River of Stars Ch 8 bit – Wonderful Things

“The rest of the lab,” Jack pounced. “As in, a lab you didn’t tell Śakra about?”

“Honestly, it took me a few decades to find the place, even when I was pretty sure I’d deciphered the love-notes correctly,” Kanzeon shrugged. “But I did find it. And inside were….” Her voice softened. “Wonderful things.”

Wonderful things. Daniel closed his eyes a moment, remembering that first picture ever taken of Tutankhamen’s hidden tomb. Even in black and white, it was enough to stop your heart. “Not weapons.”

“No. Something even more critical,” Kanzeon said soberly. “Dr. Jackson. What’s the one element the entire Goa’uld Empire can’t do without?”

Daniel winced, and waved it over to Sam. I should have known, Goa’uld only care about things….

“Naquadah,” Sam said grimly. “Everything runs on it.”

“Yes. And Queens need a fair portion of it, to pass along to every larvae,” Kanzeon stated. “Otherwise, the few who earn their own hosts can’t activate any of our tech. The very few. Think of it! Naquadah used on thousands of larvae to produce just a few Goa’uld! Every year, for thousands of years. It’s inefficient.”

“You were trying to shorten your supply lines,” Jack said thoughtfully. “How?”

“By going back to how Goa’uld technology – stolen technology – was originally activated,” Kanzeon stated. “Not with naquadah. By energy manipulation. That’s how the Ancients did it.” She paused. “The Ancients, and a few others they worked with. Because if the Asgard have told you anything, Colonel, then you know the Ancients used to be part of a multi-species alliance. That’s what I found on Shangri-La. A lab, a collaborative facility, where two very different species came together to create something to reshape dead worlds to life.”

“The Tenchi Kaigen scriptures,” Daniel breathed, facts falling into place. “That’s why the text doesn’t look like written Ancient. It’s Ancient with something else.”

“It is,” Kanzeon agreed. “Though given they nearly killed me the first time I touched them, I stayed away from those for a long, long time. I was much more interested in the DNA samples, and the bodies. Ancient bodies, put into stasis for medical research. And… some bodies of the other species, as well, for the same purpose. Once I started deciphering the biotech and historical information in the records….” Her smile was eager as Sam’s about to pounce new tech. “I had a solution, ready for the taking. All I had to do was integrate the right genes into host bodies, and the larvae wouldn’t have to have any naquadah. Oh, they’d still have a trace, we can’t get it all out of our systems. But a Queen’s requirements would go down by a factor of several thousand. That, was something I could take to Śakra. To raise my status in the court, and possibly even find favor with Ra himself; Egeria always did want him taken out most of all. And humans think dealing with their exes is awful.” She took a breath that did interesting things to transparent silk. “Then I found the lower levels, with the emergency stasis chambers. And Thor showed up.”

I’m about to die. Right here, right now.

Kanzeon clutched her zat and glared at the little gray enemy with his knowing black eyes, ignoring the ribbon device tucked into her girdle. Even if the Asgard Supreme Commander didn’t have countermeasures, concussive force would be far too damaging to throw around in a chamber full of life-support devices. She hated the idea of even using a zat’ni’catel, one shock in the wrong place could be fatal… but she had the right to fight for her life. And she was not going to roll over and die here, not when the Asgard had just left these children to linger alone for untold centuries….

“You wish the individuals here to survive.” Black eyes blinked, slow and languid. “Why?”

“Because they deserve the chance!” Kanzeon snarled. Why bother lying to a telepath? “Because I’ve seen the records; what they are, what they can do. They’re fierce and wild and beautiful, and if I could see them back in the universe again….”

I want us to be wild. I want us to be free. I want my children to live, not suffer as pawns in Egeria’s revenge!


23 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 8 bit – Wonderful Things

  1. Ah . . . the plot thickens . . .

    Their exes . . . . *face-palm* This is starting to make an aggravating and horrifying amount of sense. At least in terms of an explanation . . .

    through I doubt SCG will appreciate being caught up in what is in many respects a real-life version of those reality television programs staring a bunch of entitled brats whinging about not getting their way all the time.

