What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – Hourglass

It wasn’t a boom. Not even an ominous rumble. Just a shush of sand-on-sand, like the biggest hourglass ever, as light blazed from the earth like white fire.

Maria squinted against the brightness, trying to hold onto that feeling of walling-out-harm as the monster-makers swore and scattered. The lifeflutters were laughing, and… even from the bright ones, it wasn’t all nice laughter.

Today the monsters died, one winged spark sing-songed by her ear. Today more monsters die!

A ghostly hand batted that one away as she shuddered. “Leave my sister out of this.”

Maria glanced at that taller soul, almost invisible in the brightness. He’d sounded almost as much amused as angry….

“Won’t be much longer,” he grinned. “Just keep your head down. We’ve got this.”

“Oh yes, you have,” Yunan murmured, staring as if the light stood no chance of blinding him. “My. What manner of beasts did they spawn, to draw out this much of Amon’s fury?”

Maria blinked watering eyes, seeing the evil ones scatter with guns drawn. “They will be shot!”

She wasn’t sure, but it looked like Yunan was smiling.

Aladdin’s carpet rose out of the gaping earth, and Yunan had to blink. Not at the light; he could persuade the rukh to dampen that to tolerable levels, even if those efforts only toned it down to high noon in the desert brightness. At the… assembled collection of intriguing people gathered under Sinbad’s shield of lightning – and wasn’t that interesting, he’d never seen Baal act in a manner that focused on defense rather than outright attack-

Oh. And the Djinn Warrior aloft at the center of that blinding light, forcing death to fold in on itself and become life.

What is he doing?

Yunan listened to the rukh sing of stars and earth and determination, and breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully Baal was right, and Sinbad’s second life was much more sane than his first. But if not….

Alibaba stopped him once. He can stop him again.


22 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – Hourglass

  1. So our cast finally gets to meet Yunan face to face.
    If he does wind up as a teacher I have images of him teaching from inside a barrel haunting me.

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      1. Which is why he has the barrel. Simon had it wired for sound and gave him a tablet so he could control power points. The only thing the kid see is his hat.

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  2. > Hopefully Baal was right, and Sinbad’s second life was much more sane than his first. >
    Simon: Conventional sanity? Why would I want that, it’s so boring.

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  3. >> “My. What manner of beasts did they spawn, to draw out this much of Amon’s fury?”>>

    I’m guessing it’s some combination of just general ‘you just do not do that ever’, more Djinn specific ‘abominations made by draining the life and magic out of people, killing to achieve power’ (remember that Djinn are guardians of life and majority seem to be humane, decent beings), ‘they cannot make a medium . . . probably . . . but they certainly seem to be trying for similar, damned idiots’, and ‘can people just try not doing stuff that might end up destroying their own world for petty reasons for a while?’ . . .

    Probably some ‘they tried to drain of magoi and kill my king’ – because once they choose a king / warrior, the majority of the Djinn seem to get rather cranky about people attempting to off said king / warrior.

    If he does his hide in the barrel reaction to the Hancock High students, someone might helpfully point out that these students are, for the most part, no older than Alan (Alibaba), Morgan (Morgiana), and Aladdin (physically speaking) and about the same age as Sinbad was when Yunan meet him and he can act normal around them . . .

    Of course, there is also Alan’s magician kids and Matt . . . I can see Matt looking supremely unimpressed at the barrel thing – “What a wimp”

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    1. …That. Matt declaring Yunan wimpy. Has to happen. *G*

      Simon: “Oh, this is familiar…”
      Ja’far: “No evil laughs. No.”

      And yeah. All of the above! Amon is pretty much in the mood to write the international NO symbol over this whole place. *EG*

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  4. And, very shortly, Yunan is going to get yelled at. By a lot of people. For many, many reasons.

    Odds that Ja’far doesn’t know whether to hurt him or (grudgingly) thank him for the Dungeon? Because without the Dungeon, they wouldn’t have been able to help Alan rescue Maria. On the other hand, Simon now has a Djinn and an encounter with his past self.

    Alan will be very sore if he realizes that Yunan inadvertently led the Coyotes straight to Maria. No question.

    Drakon and family are upset because getting dragged in and late arrival. (If Simon manages to get Yunan into a film, Yunan will probably suffer the usual fate of a Mentor. (Good Dad’s also have poor mortality rates in media.))

    And I can’t avoid learning more about communicable and non-communicable diseases anymore. Well, I could but I need this done by tomorrow and have the time now. Yay. *Headdesk* And I need to work on the nine essay questions on healthcare administration due Saturday.

    Can I just work at Hancock as a professional extra? Please? Oh, wait, I’m in the wrong branch of the multiverse for that to be possible. Darn. Can’t escape then.

    And I am insanely curious as to what Alan and Amon are cooking up that is registering as life. Hey, they have energy in spades, and Callimachus knows how things can change. And the rukh around the Tower Dungeon is used to mutating life. Just, you know, tossing that out there. Hey, deep exposure to all of that mutating rukh + past life connections + two Magi + two Kings = (maybe) a faster regression to past life bodies.

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    1. *Halo* It’ll show up in time.

      And yes. I think the mass decision on Yunan is “you managed to help and screw things up, but everyone’s alive, so okay, good. But you need to stick around and help us set up something a little less slapdash so we’re not getting through the next mess by the skin of our teeth!”

      Because our heroes are Dangerously Genre Savvy, and know there will be a next mess!

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  5. Awww, say what you want about Cassim, but he’s a great older brother, even as a spirit.
    Now the question is, what *will* Yunan do? Looking forward to it..

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  6. Well, Yunan’s perspective is interesting… I’d also like to see what Callimachus thinks of this. Because I suspect it might be something along the lines of “Eep. Good thing I didn’t actually manage to hurt his friends.” Angering a demigod tends to end badly, after all…

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  7. Question I know you are leaning heavily towards Alimor (and who wouldn’t for that cute, blood-covered lioness) but recent Magi chapters have made me enjoy Alibaba’s relationship with Kougyoku, so I am wondering if you have any plans for her at the moment. I do not expect we will see any of the Rens anytime soon due to how many characters would need to introduce (including Angst! prince and possibly Angst! magi) and how they have changed in a modern world (probably Chinese). That is not even getting into how the Rens will interact with the Hanock crew like Kouen *randomly* getting struck by lighting, Kougyoku being angry/suspicious towards Simon, and how Hakuryuu will rejoin the trio.

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    1. I have some distant plans, but not for this story. Simon needs to pick up a few more generals first. Because dealing with the Rens is going to take tongs. And high explosives.

      …Possibly both of those being used to calm Alan down if Kouen shows up, because he does hold a grudge about Balbadd. Maybe not a huge one, compared to most people. But it’s a sore spot.

      (And yes, AliMor is sweet, and Kougyoku could use a good boyfriend eventually.)

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  8. Yunan, you precious, ignorant darling. There’s at least one clue-by-4 headed your way. More than that if Simon ever knows you wished something as dreadful as SANITY on him. Also, possible harm-on-hold from the Generals, for possibly-on-purpose putting Simon’s life in danger. Alan… Alan just wants five minutes, alone with Yunan in a room with no consequences.

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