River of Stars Ch 8 bit – Nine-tenths of the Law

Cool drinks, a very nice-looking snake lady leaning on a divan to stare at, and plenty of ammo if he felt so inclined. Jack kicked back in his chair in the center of SG-1’s arc, and raised his brow. Where to even start? Youkai, Goku, whatever the hell a kami was, just what she’d done to a lost member of the SGC-

“So.” Daniel wet his lips. “How many of the Asgard know you’re a Tok’ra?”


Kanzeon smiled.

“…It’s really quiet over there,” Gojyo muttered, shuffling cards for Xinghua’s eager eyes.

Yes, it is. “We leave them alone,” Sanzo declared. Quietly. Shunhua and Donghua were asleep on his sleeve, tangled together in the boneless way Goku had pulled off when he was younger. “Unless there’s gunshots. Or screaming.”

Holding a ball of chi so Quihua could poke it and try her own sparks, Hakkai raised a brow. “They are speaking to the Merciful Goddess.”

Sanzo rolled his eyes. “So explosions and screaming.”

Hakkai nodded thoughtfully. “Do you think mental trauma will count as grievous harm to a negotiating party?”

“Naaaaah,” Gojyo grinned. “The SGC would be screwed if it did. We cause mental trauma just by existing.”

Helping Shunrei clear up some of the snacks, Goku chuckled; then scowled at the redhead. “Wait. You mean SG-1, or us?”

Gojyo and Hakkai traded a look, then both grinned at their younger clan member. “…Yes?” Hakkai said brightly.

Sanzo hid his smile behind his fan. Idiots. But they’re my idiots.

Okay, Daniel thought, heart beating fast. We’re all still alive. That’s… good?

Goujun was standing behind Kanzeon like an annoyed mountain, red eyes watchful. But so far, the dragon was silent.

“SG-1’s reputation is well-deserved, I see,” Kanzeon mused. “May I ask what led you to that conclusion, Dr. Jackson? Because for several centuries, the System Lords have missed it entirely.”

“They didn’t have the chance to watch a Tok’ra not be surprised by finding a Tok’ra gene pattern in a symbiote from your world.” Daniel kept his voice steady. “Or to hear the Arrangement, I’d bet. In the original Goa’uld, before you probably rephrased it for Śakra and everyone else. I’d bet you told them it applied to you. That’s how I translated it. But Goa’uld’s… a lot slipperier than I realized, the first few years I dealt with it. There’s a you that’s you, specific, as an individual – and there’s a you that’s you and your genetic lineage.”

Sam stiffened in her chair. “Wait. You mean-”

“If Kanzeon Bosatsu is of Egeria’s lineage,” Teal’c rumbled, “then the Tok’ra may argue that they have the rights to claim this… Arrangement.”

“’Course, possession being nine-tenths of the law, and all that,” Jack said lightly, “that’d only stick if you were dead. Am I right?” He picked up his glass, and took a deliberate sip. “You know, I could punch Selmak right now. He might have said this was a family fight.”


39 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 8 bit – Nine-tenths of the Law

    1. Oh, SG-1 has actually impressed her already – none of them have been shot. Meaning they managed to hang onto semi-civilized behavior even after dealing with Sanzo’s team.

      This by itself speaks volumes to the SGC’s ability to handle themselves under pressure.

      Yeah. Kanzeon’s loving this. *EG*

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      1. Bunnies actually suspect Hammond is interested in a chaplain he can send people to who isn’t mostly stationed on Earth – so people can decompress off-world instead of trying to readjust to Earth and deal with moral injuries at the same time.

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  1. Lemmie guess… Kanzeon is one of Egeria’s offspring and left Egeria before Egeria starting the tok’ra movement to go be a queen somewhere else. She then found whatever it is Goku’s race is, struck up a deal with the Asguard and started an anti-goa’uld movement that went in a very different direction then Egeria’s. Later she ran into Egeria and after realizing that their philosophies regarding hosts we’re compatible, Kanzeon told Egeria to stay out of her business which resulted in Egeria thinking Kanzeon was no better then any other System Lord…

    And here I was thinking that my idea that Kanzeon had been with the tok’ra for a while didn’t match up with various timelines…


    1. Not exactly how it happened. *G* Remember the Tok’ra as a group were created over 2,000 years ago. Which gives at least 4 centuries before Kanzeon came to Shangri-La, and seven centuries from then to the whole mess with Konzen and Goku.


  2. I’m not exactly surprised but it was a good twist. I’m also loving the fact that the Ikkou are watching the kids if something goes boom. Story time with Kanzeon is sure to be fun ( in a omg I’m not dead kinda way).


  3. And here is probably a big reason that the Tok’ra want Kanzeon dead so much. She is of Egeria’s line (sister, daughter, granddaughter I have no idea) and therefor should be helping them carry out their Queen’s wishes: Destroy the System Lords.

    But as far as they are concerned/can tell, she’d turned her back on everything it means to be Tok’ra, becoming a System Lord under Ra. Even worse, she’s twisted her children into not following the Tok’ra cause.Why else would they remain with her and not aid them?

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    1. >Daughter, specifically. And yep, that’s part of it.:)>
      Wait a minute.

      >The Queen who’d told off Egeria as a “brainless, shortsighted, revenge-obsessed idiot who’d better stay the hell off my planet,” wasn’t about to be persuaded by anything less than total destruction.>
      Oh Primus. All of this ultimately stems from a Goa’uld Queen’s teenage rebellion against mommy. 😀
      Well that and her running the numbers and figuring out a better way than what the Tok’ra had been doing.