    Someone needs to get through the snakes’ thick, thick skulls that having knowledge and/or being hundreds if not thousands of years old does not make one mature. Maybe since they ACT like bratty human children, perhaps they should be treated as such:

    “Hush , the grown-ups are talking.”
    “You can have toys back after you learn to behave yourself.”
    “Time-out corner! Now!”

    That will probably never happen outside of Jack’s snark but it’s fun to dream.

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    1. Jack and Hammond are in the process of figuring out they actually have a lot in common with Kanzeon, when it comes to “People, can we behave like adults for just ten minutes here?”

      This justifiably horrifies the both of them. I doubt the Tok’ra will like it either….

      And yes. Age does not automatically convey wisdom. Sigh.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. If they haven’t already, SGC needs to invest in aspirin (and other mild pain killers since some people can’t take aspirin for various and sundry health reasons) and . . . antacids. Maybe some squeezely stress balls . . .

        No, there’s no particular reason why Jack’s looks like a snake, why do you ask?

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  2. >Egeria always did want him taken out most of all. And humans think dealing with their exes is awful.>
    Oh Lord. That’s why Egeria made the Tok’ra?


    1. What we know from canon is that after over 10,000 years of being Ra’s Queen, Egeria apparently suddenly decided that taking over the will of a host was Wrong. There are no details in canon as to why. So… this is as plausible a reason as any? Especially if prolonged naquadah exposure isn’t good for the brain….


      1. *facepalms*

        That… Should not sound as plausible as it does. Ugh. But it does, it really does. I can hear the entire main cast of Stargate screaming OCCAM’S RAZOR, GUYS. HAHAHA.

        …or maybe that’s the ikkou, sans Sanzo? Who wouldn’t let himself be roped in for something so juvenile. Nope.

        (Or maybe that’s just Kanzeon, laughing at everyone involved. Because she would. She definitely would.)


      2. *G* Can we shave with Occam’s Razor?

        Bear in mind, this is my headcanon for “what might have happened” only! I combed the internet, but I couldn’t ever find a reason for why Egeria decided Goa’uld hijacking bodies was wrong.

        …If anyone out there has come up with canon info I haven’t heard, please drop me a line. 🙂

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      3. Yep, I do understand that this was largely your headcanon, but that’s the thing. It makes complete sense. Of the let’s-never-tell-anyone-why-the-rebellion-actually-took-place variety. 😀


  3. >> “Because they deserve the chance!” Kanzeon snarled. Why bother lying to a telepath? “Because I’ve seen the records; what they are, what they can do. They’re fierce and wild and beautiful, and if I could see them back in the universe again….”

    And here we are learning why she is called the Merciful Goddess… meanwhile SG1 wants a drink and to headdesk/facepalm for a bit, and Sanzo and the Idiots are babysitting/waiting for explosions/yelling.


  4. Also, various characters screaming in crescendo about Occam’s razor in my head aside, loved Kanzeon in this. It’s so easy to forget all the reasons for which she’s equally revered and feared, in Saiyuki canon, and this willingness to do just about anything to protect those she’s taken under her wing? Is definitely it. That, and a young Kanzeon stumbling across what simultaneously felt like the most miraculous answer to all her problems and something that terrifies her because she has to figure out some way to protect it… Was gorgeous, really. Love that peek into the head of a character who’s usually considered too far above everyone else in the cast to have their motivations picked apart and mused on.

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  5. The image of a young space version of Indiana Jones Kanzeon is going to stick with me for a long time. You are killing me with suspense here, I really want to know what Goku is though I’m probably going to have to wait for the actual chapter.

    On another note, if your still looking for Saiyuki fics try this one

    It’s an interesting take on how Goku tries to get back his missing memories and the characterization feels spot on.


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