What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – Simon’s fault

“Domingo!” Sarah’s hand brushed his shoulder, reassuring them both; her other hand kept a fierce grip on Matt as their son alternated between staring in awe and hiding from the monsters behind-

His hair really is blue.

Aladdin Cavins’ braid flew in a hot wind like a lost piece of sky, as he stood on fluttering cloth and raised a twisted wooden wand glowing red-gold, energy swirling and feeding toward….

Domingo blinked. Gold ornaments. Ancient kilts of white and crimson. A magma-black sword, and flowing hair of Pele’s own volcanic gold limned in flames.

Somehow, I know this is all Simon’s fault.

Oh, I never thought I’d fight like this again in my life!

Tiburon didn’t have the breath to laugh as he danced with steel through the monsters. But he wanted to. Burning muscles, acid scratches, the cold knowledge that if he failed to anticipate claw or fang he’d be bleeding out on the floor-

And none of it mattered, next to that incandescent joy.

This is who I am. This is what I was meant to do.

I’m fighting alongside the people I love. There’s nothing closer to Heaven on this earth.

Simon was still groggy, but fighting his way back towards awake, back to back with Ja’far in glowing arcs of lightning. Drakon was safe with what had to be Sahar’s reincarnation, their son grabbing onto them both with all the relief a monster-hunted youngster could bear. Malachy had just touched down by Morgan, the pair of them flashing white-fire grins at each other as they wreaked unholy havoc on any magic-twisted beast dumb enough to come at them. Wreathed in flames, Alan looked like he could use a year’s nap, but he was hovering over one of the larger holes, ready to incinerate anything that decided to charge rather than run-

Firelight flickered off pale fingers at the edge of a hole, and Tiburon ducked under the next swing of bearlike arms. “Aladdin! Someone’s down there!”


17 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – Simon’s fault

  1. Something is in the hole that Alan is hovering above? Could this possibly be the nuclear explosion that has been hinted at? (Grabs halo. Notices that it has somehow become a shade of black that almost seems to devour light, and chucks it into a closet) Aw heck, who am I kidding? I’m finding a good spectator seat to watch this town burn. The company will be fantastic and the view spectacular.


    1. *grins*

      As Vathara says, not the nuclear stuff yet.

      Well, not exactly.


      Call it a warning of the nuclear stuff.

      And Rappacini’s Daughter.

      *evil cackles*

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      1. Oh man, it’s probably some type of zombies. Good thing I’ve had a mental bunker prepared since the whole night of the living drowned debacle in Embers.


  2. Oh Tiburon *EG*. . . well, he is a Blood Knight . . . also there is many opportunities for him to really cut loose even before he remembered being Sharrkan. He and the others will need chances like this to cut loose and just be themselves. Which they can’t, exactly, around most people. And not just because they have to hide magic, magicians, Fanalis, Djinn, etc. That’s a big part of the mask but it’s not the only part. The thing about wearing masks is that you need times and space to take them off.

    Yes, his hair is really blue. And your husband’s hair later really will be green. (Are his eyes already that gold like color or is that another change that’s doing to smack them in face? But why should the hair get to have all the fun?) And no Ja’far is not kidding when he said it could be worse. It could – for keeping this whole thing quiet anyway. Drakon is always going to be their friend and comrade, regardless of how scaled he does or doesn’t get.

    I wonder how Shangri-La wyverns and dragons would react to Drakon?

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    1. I have this long-standing, sneaking suspicion that a lot of modern-day stress comes from the fact we’re not allowed to kill our problems. *Nod*

      Let’s just say that the aftermath will make it quite clear to anyone who investigates that something big happened here. Our heroes escape mostly by not being there by the time someone official can spin up the helicopters.

      …We hope. 😉

      As for little dragons and Drakon… hmm. Not sure. Not the same source for the dragons, but they might at least feel cozy.

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  3. >> Somehow, I know this is all Simon’s fault.

    That’s a cry of anyone who’s met Simon/Sinbad, ever. Especially his Generals.

    >> flowing hair of Pele’s own volcanic gold limned in flames.

    I always learn new words when reading your stuff. I had no idea limned was a word. (My favorite word I’ve learned this year, however, is “privative” and that, I sadly did not learn from you.)

    Poor Alan, the “fun” has barely started and he’s already cold, wet, tired, and Over It.


      1. Oh boy that should be a fun conversation. Injected with several “What?!” from Richard. Through he probably wouldn’t be the only one. Edna might be giving a lot of “I told you so – White Knight who rushes in where angels fear to tread.”

        And that is for the edited version of the tale. I doubt it will take long to cement that theory that they should stick with the edited version of their stories.

        Might be funny if when they start going through the Sinbad and Fire Prince mythology, to have each mutter at least once about people’s imagination. “I don’t know why they felt the need to make some of this up. What Sinbad actually did was crazy enough.”
        —Reminds of a story I read whose title escapes me where a character was complaining about why people made up demons or monsters when there were more than enough of the real thing running around.


      2. *G* Ooo, if you ever figure out what that story was, drop me a line!

        And yes. Edited. A lot. Though Alan will admit to some fire magic. And given some of the stuff was visible on the horizon, Richard may have suspicions. Not to mention, how this motley crew is going to show up….

        (Put it this way. Drakon’s boss is going to take one look, and say he Does Not Want To Know. Sarah and Matt are okay, he is not going to ask.)


  4. Random thought: It’s the summary for Katekyou Hitman Reborn fic but I think it sums up Simon and Ja’far’s relationship pretty well.

    “Giotto’s the dreamer, the visionary, the big picture guy. That leaves me to be the practical guy, and I think we all know who got the short end of the stick, here.”


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