River of Stars Ch 10 bit – visas

“Let me see if I understand what you’re suggesting.” Kanzeon wove her fingers together, all her attention on the archaeologist. “We each – on either side of the ‘Gate – pick out people we think could visit without hopefully blowing each other to bits. Presumably, we forward info on these people to the other side, so they can get a yes or a no. And then we let the yes-votes go through the ‘Gate, warning them that the other side is another planet, people do things differently there, and idiots are likely to get shot or otherwise mangled and tossed into jail if they’re lucky. So our embassies can talk to the other side in real-time, without needing to open a ‘Gate just to complain about the bugs in the food. Is that about what you had in mind?”

“Hopefully with less mangling. But, yes.” Daniel raised his eyebrows at Jack.

“Huh.” Jack shrugged at Kanzeon. “We’ll have to run it past Hammond. And I’m thinking we’re going to want to send people as groups, at first. Individual visas would be just asking for trouble. But what do you think about giving it a try? For… maybe three months? Subject to change depending on if people are dying horribly.”

“Hmm.” Blue-violet slid half-closed, eyeshadow casting back the faintest shimmers of sun. “Would Captain Sha count as embassy personnel? I know he may still have living relatives on Earth. It’d be a shame if he couldn’t see them.”

Huh. Sanzo’s little band of troubleshooters ranked very high on Kanzeon’s list of “people to be looked after”, then. Which Jack had pretty much figured, given the whole Sanzo has my nephew’s soul thing. But if Sha was included in Kanzeon’s short list – interesting. “I think the general could swing that,” Jack said judiciously. “He already assigned Sha to Sanzo. Making him part of an embassy? Why not?” He paused. “Fair warning, though. Janet’s going to want to stick everybody with lots and lots of needles before we let people loose on Earth. Especially Sanzo. I don’t know if a kami can catch chicken pox and I sure as hell don’t want to find out the hard way.”

Kanzeon inclined her head, a flicker of amusement in the curve of her lips. “Then I think we might have a basis for an agreement, Colonel. Shall we take a break? After lunch we can write up what we think we’ve agreed to, and see if we all say the words mean the same thing.”

Zing. But sharp. And a heck of an improvement on everybody assuming everyone meant the same thing. “Just one question.”

“Just one?” Kanzeon smirked.

Ha. “I see where Sanzo gets the sense of humor,” Jack said wryly. “Only his has more bullets. And speaking of.” He nodded toward the far windows opening from the garden on a corridor of the palace, where a good eye – especially Teal’c’s good eyes – could make out a few more armed guards holding posts behind strategic furnishings. “Good as we are, I don’t think you have that much heavily armed security set up for just us. What gives?”

“If it were your team I was worried about, Colonel, I’m not sure half the Heavenly Army would be enough.” The Queen’s lips thinned in a delicate frown. “For the same reason Sanzo’s going to be chewing through the furnishings if negotiations take too many more days. Koushu’s been quiet.”


17 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 10 bit – visas

  1. And as everyone knows, Silence from the local psychopath-in-charge is very, very suspicious. It gives the impression that someone is… up to something.


    1. You know. I can’t figure out if you mean that > as ‘leads to’ of cause and effect or ‘greater than’ as in one of these is much worse than the other.


  2. Good back and forth, reasonable expectations on both sides, very nice . . .

    Have to agree with that any prolonged quiet from Team-Queen-Bitch is not of the good . . . or Prince-Pain-In-The-Neck whom Sanzo has already noted as being absent and quiet for longer than Sanzo is comfortable with.

    Someone: “You like being ambushed?”
    Sanzo: “Don’t be stupider than you have to be. It just that when both of them are ambushing me, together or separately, that usually means they aren’t cooking up something worse than an ambush. Which is what happens whenever they are quiet and leave me alone for longer than a few days . . .”

    And people have gone missing . . . .
    Mad Scientist Willing To Do Anything His Crazy Brain Comes Up With + Missing People = Mostly Bad things = Our Heroes Are Going To Need More Ammo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I so agree with Shiori_makiba. You’ve already set this up. People missing, Kougaiji can teleport like Kanzeon (who seems to be able to take people with her)…heh. Waiting for screaming and gun fire shortly…


  3. Oh dear… isn’t that just tempting Fate (who can be a real Bitch at times) saying “Ya know, they’ve been too quiet…” That’s almost as bad as “What could *possibly* go wrong?” or “It can’t get any worse!”


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