What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – Don’t panic

Firelight’s good, very effective, Simon thought, dodging one of the many, many holes in the stony floor. But we’ll need at least one more light so watchers can see people’s faces. I hate Hollywood’s trend toward Darker and Edgier- wait. This is real?

:Don’t panic.:

A little hard not to! Simon shot back, cutlass braced against a scorpion claw before he twisted sideways and under the stinger-strike. He’d fought the monsters in Baal’s dungeon, but he’d known the Djinn didn’t want him dead. These twisted monstrosities lived and breathed pain, and there was no way he was fast enough, skilled enough-

:You are.:

Ja’far’s Vessel shocked the not-scorpion into a smoldering heap, his own lightning strike took out something with membraned wings before it could stoop, and….

Quiet, except for harsh breathing, and the crackle of flames.

“I think we got them,” Tiburon managed, still breathing hard. “Malachy?”

Red hair tilted. “Nothing moving but us.” The Fanalis snorted, as if to clear out the stench of the last thing he’d punched, and grabbed Morgan up in a fierce hug. “Next time, call before the airport.”

“Uncle.” She hugged him back. “We found Maria. She’s outside.”


20 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – Don’t panic

  1. Poor Simon. This whole rescue mission has been a head trip for him, hasn’t it? At least it looks like the gang is back together again, so that’s less to worry about. Unfortunately I don’t think the Shays are going to retreat to lick their wounds like more sensible villains. Can’t wait!


  2. Wow that spell really did knock Simon for a loop . . . of course, as he put it dungeon monsters send to test him by a Djinn that didn’t want him dead is an entirely different kettle of fish from this mess. But it might be a good thing to realize just how much they need to practice – I’m sure none of this motley crew intends to be caught with their magical pants down. The pants wasn’t down around their ankles this time exactly but none of the buttons or zippers were done up and the pants could have easily fallen down . . . and I think that metaphor is getting away from me.

    Love the casual danger dialogue.


  3. And that’s proof that Simon trumped Sinbad. Because Baal’s monsters really were trying to kill Sinbad. Granted, it wasn’t personal. But the casual manipulation of lightning? Makes me think that Sinbad managed to slip s few things in! Though, it was pointed out a few chapters back that Simon reflexively throws lightning at unexpected dangers now, see the transformer he took out.

    Still, Sinbad was King of Sneaky. And Sinbad is just as invested in keeping these people alive as Simon, which just makes him sneakier. That’s the fun thing about Sinbad, he will gladly do whatever it takes to keep his people and friends safe. Whether that be stepping into a dungeon without knowing what it is, facing off against a pissed off Partevian Princess, or becoming the monster. Or, to quote Amaya and Smellerbee, “Whatever it takes. Facing it from the other side, Smellerbee was very, very sorry.”


    1. Simon won, but Sinbad did manage something sneaky. Because Sinbad.

      He’s still content to stay buried, though.
      1) He’s very upset with himself at how he messed up, and well aware how close things came last time to a Bad Ending for everyone.
      2) Simon made a darn good argument. (Seriously. Who could stand making Ja’far sad twice?)
      3) Sinbad figures he’s in a win-win situation. Either things never get bad enough that they need all his sneaky underhandedness – in which case, great, more power to them!

      Or – they do. In which case he plans to save his people, kick ass and take names.

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      1. Sinbad vs. the Tok’ra. Now there’s a thought to warm the cockles of your heart. To quote a fic, diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way they look forward to the trip and ask you for directions. And Sinbad would love that.

        Now, in a world with everyone accepting that giant monsters are on the horizon and may be closer then they appear, what is the actual Godzilla Threshold? *mutters to self* Alien attack? Is it a Go’auld Threshold?

        While I look forward to the cross happening, I kinda wish that Simon can’t show SG to the school with a rundown of what they did well, what was improved over time, what they did poorly, when was it obvious they’d written into a corner and other ways to get out of it, and how would they need to change things if this were a fantasy setting. Yes, all of those are real conversation topics I’ve had with family and friends. Then again, there is Wormhole Xtreme. And the twitches of SG1 when that’s brought up and critiqued…


      2. Alien attack on the planet/ giant meteorite strike? Stargate verse can provide both. *G*

        …Ooo, those sound like fun conversations! I try bringing up Saiyuki and no one at home is interested, sigh… 🙂


      3. Vathara:

        Well, re Saiyuki – that’s partly what you’ve got us for. (Will be on for chatting tonight!)

        And ooh, yes, please have analyses of Wormhole X-treme while SG-1 happens to be visiting Hancock. That would be so much Fun! 🙂


      4. >And ooh, yes, please have analyses of Wormhole X-treme while SG-1 happens to be visiting Hancock. That would be so much Fun!:)

        The assignment that Simon gives to the students is to write about four or five things Wormhole X-treme actually did correctly.

        The entire school doesn’t manage to find more than two items while also covering all the goofs, screw-ups poor special effects etc etc.Simon then gives them all full marks because there simply weren’t more than two things that the show did right.

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  4. Oh, Simon. Only you would manage to find yourself in a ridiculously dangerous situation, evaluate it for cinematic-worth, notice in retrospect how likely the possibility of you losing your life is and have genre-savvy moments, all the while CONTINUING TO FIGHT LIKE A BOSS.

    Good to see that they seem to be getting a moment to regroup, though. Poor Dom and family. *coughs* I mean, poor DRAKON and family. His wife’s going to be so bemused by that nickname. Especially when she realises how like bros Simon and Drakon seem to be. Passive-aggressively. Or is that comedic-aggressively?

    That said, seeing as I’m simultaneously working on a paper that’s based on the Arabian Nights, all of this? Is very amusing. And entertaining. But mostly amusing. Especially since I have a section that has references to the Sindbad tale in the Nights, and in another text that’s based on the Nights. And lots and lots of references to the jinn. So any watching/reading of Magi related stuff, especially What Comes Around? Is loads of fun. *grins*

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    1. There are reasons to get your fighting techniques into pure muscle memory, yes. *G*

      And yes. Sarah’s definitely amused. Her husband’s never had someone who could meet snarls with a Grin of Incredible Improvisation before. This should be entertaining.

      Whoof! I’ve read some of the Nights translations (haven’t found the whole thing, yet.) Was struck by an observation someone made, that Fate is essentially a character in itself in the stories, because no one can avoid it.

      …I have to say I wish the sorceresses in there got better roles, because a lot of the situations make me facepalm. So, this sorceress can supposedly shapeshift, turn people to stone, etc, etc… and she was waiting modestly around as a Sultan’s daughter, until she can die tragically lifting a transformation off someone? Oy….


      1. Consider trying out the Haddawy translation, if you haven’t come across it yet – I’ve found it to be the least, ah. Orientalised? Exoticised? Certainly in comparison with the Burton translation, which had me face palming the entire way through the course, along with the rest of the people in the class and our prof. At least we could intelligently poke fun at it – grad classes are so much freer in that sense. *smirks*

        GDI, I had that exact same reaction to the tale you’re referencing. It’s ironic that some of the female characters get such a bad deal in the Nights. Especially when they’re being told by Shahrzad. Who is, obviously, female. And they’re supposed to convince the sultan that women aren’t all bad. There are stretches where you can tell that the women in the tales are just… Rolling their eyes at the sheer inadequacy of the men they’re stuck with, though. Which is fun.

        Also, Snarls meet Grin of Incredible Improvisation? Creates terrifying images in my head. Ah, Drakon. Face it, you’re stuck with him, he’ll never let you leave.


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