What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – lead

Molten near-metal cupped in one hand, Alan blinked at their enemies. A very slow blink. Everything was slow.

Oh. I remember this.

Bullets were fast; faster than even a Fanalis on the prowl. But he didn’t have to see the bullets. Just the shooters, beginning to twitch as they decided to pull the triggers.

Amol Berka!

Alan eyed five lumps of lead melting in the wall of flames, and grinned. “And teachers say watching anime’s a waste of time.”

Good, Yunan decided. They’ve seen enough.

And Amon’s flames had their enemies’ eyes firmly riveted to molten lead. Meaning he no longer had to worry about his attention straying from Maria’s Borg.

Yunan raised his wand, with a soundless whisper.


Watching their enemies topple, Malachy growled under his breath, as the light dimmed a bit and Aladdin floated the carpet down to solid ground. “Damn it.”

“I know, I wanted to kill them too,” Tiburon sighed. “Simon, you need to tell Yunan that was just not fair. Not fair at all.”

“Latent Blood Knight tendencies,” Simon said wryly, finally letting the ghostly veil of lightning vanish. “Ja’far, I think you need a refresher on the term latent.”

18 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – lead

  1. You mean Alan’s not “faster than a speeding bullet! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…” Aw, I’m disappointed. HeeHee. Is Yunan trying for “good guy” status? Because he has a lot to answer for…

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  2. Re: Just Faster than people pulling the trigger.

    And sometimes that is all one needs, that it is, as someone in another universe would say . . .

    I have to agree with them – not fair damnit Yunan! I think I no longer feel any sympathy for them inflicting children on him and anything else they can use to demonstrate just how unhappy they are with him (non-fatally, of course). He is going to be on their doo-doo list for while.

    I’m sure Ja’far thinks his usage of latent was perfectly correct. Non-Latent Blood Knights tend to go walking the earth for worthy opponents or anyone stupid enough to challenge regardless of said opponent’s skill level (if they die, too bad, should have been stronger) and in some cases, anyone who crosses their paths that they decide they just don’t like for one reason or another . . .

    Tiburon reserves his Blood Lust for appropriate targets, generally waiting for said trouble to come to him instead of seeking it out and avoids killing people he doesn’t have to. Still expect whinging if you interrupt his fun by incapacitating said acceptable targets . . .

    Also they might have questions and unconscious people don’t talk damnit . . .

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  3. Sorry Simon, Ja’far didn’t hear you. He’s also sulking that he doesn’t get to finish these guys, he’s just doing it silently.
    Also, may the gods spare us from a true Fanalis blood knight. When you try to talk them out of killing their enemies, they would have cute kitten eyes…

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  4. Ooh, I’ve been wondering if you thought Alan could get Life Review back. (That’s what this is, right?) It seems to require training the physical brain, but he did that training as a soul (and there’s already a plot point about the cast recovering physical traits), so I figured one could make an argument either way. Now I can move on to my secondary concern: Is he going to follow his classmates’ lead and just call it flash stepping this time? 😀 After all ‘life review’ and ‘seeing your life flash before your eyes’ are each both morbid and not very indicative descriptors, but ‘that useful trick I picked up while I was dead (no, the first time) that ISN’T magic, I swear’ is kind of a mouthful.

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  5. I find it rather neat that when Alan does let his barriers down when he’s tired, he’s really cheerful and almost cuddly. I’m sure Morgan is going to take full advantage later.

    And huh, Yunan worrying about pulling energy from the Borg…either he really doesn’t want to test it against bullets, or he doesn’t even want Alan/Alibaba thinking he was threatening his sister with what happened. And you know, I can actually see his point for casting the spell. Not agree with it, but it’s definitely a good point.

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    1. I had a scene I wanted to get in which hasn’t quite fit, darn it. It involved fire. And petting.

      Mostly Yunan is worried about the bullets. A Borg can be cracked by either enough force or enough power. Even when you’re drawing as much power as a Magi.

      Here’s an awesome example of exactly that.


      Mostly Yunan sleep-spelled them because he knows just enough about current society to figure that leaving lots of dead bodies could cause problems. And our heroes are unlikely to kill someone helpless. (Even if they’re kicking themselves about that.)

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  6. >> “I know, I wanted to kill them too,” Tiburon sighed. “Simon, you need to tell Yunan that was just not fair. Not fair at all.”

    Poor Tiburon, no dragon, Yunan putting people to /sleep/, he just wants to happily kill things a bit And people keep GETTING IN HIS WAY. *whinewhine* (I am more than sure that he has his chance to shine at some point in the future.)

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