Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki

“Find the center of yourself, and sink into it.”

Ichigo let Loki’s words roll through the back of his mind, trying not to sweat. He’d meditated before. Lots of times. But his brother – and later Tessai, with glares for Yoruichi and Urahara alike – had always warned him about going too deep. Continue reading


Bridge ficbit – Jibaku

A/N: I don’t have all the in-between bits written, so – there’s a bunch of stuff that happens between Ichigo at 10 and when he crashes into a Shinigami, it’s just not down on paper yet! So I’m posting some of the later bits.

The boy’s ghost faded into light, and a black swallowtail soared for the sky.

Still crouched on the playground with his sword reversed, Ichigo took a deep breath. Let it sigh out. He’s gone. Continue reading

River of Stars ch 10 bit – Ominous

A/N: Trying to get the bunnies back into the swing of this fic. They’re currently a bit on tenterhooks of “ack, when will we get LCCN for Taka, ack”, so writing is likely to be a little slow….

Jack flinched, glancing up from a three-quarters-written draft agreement at an unmistakable boom. “We’ve got trouble.” And I should have given Sha a radio, it’s not like the Goa’uld couldn’t take that tech apart from a half-dozen other places we’ve beenContinue reading