What Comes Around Ch 21 bit -spearpoints

“Hell pretty much fits it,” Alan said blearily, descending enough to lean on Morgan’s shoulder. Gold gleamed from neck and ears and arms, almost blending with the river of fiery gold hair; Simon took mental design notes as he came down from the adrenaline rush, because whatever Alan might think about Equip, an actor knew exotically impressive when it hit him in the heart. “The rukh in here-”

“I know,” Simon nodded. And if his hands were trembling a little at the thought, he doubted anyone would mind. “It – I saw it too.”

That snapped Alan all the way awake. “Are you okay?”

“We hung onto him,” Malachy said plainly. “Drakon helped.”

“My name isn’t… fine, whatever,” the agent sighed. “At least it’s not Dom….” He trailed off, as even Aladdin lifted his attention away from spellcasting to stare at him. “What?”

Morgan was blinking. Alan was making a few odd noises Simon identified as strangled laughter. Aladdin didn’t even bother hiding a giggle, before he shook his head at Simon. “You found him!”

“At least it wasn’t at spearpoint this time-” Simon cut himself off, feeling the world slide sideways a bit.

Drakon. Partevian general with an impossible name. Enemy turned reluctant ally. Back to back against the monsters with a gleaming sword and shield – a very useful shield, great for surfing waterspouts in Baal’s dungeon….

He remembered tasting his own blood, shed by soldiers in a backwater Partevian town. Remembered his cheeky grin at Yunan, before he dove through Baal’s portal. Dragons, eluding death, gripping a young noble’s swordblade with a bloody hand because he refused to lose-!

:Hold onto me, my king.: Baal brushed sparks through his mind like a prickle of cat’s fur, searching for harm. :All will be well. I did not expect this… but between Ja’far’s efforts, and my own… and yours… the darker times are still locked away.:

“Spearpoint?” Tiburon glanced between them, as if he couldn’t decide which king to shake first. “Are you okay, Simon?”

“I’m… not completely sure,” Simon admitted. Partevia. Imuchak. Reim. He could feel them, there for the reaching-out of his hand.

We’re at ground zero of a radioactive monster-making lab. This is no time to be wandering through old memories.


10 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit -spearpoints

  1. Of *course* it was going to be Drakon who set off the chain reaction of memories. His and Sinbad’s interaction was insane, in Sinbad no Bouken. I’m more familiar with the earlier sections of Magi, so Drakon’s characterisation in the prequel? Completely blindsided me.

    PS: Queue silent squealing. Sinbad! Simon as Sinbad, even, *without* getting overpowered by a deluge of memories. It says something about the strength of Simon’s character, when he isn’t washed away by the High King of the Seven Seas.


  2. >> We’re at ground zero of a radioactive monster-making lab. This is no time to be wandering through old memories.

    Aka fix danger now, find out how much trouble I’m in later. Sounds about right for Simon/Sinbad.


  3. Well, he has his priorities in the correct order. (1) Save lives, including own preferably, (2) Everything else.

    Simon, if he didn’t have so much on his mind, probably would have expected some sneakiness from his past life. Because Simon IS a sneaky sneak. He’s not as manipulative or underhanded as Sinbad but neither was Sinbad until Things Went Badly.

    And yes, some people say he was underhanded before that but let’s keep in mind that like in his second dungeon that most of the people in there with him were under orders to kill him. Or were Al-Thamen moles. Even through he did talk the non-Al-Thamen people out of killing him, you can understand not trusting them right away and having no desire to help them get something that make that task easier (i.e. a Djinn). Sinbad is crazy, not stupid.

    I think the slide downward was one big chuck Al-Thamen doing their best to torture him into falling, dying, or becoming so broken that he was no longer a threat to their plans – which they probably did not by directly harming him most of the time but people around him. HIS people. And we all know what that can do to a king.

    The second chuck was things like the Kou Empire deciding that the best world to achieve world “peace” is for there to be only one country, one culture, one language – theirs of course. Through that mess is also Al-Thamen related considering who the Court Magician and Empress were . . .


    1. *Nod* Is pretty much canon that whatever nasty thing they did to Partevia whacked Sinbad horribly.

      And yeah, I’m pretty sure the Kou Empire’s “one world order” was Al-Thamen inspired – because what causes more misery than people fighting for their nations against an overwhelming enemy? Oof.


  4. Yep. Everyone involved in malicious spell casting here is gonna die. Mess with Simon’s head, especially if you’re dredging up memories from his past life, and Ja’far will make sure you don’t live to regret it. Although considering what’s been going on in that tower, making sure the innocents are out and then dropping five or six fireballs probably *is* the smart plan.


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