River of Stars Ch 8 bit – Dragon general

The world blazed into energy, and they were elsewhere.

Not a ha’tak.

Sam drew in a breath of outdoor air no spaceship could fake, warm breezes carrying scents of ponds and flowers in with the sunlight spilling through open windows into this grand stone hall. Polished, gold-veined pale marble; brilliant tapestries; vases and works of delicate art in alcoves along the far wall, with benches obviously meant to relax on and look in or out as desired. The contingent of guards ready to meet them were carrying zats and longswords, dressed not in a Jaffa’s metallic armor, but black leather greatcoats with the white-and-black yin-yang of the Heavenly Army on their shoulder patches. They weren’t ranged into quite the nasty crossfire SG-1 had met in the temple, but they were formed up in good order… with looks that made her blink, and try to stuff Jolinar’s hate away.

That’s not arrogance. That’s curiosity. What the heck? Goa’uld are a lot of things, but not curious

And then her brain kind of hiccupped, taking in the white-scaled… humanoid leading them.

A youkai? But youkai have hair, not scales… only he has hair too, even if it’s kind of purple, and those horns… and he’s dressed in the same uniform, so he’s part of Kanzeon’s army too. I think.

The look of not quite hidden curiosity definitely matched, if she was reading red eyes right. And then he looked over Sanzo’s group-

And froze. Just for a heartbeat.


“I am Goujun, Dragon General of the Western Sea.” His voice thrummed, like standing in the control room above the Gate when it was spinning. Red eyes skimmed over them all again, halting on Hakkai for a long moment before fixing on Sanzo with a sort of bewildered shock. Reluctantly he tore his gaze away, and looked the colonel straight in the eye. “Colonel O’Neill. Genjyo Sanzo. The Merciful Goddess has no patience for court formalities today. She requests that you all meet her in the eastern gardens, so we may enjoy the sunlight.”

The colonel traded a look with Sanzo. “I’m good with sun,” Jack shrugged. “But….”

“No buts I know about,” Sanzo started.

Goku latched onto his right arm, and gave the dragon general an oddly piercing look. “Why are you staring at Sanzo?”

Goujun gave the young youkai a careful once-over, something softening in his gaze. “I’m… certain it’s nothing as important as your meeting, Son Goku. Shall we, Colonel?”

“We shall,” Jack declared just as graciously, following Goujun’s lead as the dragon and half the soldiers started down the hall. “So. You know these guys?”

“I am not often in the East,” Goujun stated. “I am certain I would remember such… unique individuals.”

Ooo, irony alert, Sam could almost hear Jack snark in her head.

“I have read the reports,” Goujun went on.

And he can do dry sarcasm, too!

Sam tried to hide a shudder, not sure if it was humor or hysteria. “You’re a host.”

She could almost feel Sanzo’s sigh.

The worst of it was that he had every right to. This was supposed to be a diplomatic mission.

Well, yeah, so was Leia Organa’s, she could almost hear Jack snark in her head. We know how that went. I blame the cinnabun hairstyle. Asking to get eaten.

“I am a dragon.” Goujun sounded wryly amused. “It is not quite the same for one of my people as it is for yours.”

Yeah. Right.

“Dragon-folk or not, you look like a man faced with one of the Goddess’ practical jokes,” Sanzo observed. “Is all well with the dragons beyond the Western Sea?”

“The Heavenly Army’s air and sea patrols are keeping Gyokumen Koushu’s forces at bay, for now,” Goujun stated. “The Goddess believes we are currently immune to the zatarc broadcasts, but some of our merchants who have ventured to the East have recently gone missing.”

Hakkai’s gaze went hard. “Koushu has them.”

“It is likely, Fi-” Goujun cleared his throat. “Demon-slayer Cho. We are gravely concerned.”

You’re not the only ones. Sam shoved past he’s a host, they’re all hosts, to focus on what was important.

There’s a whole other sentient race here on Shangri-La. One nobody mentioned. What else don’t we know?


46 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 8 bit – Dragon general

  1. *cackles evilly* What else don’t you know, Sam?

