River of Stars Ch 10 bit -fluffy

“Selmak said Konzen was a clerk,” Jack observed. Which, yeah, risky, but if Kanzeon had just as cranky a reaction to their mostly friendly Tok’ra as Jolinar did to her, better to find that out now.

“He was a clerk.” Kanzeon’s smile was fond, if still flushed with old anger. “No weapons. No military training. Barely any training in psychokinesis; the lab archives gave us enough pointers to get the youkai started, and they’d built up a few centuries of teachings. But kami are different. It was like trying to learn aikido out of a book. Everything was guesswork back then. So yes. He was a clerk.” She rubbed the side of her jaw. “The Tok’ra never saw it coming.”

“Actually, kind of makes sense,” Jack mused as they headed back toward Sanzo’s bunch. “Stuck as a Goa’uld paper-pusher ‘cause no one knows how to train what you’ve got? Centuries of pent-up kill right there.”

“Jack,” Daniel murmured, glancing a warning at Kanzeon’s team. We know they hear better than we do.

“I know, I know….” Jack took a few strides ahead, just so he could crouch down and look at the priest half-buried in sleepy youkai cubs. “Aww.”

“Die horribly.” Even at near-whisper level, Sanzo’s voice had its usual snarly edge. And yet….

He doesn’t feel angry. Daniel paused, poking that very odd thought. Because Sanzo didn’t. If dealing with the NID had been a cobra crawling over his foot, whatever Sanzo was doing now was like snuggling up in feathers and silk. Warm, and soft, and safe.

“Something else, huh?” Gojyo was grinning, helping Shunrei and Hakkai gently pry little girls off Sanzo’s robes. “Seriously, helps if we have to go find people in a disaster area. Just sit him down for a breather, and the kids run right to him.”

From the incredibly ticked-off look on Sanzo’s face, he could have gone forever without SG-1 finding that out. Daniel tried not to snicker. Honestly.

Though the urge to laugh kind of died when Daniel caught a glimpse of armor spikes, and realized Goku wasn’t helping because Goku was snuggled up against Sanzo’s back, sleeping the rumbly snoring sleep of an opportunistic teenager.

:Warm-and-safe. My cub. Armed to protect you. Safe.:


24 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 10 bit -fluffy

  1. Right in the feels, that last bit. So much D’aww. And shows that no matter how much he says otherwise, Sanzo truly cares for Goku in the best way.

    Also, was that last line something that Danny picked up from Sanzo? ‘Cause that’s what it felt like. And if so, ho boy, things are gonna get… interesting for SG1.


  2. I’m torn between cackling, because yes, pent up MURDER explains a lot about Konzen, and cooing at Sanzo and naptime cuddle pile. And shall wisely do neither cause I’ve a lead allergy ^-^

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  3. Ya know, Sanzo reminds me a bit of Tarma from Mercedes Lackey’s Vows and Honor series here. Scariest person in the room but kids head straight for them. Though she admits to actually liking them back.
    As for Danny, I wondering if exposure is making his own gift wake up.

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  4. *from the safety of behind something very solid* D’awwww . . . .

    But Sanzo needs chances to unwind in those moments where Murphy hasn’t decided which bit of trouble to drop on his or the idiots heads next . . .
    Through part of my brain heard as snarl of “I’m unwound, damnit!”

    Ohh . . . Danny’s empathy . . . yes, it does help that Sanzo is broadcasting . . . but still . .

    Danny might be slow on picking up his own powers simply because I bet he has been told (very often) that it was his imagination whenever he didn’t trust someone or thought they were lying because he couldn’t explain why except that they “didn’t feel right.”

    Also the idea of natural empaths on Earth is probably going make Kanzeon curious when she finds out, if she doesn’t already know . . .

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      1. Koumyou found Genjyo in the first place!

        Yes but he held part of Konzen’s soul and Konzen has always been a special snowflake . . .

        Still be enough to intrigure her . . . and then along comes Danny. Who isn’t as powerful as Genjyo but it still shows that Genjyo as an Earth human with any degree of empathy isn’t some kind of outlier . . .


    1. Also, note from Chp. 4, Sanzo’s observation of Danny and Chp. 7, Jikaku’s observation of the same, that Shangri-La (or at least the priesthood) are aware that there are empaths out there who don’t have a priest in their ancestry. Add that to the fact that Kanzeon does know about some humans already having Alteran DNA, and yeah, Kanzeon already knows of the likelihood that Earth has some natural empaths.


      1. In that case though, is Kanzeon assuming the natural empaths have some Alteran ancestry? Because I know I may not be the most up on SG canon, but I’m pretty sure Jack’s the one with Alteran ancestry, not Danny. I guess the question becomes: does Kanzeon know about ‘pure’ humans with empathy?


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