What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – sneaky

“My, my. What have you loosed down there? It’s vicious. And hungry.”

“It’s ours,” the monster-maker said flatly, even as he backed off a step. “And you’re standing right on top of it.”

“No, not quite right on top,” Yunan mused. “This is going to be interesting.”

Slime – burning with more than acid – don’t let it touch them!

Fire whirled around them like a summer breeze, as Alan held the black sword high. Above him he could feel the stones of the ceiling start to crumble, which could possibly end up being a problem….

A Borg can handle a few rocks. This slime? Not so much.

Alan shuddered, seeing the flux of the rukh in the chimeric sludge as it tried to gnaw through his spinning shield. The fire in it wasn’t honest flame, heat and searing and done. It was unseen fire, heart-of-the-world fire, starlight untamed by air and the world’s own magic-


:So you call it,: Amon noted. :Do not fear. We are fire.:

I’m not afraid for me! Damn it, damn it all; he knew what Djinn were, the powers and formulas they had access to, the easy way they could shrug off harm from rukh akin to their own like a sprinkling of rain. And all of it just made his heart want to beat faster, drowning in terror. I know what we’re up against, I know the magic we have – I just don’t know how to link them! I’m fifteen, we didn’t cover radioactive breakdowns in chemistry yet-!

A scaly hand gripped his shoulder. “Balaraq Berka!”

Lightning shot through Alan’s fire-whirl with sky-blue sparks, power catching and turning aside the angry howl of tainted magoi.

“Electrostatic charge,” Simon said a little breathlessly, Baal’s Sword crackling with power. “Should deflect off alpha and beta particles, if I read that brochure on Chernobyl right, and I think you can handle anything else that tries to get through… did you know lightning strikes make gamma rays?”

They do? “Ja’far?” Alan asked. Because honestly, who else would keep that in their heads-


“Aladdin!” Alan called out. “We need to do something sneaky!”


12 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – sneaky

  1. Yup, proof that Chernobyl did not get pulled out of a hat. And it’s very lovely, in the Azula and a fiery bush sort of way, that ‘Ja’far’ and ‘need to be sneaky’ go together in Alan’s mind. Then again, how many times did Alibaba try and get around Ja’far? Oh, we don’t know, Ja’far lost count. And with such a detailed oriented guy, you know that was a lot.

    And, really, Yunan, for all the trouble you’ve caused poor Maria, the least you could do was keep her from the monster-makers. Wait, how old is Maria? I can’t think right now, or I’d be able to remember where to look for that information.


    1. Maria’s about 12-13, and may not know her exact age.

      Yep. Chernobyl was intentional. Or more accurately, I pulled that out as “one of the weirdest places Simon could find him”, and things fell in place rather interestingly from there. 😉

      And Yunan… well, for all his sometimes flightiness, he knows better than to think Alan wouldn’t find him if something went wrong. So… yeah.


  2. Mmm . . . I foresee Solomon’s Wisdom being put to use . . . 😉

    Ja’far and something sneaky do go pretty hand-in-hand.

    And I second the above statement, Yunan is flightly but not so flightly that he didn’t notice the smoking craters where people who hurt Alibaba’s precious people used to be . . . especially since one of Sinbad (Simon)’s Household has reason to leave him a smoking crater too and Sinbad (and Simon) is usually an enabler in that regard with his Generals. Especially since being connected with his Generals generally makes said people Sinbad’s people and we all know how well Kings react to someone hurting their people. (Ie. if they can, they will smash you into unidentifiable paste. That includes Alibaba / Alan because as much as he dislikes fighting and violence, you don’t want to the person who corners / pushes him the wrong way).


    1. “On the plus side, I don’t think we need to worry about incriminating evidence. On the minus side…”
      (Everyone looks at smoking crater where the tower used to be.)
      (Sirens start up in the background)
      Ja’far: Time to leave.
      Alan: …in my defense, I was thinking much smaller when I started?
      Simon: Nonsense, did you see some of those monsters? I don’t think this is overkill at all.
      Ja’far: You never do, you walking case of bad influence…

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    2. This is the Magi crew with two Djinn equipped Kings rampaging around, there is going to be oodles of collateral damage no matter what.

      The only thing they can try is ensure is that none of the good guys/bystanders/captives/neutrals etc die when everything comes crashing down.


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