River of Stars Ch 8 bit – party line

“Colonel. Report. How’s the field trip so far?”

“Eh, we’re good, sir.”

Which meant they probably were, the general knew. ‘We’re okay’, would have meant they were anything but.

“But we’re on a party line, so let’s keep it brief. Don’t want to run up the bill,” O’Neill went on. “Any word on our unwelcome guest? We’d all kind of like to know if he stayed put. He may have been out of it for a while, but the people he got chained up with are pretty sneaky.”

So Hammond had gathered. “I’ll have a highlights reel waiting when you get back,” he promised. “Jacob seems to think he’ll stay put; moving too often can be lethal, and he thinks our guest is insane, not suicidal. So far Janet’s brought out the extra-strength restraints and grabbed some of Major Carter’s minions to design ballistic throat armor, just in case.”


Sanzo’s voice on the line; Hammond nodded thoughtfully. Apparently Kanzeon’s people respected SG-1 enough to make it obvious when they were listening in. This might work. Maybe. “I sent a message to a mutual small acquaintance.”

“Sir?” And there was no way Jack was even half as innocent as he was trying to sound.

“In short, I mentioned that we’d recently run across evidence that the world we had a joint Tok’ra mission with two years ago was associated with the Asgard,” Hammond went on. “Given that we prefer not to step on our allies’ toes, I asked for some clarification regarding Shangri-La.”

“Oh?” Jack drawled.

“We’re still analyzing some of the reply,” Hammond stated. Which should let his team know they’d gotten a considerable amount of information. Surprising, given their usual interactions with any offworld allies. “In short – apparently at some time in the very distant past, Shangri-La was terraformed. By what race, they wouldn’t say.”

“And this changes things?” Jack said skeptically.

“Actually, it might,” Daniel put in. “An untouched life-bearing planet – we know some people would leave it alone, to the species native to it. But if you made it alive, you’d have a claim on it.”

“That does indeed seem to be the case,” Hammond stated. “In short, Colonel – Kanzeon Bosatsu is recognized by the Asgard as standing in loco parentis. So to speak.”

“Do the Tok’ra know that, sir?” Major Carter sounded worried.

“It has been indicated to me that they have been informed,” Hammond said dryly.


Hammond felt the hairs on the back of his neck twitch. Whenever a certain archaeologist sounded like that, all hell was about to break loose.

“Oh?” Jack pounced.

“I… think I might have an idea,” Daniel said cautiously. “But I need to do some research, first.”

“You mind sharing that research, if you get a chance?” Sanzo said grimly. “I’d like to know why I’m shooting people.”

“I, um… really think I need to ask Kanzeon, first,” Daniel stated. “Because if I’m right – I really hope I’m not right, but if I am….”

“She might not want us to know?” Sanzo sounded almost amused. “It’s your negotiations, Dr. Jackson. Go for it. If it causes havoc, I’m sure she’ll be laughing up her sleeve if you do tell us.”


15 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 8 bit – party line

  1. >I’m sure she’ll be laughing up her sleeve if you do tell us.”
    Like she isn’t always laughing at you in one way or another Sanzo. You and your minions are just so amusing.


  2. Curious and curiouser said Alice . . .

    Of course, she’ll be laughing. Sanzo-ikkou are always amusing and this time they brought her some new toys, er, guests to play, I mean, negotiate with. Yes, negotiate. We all know this is serious business. Yes, that hasn’t stopped her from messing with people before . . .

    Kanzeon seems to have attended the “smile, it confuses people” school of dealing with others.


  3. The thing Kanzeon has to pull with SG1 is play pranks that at the same time make perfect sense.

    For example, Sanzo manages to set up a meeting time between the Merciful Goddess and emissaries of the Tau’ri. However she insists that everything is by the numbers and SG1 get the proper formal introduction etc before she and they retire to the back rooms and start hashing out a deal.

    Of course this means formal outfits for everyone. (Sanzo starts cursing because this means forcing/bribing Goku into court robes etc).

    The problem is that poor SG1 showed out without dress uniforms in their packs (big surprise huh?) and well this won’t do! This will be the true introduction of the legendary Tau’ri to Shangri-La. Can’t have them showing up looking like a bunch of scruffy travel-worn soldiers after all.

    Kanzeon being the wise, kind and generous soul that she is (Sanzo: Yes to the first. Bulls**t to the last two) has a solution. She sends a small task-force of chosen etc with the requisite materials over to SG1’s quarters in order to get them prepped for the meeting.

    The trick is that it’s not Terran formal wear that they end up in, but Goa’uld/Shangri-La style. And since they don’t want/can’t afford to insult Kanzeon, the court etc etc etc they have to accept.

    Jack: You could have warned us about this.
    Sanzo: Like it would have helped. The Hag probably had this set up before you even entered the Temple. Just grin and bear it or she’ll find something ‘more amusing’.
    Jack: ‘more amusing’?
    Sanzo: More amusing for her. For us it would mean more humiliation and headaches.


    1. >I think things may be moving a bit too fast for that, entertaining as it sounds.:)
      Oh well. Something she can spring on them in their next (presumably more relaxed) visit then.


  4. *blinks * *blinks* *blinks* *dies of laughter*

    Oh yeah, the Tok’ra are screwed when it comes to Shangri-La and they now know it. Selmac may or may not have known the full details about what has gone on there, because it wouldn’t be too hard to tell him “Hey, this is a Gou’ald pet and Needs To Die Now!” before letting him go. After all, if it would hurt the GOu’ald (especially a QUeen) and possibly take them down, why wouldn’t he go for it? The Tok’ra have hung their allies out to dry due to bad intel, why not one of their operatives?


      1. Poor Hammond. He’s going to need some extra duty antacids for that talk as well as aspirin. Maybe he’ll take up smoking Sanzo’s cigarettes ot just take a nice vacation to talk to that nice old tanuki of a priest. I’m sure they would have a lot to talk about.


      2. Yes, much “AUGH!” for poor Hammond. Especially when he gets to the root of this whole issue. *snickers in evil delight* (Yes, I do enjoy being beta-reader and tempting people with evil cliffhangers, why do you ask? 😉 ) Definitely needs loads of aspirin.

        (Of course, Jacob’s going, “AUGH!” as well. Just not quite as much. Maybe.)

        Jikaku and Hammond – oh, I would love that. Ref in Kryal’s The Dragon King’s Temple, when Hammond calls the commander of NORAD to warn him that he needs salt, lots of it, all around the elevators (or something), and Hammond points out that the Bluebook betting pools are much more interesting than what they have in NORAD about Bluebook because fiction has to make sense and the real world doesn’t? I can just imagine the stories Jikaku and Hammond could share with each other, and the commiseration about wild, crazy ideas and insane adopted-nephews/second-in-commands. *grins* Would be neat! And might help reduce Hammond’s level of ulcers, having someone to commiserate who can match him crazy tale for crazy tale.


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