What Comes Around ch 21 bit – Not running

I could – I could run. They might not catch me. I can’t save them, I should run!

Alan wouldn’t run.

Oh, he’d say I was being so stupid…. “G-go away!” Maria grabbed for a stray rock, feeling the lichen on one side soften the hard edge of granite against her fingers. “Leave us alone. Go away!

“Why, it’s Mariñelarena’s daughter.” The blond man lounging behind the guns raised an unimpressed brow. “You’d think anyone who could flee us once would have the sense not to lure others into our grasp. Then again – blood will tell, won’t it?” He tched. “You should have seen your friend’s face when he learned the truth about your father… and his mother.”

Alan knows.

Alan knows.

It was horror, it was drowning her, she wanted to die right now-

Fire beat against her heart. Little sister, the rukh whispered.

Tears streaming, Maria raised her head. “You are the one whose blood tells. Monster.”

You tell him, sis. A ghostly whisper, like fingers ruffling her hair. Can’t do much, not here – but I can give you one clear shot….

Gunmen blinked, spreading out with a wave of the monster-maker’s hand. Gray eyes narrowed. “Untrained fool… go ahead! Throw your power at us, what little you have. We’ll just pick up what’s left of you when the drain is too much.” His voice sank, to a venomous certainty. “Your ghost can’t save you this time.”

“Then why not try out the living?” A warm hand rested on her shoulder. “Don’t worry. It’s going to be alright.”

Maria froze. She’d never heard an accent like that, except from-

The hand on her shoulder was far too grownup to be Aladdin’s.


16 thoughts on “What Comes Around ch 21 bit – Not running

      1. Astute realization there. Considering this person is correct. There isn’t a deep enough chasm. I can think of several people who will want to lightly flame-broil and/or one measly lightning bolt this person just for the butterfly / getting Maria into this mess.

        I think a certain FBI agent and his wife might also want to have words with this person.


      2. Yes. Yes indeed. It may not help that said person is very glad to see them, given a certain king he’s worried about potentially going off the deep end without his Household… I don’t think that will make Drakon feel any better.


  1. Oh my, if that’s who I think it it, this guy isn’t getting out of this mess with anything short of a Stargate, and even that might not help much.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well at least we’ll get to see the look on that smug jerk’s face when he realizes that Maria brought a Magi to a gunfight.😈

        Liked by 1 person

  2. >>Oh, he’d say I was being so stupid…. “>>

    Yeah, he probably will. In-between claims that you took ten years worth of growth out of him. But he cannot lecture too long because someone is going to point that it is a little too much of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Unless said someone merely carefully records his lecture and then repeats it back to Alan . . .


      1. That sounds like Ja’far . . .

        *One of the usual suspects has just done something stupid / reckless / that was very brave but very dangerous you idiot.*
        “What’s with the tape?”
        “Since you won’t listen to my words, maybe you’ll listen to your own.”
        *hits play, recording is that of the current miscreant chewing someone else out for doing something stupid / reckless / that was very brave but very dangerous you idiot. One of Ja’far’s eyebrows is sardonically raised the entire time*
        “Now what do you have to say for yourself?”
        “Ummm . . .” *has the grace to at least look sheepish*

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