River of Stars Ch 8 bit – shattered soul

The cold spray from the fifth and last of the Five Gorges’ tumbling cascades was almost enough to knock her off her feet as she materialized. Just behind her, Jiroshin yelped.

Kanzeon caught and steadied her aide, then headed for the long silver braid above green-edged sutras, standing arrow-straight by the edge of one of the foaming pools. “Koumyou.”

“Merciful Goddess.” Her favorite human Sanzo was dripping wet, white robes shedding dirty river water as if he’d just struggled out of the falls himself. “I’ve found someone interesting. But he doesn’t have much time.”

No, Kanzeon thought, seeing the wreck of a human body in torn and tattered Tau’ri green. Not much time at all.

“There wasn’t a bone in his body that wasn’t broken,” the Queen reflected. “I’ve seen youkai dead with half the damage. He should have been dead. He was just too stubborn to die.” She took a silky breath. “He was hanging on, because Koumyou had him, promising there was help. But there was no way we could have kept him alive without a sarcophagus.” She paused. “Not in that body.”

Daniel swallowed hard, trying not to shudder. “So you… trapped his soul.”

“The Ancients and the Furlings both did an incredible amount of research into consciousness as an energy phenomenon,” Kanzeon stated. “There is another world than this, Dr. Jackson. I can show you the data. But if a soul doesn’t want to move on – yes. You can catch the mind and soul, and keep them… well, asleep, if you know what you’re doing. I do.” An elegant shoulder lifted. “So I caught Kouryuu Genjyo, and held him. Brought his essence back to the lab for a careful analysis; you do not want to put a soul into a body it doesn’t want to fit, bad things happen. And then….” She trailed off, staring directly at him. “I can tell you what happened. I’m just not sure you’ll believe it. I wouldn’t believe it, if I couldn’t feel the truth.”

I don’t want to know.

“Try us,” Jack challenged.

“The manner of Konzen’s death was – brutal,” Kanzeon said shortly.

From the way the dragon general winced, Daniel believed it.

“I did what I could, but when I analyzed what I had… half his soul had already gone on. I didn’t know what to do. Let the rest of my little one go, never to remember Goku again in this life? Try to revive him, with half of what made him himself gone? I couldn’t.” Kanzeon shook her head, eyes distant. “I couldn’t.”

Distantly, Daniel felt his pulse speed up. I have a bad feeling about this.

“When I brought Kouryuu back to the lab….”

“This is impossible!” Jiroshin yelped, reading the alerts past her shoulder. “My lady, it has to be some kind of Tok’ra trick. Or some stratagem of the Tau’ri; we know they’re clever enough to have killed Ra-”

“Right,” Kanzeon Bosatsu mused, one hand caressing each of the crystalline soul-gems on her lab bench in turn. One might have the more red glow common to her children, the other a silvery-blue often seen in humans – but the rhythms of that glow had slowed and sped on each side the closer they were together, until now they beat in perfect time. “You think Egeria’s children, or the Tau’ri, or both, were somehow technologically clever enough to create a man with a soul that matches Konzen’s missing pieces, and then dumb enough to lose him down a waterfall?”

Jiroshin cleared his throat. “It would match some of the records of the Ancients.”

“You have a point. But I think….”

Heart in her throat, she brought both gems close enough to touch. Soul-gems were not perfect containment. They couldn’t hold a soul that truly, fully did not wish to stay.

“…I’m going to have a little faith.”


31 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 8 bit – shattered soul

  1. is it bad that all I can think about this is “oh Sanzo”?

    because this kind of stuff only happens to Sanzo.

    and while that is a good thing for the rest of the universe, it gets Sanzo into so much trouble lol


    1. >Oh, so much.😉>
      And at the same time the Ancients that ascended to a higher plane of being (IE: ran away to avoid taking responsibility for anything) are scratching their non-corporal heads in confusion.

      Why do the lesser races keep having the option that they (most intelligent, advanced and wise species ever to exist) made errors in judgement?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *snrks*

        Because the “lesser races” are both intelligent and have common sense?

        The Alterans were, for the most part, moronic idiots. Technologically/scientifically smart, but oh, so dumb in all other ways. (There are some exceptions, yes – not Oma Desala, BTW – but for the most part….)


      1. Jiroshin has more common sense than Kanzeon does!

        (Admittedly, he doesn’t have her/hir power, so what’s bad for him is not necessarily bad for hir, but….)


      2. >Jiroshin has more common sense than Kanzeon does!>
        That’s why she keeps him around and listens to him. He can point out things she misses.

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  2. Oh… My… !!!!!!

    *That* was certainly something I didn’t see coming, but it fits. *laughs* Lovely how you explained how her nephew was reborn elsewhere, and she was able to get him back in a roundabout way.

    Yeah, that would be a sign of faith that *someone* is looking out for us mere mortals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t help but think it’s less a higher power (and I’m including Ancients very loosely here) looking out for us and more Sanzo going “The Hag screwed up and now I have to fix everything. Where are those Idiots and where is my goddamn monkey

      I can totally see Sanzo pulling something like what Kenshin did in Ethan Rayne’s Very Bad Day. If you’ve read the fic, you know exactly what I mean =P

      unrelated sidenote: I hope the html code works, but if it doesn’t then this means it’s italicized

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    2. *grins wryly* As SG-1 are staring at her in disbelief, Kanzeon goes into an explanation of the different parts of the soul, and therefore how it is possible. 😉


  3. Ah Sanzo . . . and Kanzeon and the rest . . .

    Interesting explaination. I can see the people of Earth have troubling processing and accepting it, especially at first. But they should be used to re-writing the scientific handbook by now. If not, they might want to practice because the Hancock crew is really going to mess up their notion of science.

    Side note: I think the Hancock crew would have no trouble with this explaination. In fact, one of them might “Uh, that’s probably similar to what Ugo did to make sure Alibaba and Morgiana could come back and be whole once more when the time came . . .”
    “Who are Ugo, Alibaba, and Morgiana?”
    “Long story.”
    “Again? . . . . Wait a minute, could come back – there is not only magic when dealing with you lunatics but also reincarnation?!”
    “He he . . .”
    “Sometimes I think you should just not speak. It always get us into trouble.”
    “But sometimes it gets us out of trouble . . .”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. >>SGC: …Can we pretend we don’t know them?>>

        Hancock probably gets that reaction so often that they probably don’t even notice . . .

        Simon probably stopped reacting to that kind of statement by middle school . . .

        Through I’m sure occasionally Ja’far wishes he could pretend he doesn’t know these people because that would mean they were someone else’s headache . . . as you said, Sinbad will never not be Ja’far headache. It’s his lot in life. And the rest of them are part and parcel of the aforementioned Sinbad headache.

        Ja’far is starting to wonder just who he pissed off in a previous life to be stuck running herd on TWO kings and their associated people and trouble . . . it had to be the one from before the one in the Magi world since he got stuck dealing with Sinbad and his antics . . .

        Maybe he and Jiroshin (sp?) can start a “Dealing with Crazy But Often Right Bosses” club . . .

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      2. *Snrk* The bunnies just handed me an image of Jack and Hammond.

        Jack: “We should use this.”
        Hammond: Raises weary eyebrow, judging if he wants to let go of the aspirin.
        Jack: “Think about it. We make the Stargate ridiculous enough, nobody will believe it.”
        Hammond: *Headdesk*

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