      Though I have to wonder when the change of heart came about. Because all the Tok’ra are basically baseline Goa’uld and yet she definitely isn’t. Egeria certainly wouldn’t have modified her like Kanzeon apparently tweaks her offspring in regards to genetic memories so what happened?

      The only thing I can think of is that sometime far in the past she came into contact with one of the Sutras and it enlightened/changed her somehow.


  4. Wha . . . wait, actually this makes perfect sense. The Tok’ra wouldn’t be nearly as pissy about Kanzeon if this wasn’t personal in some way. After all they have plenty of System Lords who would tell them to get bent if they wanted to take their toys

    . . . Also it smacks of betrayal to have one of their own relatives seemingly go completely counter to their mission goals . . . (except not, she isn’t doing it their way but she doesn’t seem to be doing it standard System Lord way either, the Arrangement not withstanding – Kanzeon is more than tricky enough to tap-dance around, through, above, below any loopholes in the Arrangement terms if she wanted to).

    The ugliness level of the fighting matches too. It’s hard to match family fighting ugliness because family usually knows exactly where your tender underbelly is . . .

    Like SGC’s collective snarl to the Tok’ra: “And you couldn’t have mentioned this was less dispute with System Lord and more like Family Feud Snake Edition before we sent our people there? People who got killed and/or transformed against their will . . . .” *gets cut off before Jack can start listing the Tok’ra’s faults and misdeeds chapter and verse. Kanzeon is a little disappointed – she can listen to entertaining rants and add her own commentary about her idiot relatives all day*

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    1. Oh, it gets worse. Think about the Tok’ra High Council, and how they operate – they’re directly responsible for telling all the Tok’ra what to do, where to go, when to pull out of missions, etc. In short, the High Council treats other Tok’ra as workers, all out to fulfill Egeria’s original goals.

      But Kanzeon is a Queen. The rest of the Tok’ra aren’t.

      Now, when you’re talking about colonial animals, just what is an adult queen supposed to do?

      Take off and run her own hive.

      Ooo yes. This got very messy, indeed.

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      1. *Head in hands* Actually, it was bound to be ugly the moment anyone realized that Kanzeon was a Queen. I can’t think of a colonial species without thinking of Terry Pratchett and “Lords and Ladies.” “Slash, stab! One Queen to a hive!” If we base this off of what the Tok’ra were like in the show, Egeria was trying to interfere with *another Queen’s hive.* A Queen who, apparently, takes her responsibilities to her territory and all that dwell within very seriously. And the Tok’ra just *don’t* respect anyone else’s territory. And if she’s anything like Sanzo, you touch her people at your own peril. Good gad, she really would be a horrendously amazing match for Sinbad and/or Simon.

        I’m totally reminded of “A Star to Steer By” in which Jedi and Sith are the same base species as Go’auld, Obi-Wan is horrified by the Go’auld’s existence and it gets worse when he meets the Tok’ra and decides the Council and the Order need to get in on wiping these off the face of the Universe. And then gets politically adopted into the Tok’ra, to no one’s satisfaction. As Obi-Wan basically puts it as articulated by Jack? “That is not a family I want anything to do with thanks so much bye!” It has the same level of, “I can’t believe what we’ve just stepped into!”

        Also, Epically Not Cool of the Tok’ra here. Dropping someone totally unprepared into a family feud is cruel.

        Oh, wait, Queen, other Queen in the nest, Slash Stab… No wonder Jolinar has so much hate! She’s a female ‘drone’ of another Queen’s hive! I’m not sure this is coming out in a coherent manner, I am so stupid to be taking these two classes together, but Jolinar, Terry Pratchett, and yes. I think.

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    2. >”You could have mentioned that this was Family Feud Snake edition…”

      Now I’m actually picturing Kanzeon and Sanzo’s group playing Family Feud against Jacob/Selmac and SG1. I’m at work right now, so I can’t laugh as much as I’d like, but picture it…


  5. Oh, ow. OW. My poor aching head. This explains so much, though.

    Do the Sanzo ikkou know about the Tok’ra connection yet? That said, it must be utterly galling to every Tok’ra in the know that the daughter who dissed their Queen and staged a rebellion not only did so in *style*, but was terrifyingly successful too, to top it off. Tenkai and the armies connected to it, and a planet with two genetically and racially distinct sentient Lifeforms… Not to mention all the other frightening things about Shangri La. Oh yeah. Calling her efforts to create and administer her own hive ‘successful’ is probably an understatement.


    1. The Sanzo-ikkou actually do not know. They might suspect Kanzeon’s not a regular Goa’uld, but they have other reasons that seem much more plausible on their list of “why she’s not normal”.

      …Chief among them Sanzo’s deep, dark conviction that Kanzeon likes keeping people alive simply because it’s no fun to mess with a dead person’s head. And messing with people is what Kanzeon lives for.


    2. Heh. And “every Tok’ra in the know” includes the High Council, and only the High Council. Possibly not even all of them.

      It definitely includes Selmac.

      But not Jacob.

      At least, not right at the very moment in-story.


  6. >>Kanzeon visiting the Mountain. Ooo dear.

    Because of this comment my brain conjured up the image of General Hammond, Kanzeon, and Simon all sitting around SGC’s meeting table about to begin negotiations. It is terrifying and I blame you.


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