    A hell of a lot.

    A large amount of which you’re going to find out. Very, very soon! (In a good way. Well, that part. 😉 )


      1. She’s that weird blend of “backup plans A-Z” and “What the hell, let’s improvise” that shouldn’t work, but does because she’s just that much of a magnificent bastard. And this is not accomplished by tipping your hand. (It may be accomplished by showing your hand, but then everyone finds out that Kanzeon’s been playing multidimensional Checkers and everyone else was playing Poker…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oooh, definitely not all her hand. But enough to set those poor Tau’ri back more than a bit.

        SG-1 is getting major information overload this day. *grins evilly again*


  2. Kanzeon’s going to make SG1 feel like they just had a piano dropped on them, isn’t she? And Daniel will be figuring out stuff she told them in that one conversation for DAYS.

    Sanzo is going to want to facepalm and/or strangle her, as is normal, but I have a feeling she’s going to drop a piano or two on him as well…

    Love Goujun and his subtle unsubtle WTFing. So much.


  3. Quite a bit actually but to be fair, who spills their entire can of beans to maybe allies?

    Or even their actual allies – I don’t advocate lying / trying to sabotage / actively get them blamed for your naughtiness to your allies but I don’t think they need know all of the cards in your deck either. Because sometimes alliances fall apart. Or it’s only an “alliance” and showing them too much will almost certainly bit you in the behind as soon as your back is turned . . .

    And don’t expect the Hancock crew to give you full details either. Won’t surprise me if they purposefully do things to keep SG-1 and others attention on THEM (meaning our two kings and their immediate followers who can take care of themselves) and away from people like Ja’far Clan or the school’s budding magicians. {Pro tip for long term survival – do NOT threat the students.}

    Sam, it isn’t fair to blame your internal snark on Jack. I’m pretty sure you were plenty snarky before you met him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snark breeds? *Halo*

      And yes, if Hancock finds out anything about a weird project under a mountain they’ll probably keep things very quiet. Oh, that odd building? Set under construction, can’t let you in, legal liabilities….


  4. Side note, I think this Dragon General would give the Magi crew a bit of deja vu.
    “Why does he look kinda of familiar?”
    “Because you kinda used to look like that?”
    “But green. And without hair.”
    “Magic. And getting into fights you couldn’t win without backup. Which reminds me, don’t do that again. Hancock already has a mascot.”


    1. >(Hancock and Goujun. People would adore the SFX makeup….)>

      The main stumbling point will be convincing Alan to Equip for the cameras. Gotta have the Fire Prince in his full glory and all that.


      1. >…Pretty fireworks, at least?>
        Which was in reality what Simon wanted to record. Just As Planned

        Recording the Amon Equip would have been a bonus objective as he was intending to use it in a much later scene (that didn’t need to be filmed yet).
        He’s got Morgon and her Kitten eyes softening Alan up on that front.


    1. >“She’s been waiting to spring this on me for nine centuries. I hate my life….”>
      “You mean you weren’t expecting something like this sir?”
      “How could anyone expect this?!?”
      “We all do work for the Lady Kanzeon, sir. After the Tie-Dye Incident I figured you’d ha-”
      “And we agreed to NEVER bring that event up again. Ever.”

      Liked by 1 person

  5. >>…Now my bunnies are picturing poor, innocent SG-1 running into the crossfire of Alan and Simon trying to outmaneuver each other.

    So long as they don’t go through the roof in front of them! But what a way to get an intro!

    Simon: Just change already! Morgan thinks it’s cute!
    Alan: No! It’s embarrassing! I’ve spent my whole life trying to hide!
    Simon: Strut! The sun won’t kill you. You won’t even get sunburnt.

    I’m imagining this total PePe Le Pew/Penelope Pussycat sort of thing, Morgan and Aladdin filming with gleeful grins
    Morgan: Making of videos are important too.
    And SG1 are just weirded out, partly because here’s a grown man trying to get a teenager to change clothes. I’m imagining this also has the subtext of Simon is fully embracing the fact that he’s basically fostering Alan in the old tradition, and it’s also shades of Sinbad messing with Everyone Important because he is a troll. Daniel has a headache because of the anachronism and “wrong culture for them to have this, but they have all these signs, too friendly for Go’auld, a new species? Argh, not everything is aliens, Daniel!” Dépaysement.

