River of Stars Ch 10 bit -negotiating

“Okay.” Jack drummed his fingers on the same garden chair again; apparently Kanzeon didn’t feel like messing with a working setup this morning. Or maybe she just liked watching the youkai kids run Sanzo’s bunch ragged. He was not ruling out the possibility of both. “We’re working on a preliminary list of ‘if we decide to play nice, this is what we’re interested in.’ Some of that’s medical stuff. Some of it’s information. We poked the Stargate, found Abydos, figured we’d fixed the problem with a nuke in Ra’s face, and got a nasty surprise two years later. And we keep getting nasty surprises, because looks like every so-called intelligent species in the galaxy has had at least a few thousand years to step on each other’s toes and double-cross the next guy on the block. We’d really, really like some history to dig into. Not just playing catch-up with current events.”

“History instead of weapons?” Kanzeon arched an interested brow.

“Hey, when it comes to the small-scale stuff, really not that impressed with Goa’uld weapons,” Jack said easily. “Zats aren’t exactly multi-purpose force escalation; not when you’ve got guns instead. Force shields don’t stop a knife. And when you talk staff weapons – precision aim, they aren’t.”

“Oh, zing.” Kanzeon clapped a hand to her sun-disk. “I have to admit I agree with you. Zats have their uses, but when you have people who can manipulate energy all around them, you might as well be throwing feathers.”

Erk. Okay. That explained a lot of how Sanzo’s bunch were armed.

“History’s good. I’m very curious about yours. And I’m interested in a bit of medical exchange myself,” Kanzeon allowed. “Healing devices and our other medical technology can work a few miracles, but what I know about your surgery promises much more.”

“Surgery.” Jack blinked. “You want surgeons?”

Sam winced. “You don’t want to use a healing device when foreign objects are still inside someone, sir.”

Ah. Yeah. That made a lot of sense. “Add that to the list,” Jack noted. “And as far as zatarc devices go….” He sat up a little straighter. “I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say we can both work with Thor, right?”

“He’s not always easy to get hold of, but I’d agree,” Kanzeon nodded.

“So….” Jack spread empty hands. “What say we ask him to hang onto it, if we get it?”

Kanzeon leaned a little to the side, studying him. “I’m listening.”

“We don’t want you hanging onto it,” Jack said bluntly. “We don’t want the Tok’ra hanging onto it. And honestly? We don’t want the SGC hanging onto it, because we have some homegrown idiots who’d think programming people like fire and forget missiles is the best idea ever. No thanks.” He glanced toward the kids. “And it seems to me trying to poke stuff that plays with empathic minds, on a planet stuffed full of empaths, falls into the category of bad idea.”

Behind Kanzeon’s divan, Goujun snorted. “He has you there, my lady.”

“So Earth has its own idiots?” Kanzeon mused. “Damn. And I was hoping the Ancients were the problem.”


39 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 10 bit -negotiating

  1. Kanzeon, idiots are the true universal constant. They exist in every species on every planet in every universe. Some species just have more than their fair share. Like the Ancients . . .

    Of course, I’m pretty sure that Kanzeon knows that perfectly well. She was probably being sarcastic. Well, she has to troll people a little and SGC isn’t used to dealing with System Lords with a sense of humor and a willingness to playfully sass people.

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  2. Yeah, you can’t kill stupid. Though Sanzo has made a very valiant effort. Everything Jack proposed sounds reasonable. Though considering this is SG-1 and the Ikkou I doubt carrying it out well go smoothly.


    1. Jack: “This is going too well.”
      Everyone: “What?”
      Jack: “It’s going too well. Things never this well for us.”
      Someone: “It’s your imagination.”
      Jack: “The hell it is. I’m telling you something is going to go wrong.”
      Someone: “Well if we weren’t jinxed before, we certainly are now with you tempting Murphy like that.”
      Jack: “Good. The longer it waits, the bigger the shoe it drops on my head. I’d like the shoe to be of a manageable size.”

      Gojyo: “Hey, Your Crankiness, does any of that sound familiar?”
      Sanzo: “Shut. Up.”
      But privately Sanzo agrees and quietly begins to squirrel away even more ammo. If these people get into as much trouble as he and his idiots do, he doesn’t have enough ammo . . .

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      1. One of the ways you know Sanzo cares is if he stocks more ammo to cover you when things go to hell.

        On a semi-related note- steel-like faith? Check. Badass? Check. Diomond-like sense of self? Check. Violet eyes? Check. More than slightly violent when the situation calls for it? Check. Older than they seem? Check. … Sanzo and Myrrh should never be in the same universe. Things would /Happen/. (And with that thought, I’m calling it a night.)

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  3. >”So Earth has its own idiots?” Kanzeon mused. “Damn. And I was hoping the Ancients were the problem.”>
    I forget. Is this set before or after SGC found out that the Ancients interbred/meddled with human DNA?

    Because if it’s before, Kanzeon inadvertently dropped one heck of a bombshell in their laps.


