What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – kids napping

“Agent Haughn would like to know if we’d be willing to kidnap a certain agent and his family.” Edna paused. “Theoretically, of course.”

“Of course,” Richard agreed, bemused. “The more the merrier.” He looked across the airport lounge where Samuel was surrounded by a small swarm of dark-eyed kids he’d organized into demolishing hamburgers and a fruit bowl. Sam himself was working phone and laptop, keeping tabs on the mini-army Edna had set moving to get Maria’s kids here, grab any of what few clothes and personal items they wouldn’t leave without, and clear out Anne’s condo properly this time.

Edna had insisted on going with him for that, bless her. His wife had a soul of steel; this was going to be painful to Alan, he knew it was, but everything Special Agent in Charge Haughn had uncovered so far about the Shays was more proof Alan could not be here while the investigation went forward. They owned too many people, inside the government and out.

But not Haughn, Richard thought gratefully, still unsettled by both what Haughn had honestly admitted he’d known had been going on, yet couldn’t stop, and what the agent had managed to finally get proof of in the wake of a wrecked warehouse, an attacked firehouse, a now-exposed child slave camp Haughn had been led to by one of Alan’s street contacts, and various other scenes of destruction. That didn’t even get into the shiver in his soul Richard had felt, searching through what had been left of his son’s life here. Too many memories with Anne’s face….

But Edna had gripped his shoulder and told him it was alright to cry, so long as they got this done. And what they’d found because she had-

Richard shook off that odd thrill of Alan’s crazy secret compartments, and focused on now. “Has he found that family? Theoretically or not-”

His cell beeped.

Hey! Phone still works. Awesome!

Simon, Richard sighed, and put in his own call. “Should I ask why you’re surprised the phone still works?”

“Richard!” Simon sounded sincerely glad to hear from him. And more than a little tired. “Well, it’s a long story… the important thing is, we found the kids. They’re okay.”

Richard braced a hand on the back of a lounge chair. Because Alan was alive. Alan was alive, those brave youngsters were alive, that was what mattered-

And I am going to ground him until he’s twenty, for the love of god-!

“Richard, just breathe,” Simon said calmly. “We’re okay. It was a little dicey, we ended up picking up some unusual help – you know Agent Dominguez, yes? He’s okay, too. And Sarah, and Matt. We’re all fine. We just need to – er – work out a few logistics….”

“Logistics nothing.” Malachy’s voice, flat and final. “Drakon, forget the car. We need to go.”

“But,” Dominguez tried to protest.

“The cops can haul your ex-partner in later,” Tiburon’s voice cut across them all. “We all did a great and wonderful thing, and if there were any justice in the world we’d spend the next week on the beach with hot lovelies in designer swimsuits and enough cold drinks to float on. Given there is no justice, we need to exfil out of here before someone sends the Air Force to investigate the massive explosion and heat pulse.”


29 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – kids napping

  1. I think by the time Richard gets the whole story, or at least the version the group decides is okay for them to know, Alan will be grounded until he’s dead, and then grounded again in his next life. Thank goodness Alan knows how to pick locks 😇

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  2. I guess kids don’t set of Sam’s anxiety which I find adorable. As for Edna, I’m starting to gain quite a sense of respect for her.What she did just now was not easy for anybody.


    1. Oh, yeah. And I suspect after Alan sees her deal with Sister Thomasina, there’s going to be a shift in reactions toward each other. After all, as Edna pointed out in Chp. 15, she didn’t know why Alan was suddenly moved down with them. She thought that he might have instigated it. Discovering why changed her view of Alan himself.


      1. On a related note finally managed to watch the first episode of the Sinbad prequel anime. I have to give massive props to Sinbad’s old man.

        He was a good man who’d seen too damn much of war and simply wanted to live with his wife and son.


      2. >Ooo, is it up on Crunchyroll? I’ve been looking for it!>
        Don’t know about Crunchyroll. I found it on a different site.


  3. *the last sentence should read: She is calm, level headed, and (when the knows all the facts *glances at Richard*) a wise, rational person who Takes No Shit. Simon is Simon. The shear SASS that would result is makes me gleefull.


  4. Sounds like Richard might actually be falling back in love with his wife. Which I have to honestly say, she deserves better.

    Also, it’s a good point about how messy things are going to be when they’re cleaning this up, it’s going to be worse then the big mob prosecutions.


  5. Of course there was a heat pulse and massive explosion, gentlebeings. You HAVE met Alan / Alibaba and Simon / Sinbad. Did you really, truly expect anything different?

    Still, I’m sure the chocking on their own tongues expression when Simon said “Oops” were probably amusing. Because Yunan is likely not the only one who would find Simon saying that word to be something that haunts their dreams . . .

    Ja’far might have also face-palmed again. Just a guess.

    I have the feeling that if Agent Haughn is who I think he is (supervisor or otherwise further up the totem pole), he’s going to be sure about his plausible deniability. “I don’t want to know. I don’t need to know. Besides it will be easier to convince the other investigators who going to show up that I don’t know what happened any more than they do if I don’t know what happened.”

    Another reason to vanish is that everyone is going to want to bath (since they likely have smoke, dust, and remains of monster all over them), inhale tons of food and collapse unconscious for a while. Not necessarily in that order. And military asking questions does not involve any of the above.

    I look forward to Edna crossing verbal swords with people. I have the feeling that she is much the Master of the Verbal Blade as Tiburon is steel blades . . . *watches Edna smile . . . well, display a lot of teeth*

    And Richard. You don’t get to be a successful lawyer without some ability in that regard . . . And probably given what’s happened, he and his wife both are probably itching to tear verbal straps off of someone . . .


  6. “…we need to exfil out of here before someone sends the Air Force to investigate the massive explosion and heat pulse.”

    Yeah. Getting out of there ahead of the people who are going to be worried that someone set off a nuke in/near Boston is… a good idea. On the other hand, leaving behind what’s-his-name (Drakon’s ex-partner) sounds like a very fun way to get him in a *lot* of trouble. Most of which he has no way of explaining in a way that doesn’t sound insane.

    Kid-herding!Sam is adorable. Edna in Get Things Done mode is great.

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    1. Biegen is especially in trouble because Haughn has him on various things including bribery, coercion, attempted kidnapping… he has a list.

      And hee. Alan’s family is no slouch at heroing themselves. They just haven’t had as much practice!


    2. Heh. Admittedly, Biegen has no real idea about magic. He thinks it’s chemical – at least, that’s the impression I got.

      He is also Willfully Blind to the fact that the Shays are killing the people they grab.


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