River of Stars Ch 9 bit – Raiders of the Lost Sutra

“I think Kanzeon may have picked Genjyo for a Sanzo on purpose.” Daniel was nibbling his lip, as if chewing over an odd thought. “Besides the whole… Konzen’s soul thing. The way she saved his life – Koumyou would legitimately consider Genjyo Sanzo an appropriately liminal person to have as an apprentice, because he’s not Tau’ri or Shangri-La. He’s someone caught between. And if Kanzeon gave him the child to raise….” He looked up. “Jack, I can’t say what really happened. But if you want my guess, Koumyou was sincere. Genjyo was his apprentice, he was always meant to have the sutra, and as far as everyone on Shangri-La is concerned, the Sanzo we know is legitimately Genjyo Sanzo.”

Sutras, plural, if Jack had heard Jikaku right. Seiten and Maten – and if Kanzeon was on the level, then Sanzo had the sutra last held by a youkai. Maybe that was why he got along with them so well….

And Kanzeon had apparently been willing to let Sanzo walk off with not one, but two of her five Weapons of Zombie Destruction. Something spooky about that.

Though Daniel actually had gotten at part of what he was worried about. “Not faking it,” Jack said, just to be clear. “Not bluffing. If he says he can do something, he’s legitimately got the power to back it up.”

“Which I guess is what really matters, to the SGC,” Daniel reflected. “But to you, Jack….”


“Religion… isn’t about myths. Not really,” Daniel reflected. “Religion is about why. Why do we have pain? Why do innocent people suffer? How should you live a good life, be a good person? How do you even answer those questions?”

Good question. Not like Jack had the answers, not after-

“These people care about you,” came that remembered snarl. “You can wallow in your guilt and your pride forever, and pull them down to drown in your blood… or you can accept that sometimes, no matter how good you think you are, the universe is going to slap you with a really bad day.

A bad day. Like it was just that simple, when Sanzo had never lost-

He never lost a son, Jack admitted to himself. He lost plenty of other things. His planet. His past. His… damn. His foster father.

Sanzo was surrounded by broken people. Sha and Hakkai had lost their selves and part of their sanity; Goku had lost parents and foster parent. But Sanzo wasn’t letting them sink into the dark. He poked them, he snarled at them, he dragged them over hill and dale and gave them problems they could fix. Or not. But at least they were trying.

Sanzo helps people, Jack realized. Maybe it’s not pretty, maybe it’s not nice – but when you’re on the battlefield you don’t want a namby-pamby surgeon worried about leaving a few scars. You want the meatball who can improvise, who can patch you up and keep you alive until you can get back behind the lines and safe.

Sanzo had gone after him with a sneer and a snarl, opening up the poison to let it drain. It hurt; god, it hurt. But it was the kind of hurt he knew from Janet picking up a scalpel. I don’t care if you hate me, the doc would say. You’re walking out of here alive.

“You know,” Jack said, half to himself, “that guy’s not half bad at the priest thing.”

Teal’c nodded. Daniel looked between them like he couldn’t believe his ears. “He’s not? But he- you-”

“Oh, sure, comes to shepherds, he’s the guy that picks the little lamb up and throws it across the river,” Jack acknowledged. “While he’s punching the big bad wolf in the teeth. These people are in a war. They don’t need a good Father who tells them to be quiet and turn the other cheek. They need somebody who’s been there. Who knows what it’s like to walk out alive, and… feel like maybe you shouldn’t have.”

“Jack,” Daniel said softly, glasses glinting with worry.

“I’m – not okay,” Jack allowed. “But I’ve been worse. A lot worse.” He smirked. “Like I said. Not half bad at the priest thing.”

“Sanzo… may not just be a priest thing,” Daniel admitted. “Unless you buy into the Indiana Jones-style interpretations of the Old Testament priests of Israel; the keepers of the power of God. Or the nutjobs who think the Ark of the Covenant was an alien super-weapon.”


33 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 9 bit – Raiders of the Lost Sutra

  1. I wonder if the next line is a reference to people who believe the pyramids were built by aliens?
    Interesting to see SG1’s view of Sanyo et al- especially Sanzo being a legitimate Sanzo, in the eyes of Shangri-la, his predecessor, the Merciful Goddess, and himself.

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    1. *G* As if Jack would miss a chance to poke that….