    1. I suspect before, but this is somewhat AU. (Because if it wasn’t, I think at this point Danny would be a glow-bulb.) Also, I might not be seeing the same thing you are – how would that sentence imply that (some) humans have Alteran genes?


    2. >how would that sentence imply that (some) humans have Alteran genes?>
      The way I read that sentence was that Kanzeon said based on what Jake just told her is that humans/earth have their own home-grown idiots.

      The second part suggested that she had thought it was the Ancient’s fault that there were idiots on Earth.

      This was because previously she had said that humans had a good amount of in-built common sense and from conversations she’s of the (fairly justified) opinion that the Ancient’s don’t have it.

      As for how she’d know some humans have Ancient genetics? The Goa’uld took a pretty wide selection of the populace as slaves, she is a geneticist and has worked with Ancient DNA before (the Kami). I would have assumed that from taking samples of various human populations she would have found evidence of Ancient genetics.


      1. >Oh, I know Kanzeon would know that. I’m more certain that SG-1 does not yet know.>
        Jack: What?
        Kanzeon: The Ancients interbred with your species at some point. That or they intentionally spliced their genetic material into part of your population. Stil haven’t managed to find out what they thought it would accomplish.
        SG1 except for Teal’c: WHAT?
        Kanzeon: You mean Thor didn’t already tell you? Huh.


      2. *Snrk* Yep. Pretty much why she’s not bringing it up ATM, though. After all, their working basis right now is “maybe we don’t trust each other yet, but we both trust Thor.” Mentioning odd bits in DNA can come later, when they’ve got a little more surety that both sides have common ground.

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    3. At this point the SGC knows that earth-humans are supposedly the “Second evolution of humanity”, so what Kanzeon’s referring to wouldn’t mean anything beyond “so it’s not just Ancients on Earth who were idiots”.


  4. Ancients: the madboys/girls of stargate! Now I want to see an Ancient Heterodyne. You think you’ve seen MAD SCIENCE!!!!!, think again!


      1. > (And Jaegers vs. Wraith would be interesting….) >
        Jaegers: Yum giant bugz! Get da BBQ started.


    1. ATM I’m pretty sure Jiroshin’s running herd (or trying to) on the Heavenly Army to make sure nothing goes wrong. He really thinks Goujun should have gotten that job, but Kanzeon did make the argument that Goujun’s better at protecting her….

      (Goujun should have gotten that job. Kanzeon wants Jiroshin distracted and the Army entertained. Hee.)

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  5. *cackles* Sorry, Kanzeon, everyone has idiots.

    And I just realized something about Sanzo’s problem with nightmares. Whenever he has one, Hakkai mentioned that his mind reached for Kourmyuu, his Master and essentially his clan leader. Didn’t Kanzeon mix a little Furling into her kami for “their shiny”? I so, whenever he’s in distress, he’s looking for the comfort of his clan leader/parent who isn’t there any more.

    Sorry, was probably obvious, but just had that epiphany in the middle of the night, in between thoughts of the Gundam Wing meeting the Sanzo group. *laughs* And Kanzeon on the sides going “Oh, I’d *LOVE* to see just a bit of your genetics! May I?” because of the thought that the Winner Empaths being part Furling…


  6. Solomon Kane – really? The books or the comic? It’s been a long time since I read Solomon Kane, and I think I lost those books in some move. I can see the relationship to Sanzo too now that you pointed it out. Wow.


    1. Mostly the books; I started with the short stories, haven’t read all the comics yet. Though I definitely want to get my hands on the new ones!

      One of the things I really liked about the SK stories was the guy was a chaste, believing man. Violent, oh yes, and quick to mow down bad guys – but he believed sex outside marriage was wrong and acted accordingly. I like examples of moral integrity. 🙂

      And yes. In fact, I have a shred of a fic that didn’t go anywhere where Sanzo was a European witch-hunter….


      1. I started to say “I can see that” but Sanzo is too empathetic. Unless you endow the witches with all the vileness they were originally accused of, I can’t see Sanzo killing off old widows with cats, wise women, and herbalists…even if you grant that some grandmothers perpetuated the “pre-Christianity old religions” (depends on whom you read, doesn’t it?)…Sorry for geeking out. Area of interest.


      2. Um. I was thinking Puritan witch-hunter the same way Kane is. As in, if it’s eating people, you smite it. Otherwise Kane left shamans alone, and was good friends with some of them.

        Plus, we have in the historical record cases of people practicing witchcraft trying to slip “witch-bread” to unsuspecting victims – meaning ergotized bread, meaning the LSD trip from hell if you’re lucky, death or horrible maiming from necrotic decay if you’re not – so yeah. There was some vileness.

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  7. Ah, in Kane’s universe, if I remember correctly, black magic was real, effective, and pretty horrible (also non-Christian since Kane was wandering around “darkest” Africa). I keyed off of “witch hunter” since I’m currently reading about the Puritan settlements in New England. And, yes, vile people have always been with us (just like the idiots…)


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