays.

    The noodling they are doing with Life Magic and such is very stupid. And to echo the above statements, I think someone from Al-Thamen is involved with that organization somewhere. Maybe the biggest cheeses are permanently down for the count (which largely happy about because I’d like the characters to have their happy . . . lives. The sole appeal toward the biggest cheeses getting brought back is getting their butts kicked once and for all – and I’d happily settle for a flash-back to how they did that in their past lives) but Arba and David weren’t the only jerks trying to destroy the world. They were just among the most powerful and hard to get rid of.

    Poor Malachy = supersonic noise is ow. Well, super senses DO have their drawbacks. Sometimes being able to hear really well is great. It’s not so great when people are blasting the area with high-pitched noise designed to hurt sensitive ears (which tells me they have dealt with something with better than human hearing OR the measure is prevent their chimeras from escaping the lab . . .)

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    1. Yep. The Shays’ve been at this centuries, they’ve had rescue attempts before. Just… not quite like this one. *EG*

      My bunnies seem to suspect that Al-Thamen members may have been involved in a lot of spates of nasty magic over the past several thousand years. Magic just wasn’t powerful enough for them to get very far. Now… well, it’s a good thing we’ve got some heroes getting back into action, isn’t it?

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  3. This is sort of like setting a trap for a pack of wild dogs and getting a pack of dire wolves isn’t it? No offense, Malachy. This doesn’t seem as though it will work out as well for the Shays as they think…

    Oh well. As they say forgive the young for they will probably be eaten by a dragon soon.

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      1. >>Dire werewolves?

        How did you know that’s what I was thinking when I put that in? And then I had a thought about the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series where one of the characters is a were lion, of the long extinct American Lion type, and I thought “Malachy.”

        Can I hope that the one who gets eaten is at least mildly important to the Shays? And someone who had a hand in Rapacinni’s Daughter, just for the poetic justice? I don’t care if it is cliche, if you have a chimeric scientist running around, his subjects should get to eat him!


  4. “Anyone with enough power to break in, is enough power to be worth harvesting.”

    Eh. That particular harvest bites back. Talk about a bad case of indigestion…


    1. >>Eh. That particular harvest bites back. Talk about a bad case of indigestion…
      Apparently these guys never read Rule 22:
      No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.

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      1. >>Because that might not be much of a limiting factor.

        It’s related to the general idea of the bad guy with the over inflated ego finds out that yes, the magical MacGuffin is too strong for him to wield/control and suffers a critical existence failure, sometimes leaving a pair of smoking shoes behind.

        A prime example of this trope would be the Archmage finding out that without the Eye of Odin, controlling the might of the Grimorum Arcanorum.was a little difficult.


  5. This actually brings up a great potential if people from Al-Thamen might show up later. Whether they remember fully or not I’d love to see what they’re getting up to without necessarily pitting them against the Heroes yet. Also if all the kings from Magi are being reincarnated (or at least most of them) will we see some new kings too that aren’t from the Magi world? If you wouldn’t mind adding another crossover after they meet the SGC I’d love to see Izaya Orihara added to the mix. If anyone’s read the light novels they’d know what a wild ride having him a king would be. That said everything seems to be rapidly building up and I really can’t wait to see how everything falls. These short little bits always make my day.


    1. Had to look that character up; huh. I’d have to go read the light novels… and I still need to catch up on Ubel Blatt! *EG*

      (I probably should not inflict that world on SG-1. Probably. No matter how entertaining the thought is.)


      1. Ooof. Yeah, much better not to. Ubel Blatt is a nasty world, and the vast majority of the characters are even nastier!


      2. As I A/N’ed in “The Death of Ascheriit”, when you realize you could drop the xenomophs from “Aliens” into the setting, and the locals would just go, “Wischtech monster!” and break out Kill It With Fire… yeah. Hoo boy.


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