River of Stars Ch 8 bit – telling traces

“Okay, see, problem here,” Jack said easily. Weighing his team’s odds of getting out of a whole palace of not-quite-Tok’ra in one piece. Right now, he’d say fifty-fifty. “You said Furling kids need a parent, or they go nuts.” He nodded toward Goku, currently waving his bo staff around for the pretty blonde. “Kid looks pretty sane to me.”

“He wasn’t right after Konzen died,” Kanzeon said quietly. “He kept it together long enough for me to put him back into stasis. Then I had to leave him there, for a very long time. I tried introducing other kami to him, but none of them linked. I thought I’d failed.” She winced. “And then about a decade ago, one of my Sanzos turned up dead, and another went missing. Tenkai Sanzo, the youkai holder of the Maten Sutra. And Ukoku Sanzo, keeper of the Muten Sutra.” She grimaced. “Koumyou and Tenkai were friends. He reached Tenkai in time to claim his sutra, but not in time to save him. It hurt Koumyou. It hurt me; I liked Tenkai. Put that together with the chaos of another Sanzo just gone, sutra and all – someone used the mess to steal Goku’s stasis pod. I couldn’t find him.”

Sam sat up very straight, one finger tracing water drops down the side of her glass. “So you thought adding some of Konzen’s DNA would let Dr. Genjyo find him.”

“Except that’s not exactly what she did.” Jack kept his gaze on the not-Tok’ra. “We don’t have fancy genetic analysis doo-dahs back on Earth. What we’ve got… well, it can tell when something not human got tossed into the mix. Sometimes. But hey, grab a few cell samples, use a few nanites – instant clone. And how could we find that with our tech?”

“I have a feeling you’re about to tell us,” Goujun said gruffly.

Oh wow, the dragon hadn’t turned into a statue. Jack had been wondering. “It’s really low-tech,” he said wryly. “Been used on our planet off and on for… oh, centuries, at least. You probably wouldn’t even want to bother with it. Boring.” Raising his hand, palm out, he wiggled his fingers.

For a moment Kanzeon blinked at him, eyes just a bit darker blue-violet than her nephew’s-

Then she laughed. Not a polite lady’s titter, or the cruel-edged cackle he’d heard from Hathor. A full-on, gut-deep laugh, arms wrapped around herself to keep her from falling off the silver-laced divan.

“My lady?” Goujun growled, gaze flicking between them as if he wanted to be absolutely sure a certain colonel wasn’t about to pull a knife.

“Fingerprints!” Kanzeon got out between giggles. “Oh, I love your people, Colonel. You keep things so interesting.”


44 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 8 bit – telling traces

  1. *cackles* Yes! The simple solutions are the best indeed. Who ever thinks about fingerprints???

    So, does this mean that there are false memories in Sanzo and everyone’s agreeing to *not* tell him that he’s a clone?


  2. (Blink)(Blink) What? So what I’m getting from this is that Kanzeon basically rebuilt Sanzo’s body from the ground up. Did he actually die when he went into the water after that initial mission went south? And, more importantly, did anyone tell him exactly how much his body was tampered with? I hope there are plenty of things to shoot when he gets the news. And, y’know, a bunker which I will totally not be cowering in, nope not me.

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    1. Not exactly.

      Jacob did mention (along with a bunch of other stuff) that Kanzeon clones the bodies that the Host choose. 😉

      It’s a matter of exactly what Kanzeon cloned to provide Sanzo’s body. *evil, smug grin*


      1. Yes. Meaning these are people she can ally with and know that they don’t have that fatal Alteran and Asgard stupidity. (See our recent comments on the timeline.)


  3. And back with the cubs:
    Sanzo: “Hag just cracked up and is laughing like a maniac on happy gas.”
    Sha: “Ah he-(glances at the kids)-eck. Least we got a clear run to the rings and you can activate ’em. Monkey, still got those smoke bombs? Might need a distraction.”
    Goku: “Yep.”
    Shunrei: “Um Gojyo, Genjyo, isn’t this a little much? Lady Kanzeon isn’t that bad.”
    -All four look at her, their faces clearly expressing ‘You have got to be f***ing kidding me.’-

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    1. > Sounds about right!:) >
      Which? Them planing to bug out when they see Kanzeon cracking up or Shunrei not really getting why they panicked? 🙂


      1. Is that the ka and ba thing I remember reading about in fics? (Not sure if it was yours or someone else’s I read first, but I know it popped up in your Yugioh fics.) Oh boy, things are getting really interesting now. Good think the Ikkoku are good at ducking. 🙂


      2. Oh. OH. Oooohhhhh my…. Oh my goodness… *starts cackling* I think I know what you diiid… hee hee… Oh, is there some way to do invisitext or hide spoilers or something? ‘Cause I want to say what I though you did, but I don’t want to spoiler it for anyone that hasn’t figured it out…. Oh, but if I’m right that’s GRAND. Oh I hope I’m right, I love it!

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      3. WyldeHorse: Testing, testing….

        If you can see the message above (after your name)… no, I don’t think there is.

        If you can’t… it’s HTML “font color=”#ffffff””.


      4. WyldeHorse: No, it doesn’t seem like there is. *pout* I wanna know what you think happened!

        Um… tagwriter(at)gmail(dot)com?

        (Her betas know what happened.)


      5. @WyldeHorse: Ooh, excellent guesses (as I said in my email replies). *G* (Mind if I forward to Vathara, even though she’s already posted the next scene-bit?)


    1. Heh. I think you’re going to like what Kanzeon explains happened.

      It’s fascinating.

      And ref meguimuse’s answer below – the one who is really reacting to some of that is Danny. Not necessarily the transmigration itself, but something that Kanzeon tells them about it. *smug grin* She’s a wise, intelligent Snake, she is.


  4. … why do I have a feeling that the entire “soul” concept/proof will be what wiggs Stargate Command out the most? (Because Jack will NOT WANT to believe this, and Sam’s brain will want to explode, not to mention having to completely revise religious beliefs in… every handbook…)


      1. Jack may also be slightly afraid of having another Sanzo Counselling Session if he wigs too far, because the first one left an impression. (He still recommend Sanzo for the chaplain position when he gets back to the mountain. Just because it left a mark doesn’t mean he’s not impressed.)

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      2. Meguimuse: Oh, yeah. We get some more on that in Chp. 9. Basically – Jack is impressed. Now that he’s had a chance to calm down from the homicidal state he was in when Sanzo went at him – he’s realized both what Sanzo did… and that it’s working.

        There is a comparison to Janet with a scalpel in there. 😉

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