      That’s actually a critical thing for SG-1 to know. If Genjyo is a legitimate Sanzo, then the SGC is potentially being dealt with in good faith, and everything else just got easier. If he wasn’t, this would get ugly!

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  2. Some many cool things in this and all I can focus on is Jack calling Sanzo a meatball. Not that the rest of that is wrong, just that one phrase oddly sticks out.


      1. Nope, wouldn’t know most military jargon if my life depended on it. One of the many good things I pick up from your fics.


      2. >*Blink* Not a M*A*S*H fan, I take it?>
        Yay, somebody else who knows the classics.

        Fortunately in this mad house we don’t have Major Frank “Ferret-Face” Burns mucking up the works. Though I’m sure Sha wouldn’t have minded Houlihan dropping by. 😉

        And the Tok’ra and NID do handle the Colonel Flagg role quite well. 😀

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  3. How does Daniel conclude that archaeology theories + aliens = nutballs? This, after his theory of the pyramids was proved correct?


  4. >>” Oh, sure, comes to shepherds, he’s the guy that picks the little lamb up and throws it across the river,” Jack acknowledged. “While he’s punching the big bad wolf in the teeth. These people are in a war. They don’t need a good Father who tells them to be quiet and turn the other cheek. They need somebody who’s been there. Who knows what it’s like to walk out alive, and… feel like maybe you shouldn’t have.”

    … Granny Aching, young, male, and religious. That was literally all I could think of. (Sanzo with Feegles. Someone would DIE. They’d decide he was one of the best Hags EVER, and Sanzo would kill a great many things to relieve the resulting headache. He’d be an awesome Hag and the Feegles would actually MIND him, they’re not too far off from his Idiots, after all. [And nowhere near as scary as Hakkai. Hakkai more than slightly terrifies the Feegles. Doubly so after they’ve seen him remove his limiters. Respect the hell out of him- but terrified.] Goku would arm wrestle them and Gojyo would WTF until they stole cigs or booze for him.)

    Kanzeon just cackled and wondered why. (Both for Feegles and for Chaplain Sanzo Genjyo.)

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  5. so.. before myrddin ep? For all we know THE ARK may be a Furling device. Or genuine holy artifact. I’m hoping its the real deal!


  6. Well it looks like I’m a little late to the party to jump on Danny for tempting fate, but since Solomon and David are characters in Magi, who says the Ark is even from this dimension? 😉


  7. And your theory about the pyramids being much older than people thought is considered laughable at best by most scientists. More so when people smacked you with the Ancient Aliens label . . . which turned out be to disturbingly true . . .

    And yet, not something one tends to believe without solid proof. Like going through a Stargate or being held captive by a mwa-ha-ha-ing System Lord or . . .

    I agree with Toxic Sunrise, since Solomon and David are characters from the Magi universe, then maybe they have something like the Ark . . . of course, it’s story probably has been distorted like all of the stories about Sinbad the Sailor, Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, the Fire Prince (since people like Morgan haven’t made the connection between the name Alibaba and the Fire Prince, I’m guessing that the two were the same person got lost at some point . . .), and Aladdin and the Magic Lamp . . .

    I have a theory that part of the reason that Daniel is being a little snarly (for Daniel) about Sanzo is the same reason Hakkai was being snarly (in an extremely mild way for Hakkai) about Jack – right or wrong, intentional or not, long-term good thing or bad thing, Sanzo hurt Jack. And let’s remember that Daniel is both a empathic person AND an untrained empath.

    And while Daniel might agree that Jack not dealing with his issues is and has been causing SGC problems, that doesn’t mean he likes watching the wound being cauterized . . . (which even when you understand why it’s being done is not an easy thing to watch happen to someone you care about).


    1. People do tend to be protective of family and friends even without being empathic, but yes.

      …And now the bunnies are poking if space drives are actually harnessing Gravity (Strength) and Light (Space and Time) magoi. Hmm….


      1. Spelling goof, I meant Daniel was an empathetic person in addition to being an empath. The non-psychic, pure psychological one of being able to put yourself in another’s shoes and sympathize with them.


  8. >>“You know,” Jack said, half to himself, “that guy’s not half bad at the priest thing.”
    Sanzo: “You take that back!” (to himself) “If Kanzeon hears anyone say that, she’ll dump even more work on me…”

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  9. Is. . . is that a reference to the Stargate Ark of Truth film? I mean, I don’t remember them saying that it was the inspiration for any Earth legends, but it’s a little too close for me not to twitch.


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