What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – light

We get out of this, I am so cracking a Chemistry textbook, Alan thought, cupping fire around the huge glob of slime Aladdin’s magic had scooped out of every lab nook and cranny. With focus on the radioactives. 

Books later. Focus now. Because Amon might think they had this, but… well, he and Djinn magic usually only came to a meeting of minds after a lot of faceplanting the floor.

Can’t afford that now. Try to relax. Feel the fire, let Amon set the pattern….

He had just enough chemistry to have some idea what they were doing. First, fire to fry the ooze and kill it, while keeping the mass of it contained.

Radioactive carbon – yeah, it’s probably got that. But it can’t be too much or it wouldn’t be alive to start. We can let that boil off. Ditto water.

The trick was letting that boil off, without letting other not-smoke, not-water escape with it.

Need to wrap an aura around it. Like flying.

Which made sense, radioactive stuff had different masses than regular elements. If they could manipulate gravity to catch that difference….

He felt his strength draining, as Amon pulled more and more power to sieve and sort peril from harmless. It hurt, even with Aladdin feeding in more fire magoi so he could stay standing. But charred slime was less than half the size it had been, he could get his hands on the crackling mass now-

There was light.

:As I said,: Amon murmured smugly. :This, we can do.:

Light and heat and the rush of power back into him, carbon-black melting and molding itself smaller, denser, shining. More than dragonfire, blazing and burning even as he focused heat in, in, away from the fragile people behind him-

So this is what the inside of a star feels like.


20 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – light

  1. Somehow I think the first thing you are going to do after you know you are safe, your friends are safe, it’s all fine now, Alan, is take a nap. Maybe eat something, then take a nap. But a nap is almost certainly in the cards.

    Actually most of this crew will be like “need nap, need food . . . if you aren’t sleep or food, go away.”


  2. Hm…

    Lots of heat, check (Amon a Fire Djinn)

    Lots of pressure, check (using gravity magic to separate the radioactive from non radioactive isotopes)

    Generates lots of heat, check (I can only interpret the power boost he gets as that)

    That end line.

    I do believe that we have nuclear fusion happening.

    Now to replicate it somewhere that can take a few explosions. The middle of the ocean sounds good, and read supply of fuel too. (grab a big ball of water, Simon runs and electrical current through it, do something with gravity magic to get the hydrogen up to decent/sufficient pressure, and Alan/Aladdin to provide the initial heat and contain the results)

    I know it’s probably not possible or something they would think of, but it’s still fun to imagine ^^


    1. I imagine it will be crawling with various government agents wondering how the f*** a nuke got set off there. And suddenly, all the various agents the Shays suborned will be scrambling into CYA mode as it occurs to them that *just possibly* they might have snagged one for their toy collection.

      (Yeah, Alan’s control is probably better than that, but there’s likely to be some residuals, and the idea of a private, experimental fusion reactor underneath Boston… )

      Also, thermodynamics? Bend over. This is where probability gets its revenge for all the laughing everyone’s been doing at it’s suffering.

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  3. My evil bunnies just presented the image of some person encountering our heroes in the future when they realize that Ja’far’s description of a Metal Vessel as a Hip Pocket Nuke can be quite literal when so inclined . . . they are giggling at the “oh crap” expression . . .

    Especially if that person isn’t sure which is scarier, a teenager with that kind of power or an actor / principal . . .

    And especially if our kings have acquired more Djinn by that point, they haven’t cotton onto the fact that Amon and Ba’al’s vessels aren’t the only ones they are carting around . . .

    (One of the Bunnies is convinced that Ja’far is enjoying watching this person blanch and squirm – they must have pissed him off before this revelation . . .)


  4. One of the things I really like about Magi magic is how grounded it is in how physics works; it just handwaves the bulk of the energy needed to make things happen quickly. So long as the magician knows the physics and can manipulated whatever rukh are in charge of that “branch” of physics, then they can pull it off. It’s nice to see the lowered energy costs being beautifully abused.


    1. *Bows, hat off.* You’ve definitely put a finger on one of the things I like about Magi magic. Which, I think, is one of the reasons my bunnies came up with this scenario in the first place. It’s something that is possible if you provide the right conditions of heat, pressure, etc. And given it’s canon someone with a fire Djinn Equip can get tossed into a volcano and come out just a little disgruntled (about the tossing, not the volcano!) , this is just… taking it up a notch.

      BTW, the inside of a volcano is indeed radioactive. Maybe not tons, but it’s there. That’s where part of the heat of magma comes from – radioactive elements breaking down in the crust!

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  5. I’m somehow feeling sorry for any administrative and governmental bodies that’ll have to deal with the aftermath and clean up of this. The physical fact of it happening and the fact that there was absolutely no warning of a nuke going off in Boston.

    …The number of intelligence outfits that must be going through meltdowns right now, in-verse. ESPECIALLY if they figure out that magic is somehow involved. Either now or in the future, since I doubt the magi are stopping at raising only Ba’al’s dungeon. *smirks*


      1. I wonder since alien artifacts, people, etc have turned up in various places on Earth, I wonder if SGC has a note circulating among the various agencies that basically says, “If it’s weird and you cannot explain it, call this number.”

        I don’t want SGC to know Hancock had anything to do with it and any other incident where they make a huge mess (like the bunnies I’m amused by the idea of SG-1 smacking into Hurricane Weird without any warning about just how insane things are . . .) but I am amused by them being one of the numerous agencies who looked over the wreckage in Boston and other incidents only to be just as confused but in a different way. Because the aliens they know are capable of making messes like this but the evidence (what little there is) doesn’t quite match and besides why would they do it and how in the world did they get into Earth in the first place . . .

        It might be interesting to see their speculation about how each of other incidents happened . . . especially later when they learn the truth.
        “Sorry. I was prepared for the possibility that it was aliens, terrorists, and alien terrorists. The possibility that it could be high school students and their teachers completely past me by.”
        “This is all very anime.”

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