    But yay dragons! And very, not subtle on s certain dragon General’s part. I can almost hear Goku’s, “Back off, he’s *my* parent!” From here as he misunderstands the checking out of Sanzo.

    And Sam sees something that makes her really want to fight the Jolinar’s hate to find out why. Because as curious as the babies are, she’s curious too. I can’t imagine her otherwise. All explorers are curious, it comes with the territory.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hm. Not sure that was Goku’s actual reaction. I think he’s just genuinely curious about why Goujun is reacting to the Sanzo-ikkou the way he is.


    2. *Cackles on the image of Simon vs. Alan and filming.*

      …To be fair to Goujun, he didn’t get reports with pictures of the new Sanzo. He has just realized why, and plotting some kind of subtle revenge on Kanzeon if he can just figure out what.

      Sam on her best days is “Must find out!” This isn’t one of her best days, but she’s trying. 🙂

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  6. I noticed that you used “could almost hear Jack snark in her head” word-for-word twice in a very close space paragraph-wise. That jarred the reading flow a little, for me. Perhaps adjust it a little?


  7. *cackles* Oh Poor Dragon General. Did I hear your brain break just a little? Especially by nearly calling Hakkai “Field Marshal”…..

    *snerks* And Goku’s the only one brave enough to directly ask why Gojun is staring at Sanzo.

    Glad to see Sam’s able to wrestle with that hate long enough to get it under control and figure out what’s going on now *before* their brains completely break. And what’s wrong with dragons? They already met Hakuryuu unless they thought she was just an intelligent pet which si Shame On Them for believing that.


    1. Heh. Difference in degree – and, well, native homeworld. Goujun’s people were Unas before Kanzeon got her hands on their genome. Now they’re some kind of Unas-Other mix. (No, I’m not saying what the Other is. You’ll find out.)

      Which is also partly why being a host is different for him, no matter what Sam thinks. Kryal and Vathara did a lot of tossing back and forth on The Dragon King’s Temple.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You! *points finger* You are a tease, and i’m going to sit over here with my popcorn and pout about Hakyruu not getting old enough to turn into a pretty dragon lady while Goujun grabs Sanzo and shows him just how nice bedding a dragon can be especially for an empath.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. *EG* Oh my, that was fun, indeed.

        And yes; I’m not sure how much I’ll go into that in this story, but the dragon-folk aren’t as separate from their symbiotes as more human hosts are. Goujun is Goujun.

        …And right now, both halves of that blending have a serious headache. I can see him upping the guard patrols just on general principles, putting extra security on the explosives storage, and hauling out fire extinguishers everywhere. Because he remembers this crew.

        (It’s not enough. It’s never enough.)

        Liked by 2 people

      3. @ladynero: Why, yes, I am a tease. *teasing grin* I am an author. It’s the nature of the beast. 😉

        We’re evulz too!


  8. Sam Sam Sam, you should know better. You haven’t even seen a quarter of the planet yet, there’s tons you don’t know.

    And poor Goujun. Or not, depending on how much he missed that bunch. 🙂 I wonder if he counts as an eyewitness to the crap that went down nine centuries ago?


    1. In the manga version of Gadien he definitely was… in fact, he’s the one in-universe telling the story so that there’s at least some record of what really happened somewhere as opposed to no record except the “official” version.

      And given why he ended up surviving the whole thing without everyone questioning his loyalties… well, Kanzeon’s laughing her head off…


      1. You can imagine that right now Goujun has the events of nine centuries back playing through his head in full-color augh. There may be a cold sweat involved.

        And it definitely explains why he’s been promoted to climbing tree recently….


      1. Hm.

        So, is that behind a firewall/password that Sanzo won’t be able to get past until he remembers? 😉


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