River of Stars Ch 10 bit -analyzing intel

Sam looked at her report, and made a decision. “Sir, I believe this report is probably biased. If nothing else, Goujun is Kanzeon’s general and he obviously respects her. But.” She wet her lips. “We know the Tok’ra tried to kill Goku, and they’ve admitted they tried to take Kanzeon out to get access to alien technology. Even if this account is biased, it gives us good information to start asking the High Council questions.”

The colonel nodded. “Daniel?”

“There’s no such thing as an objective author,” their archaeologist stated. “But there are objective facts. Selmak claimed he shot Konzen to shoot Goku. Goujun’s report states that based on the security recordings, the unknown Tok’ra infiltrator obviously thought he’d shot some of Konzen’s party. Only Konzen managed to block the blast, and fling an illusion back that locked the Tok’ra in his own head long enough for them to escape. We’ve seen Sanzo knock people catatonic, and Kanzeon as much as told us people with psychokinesis can deflect zat blasts.” He reached out, almost touching the tablet. “I think this is plausible. I’m not sure all of it’s true, but based on what we do know, I’m willing to believe the bare bones are accurate: Konzen was trying to do the right thing and take care of Goku, and everything blew up in his face.”

Jack nodded again. “Teal’c?”

“I do not believe the Dragon General has reason to deceive us,” Teal’c said thoughtfully. “Kanzeon Bosatsu may, and he is her loyal general; Lady Miaoshan may as well, for it would seem she felt herself deceived by the Tok’ra, and may bear them ill will. But as your Earth scholars have put it, why should one deceive when the truth is damaging enough?”

Ouch. Though that Kanzeon may have reason to deceive us let Sam put a finger on what had bothered her about the talks this morning. “You never even brought up her ‘Gate-locking technology, sir.”

“Yeah, well, call me a hopeless Stone-Age anti-tech guy, but I have the nagging feeling that letting a System Lady reprogram Earth’s ‘Gate falls right into the category of lethally stupid,” Jack shrugged. “Maybe when we get to know each other better. Maybe. Until then? The iris is our tech. We know what it works on, and what it doesn’t. Might as well stick with that until we know how to program the ‘Gates.”


5 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 10 bit -analyzing intel

  1. Very good point . . . you don’t let people you barely know fiddle with the tech that could be the only thing standing between you and being utterly screwed by alien invasion . . . you don’t let allies you know well do that, that is ‘better if we does this kinda of thing – that way we aren’t screwed if the relationship sours . . .”

    And it’s thoughts like that is why Kanzeon thinks you people have common sense and intelligence. “They are ignorant, not stupid. I can deal with ignorance easily. Just give them access to the information they need to do the stuff themselves and watch the fireworks . . .”

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    1. Exactly! *G* Jack can be stubborn as a rock, but he is not stupid. The iris doesn’t stop everything but it does stop a lot of things.

      And heck, Kanzeon’s not letting them have permanent keys to her front door either. First they figure out if they can work together. 🙂

      …I’m not sure if it’ll help or hurt when Jack finds out what Kougaiji thinks of the Sanzo-ikkou. “Insane stubborn lunatics” is a polite way of putting it….

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  2. Oo look at the pretty explosions! mindset sums it up. I like bayformers up to 3. Age of extinction is basically crap and game of thrones mindf**kery.


  3. Huh. I hope SG1 is careful when they ask their questions, because the less the Tok’ra know about what Kanzeon and her people can do, the happier everyone is in the long run. (Except maybe the Tok’ra, but who cares what they think?)


    1. If Kanzeon weren’t so angry at them, she might feel sorry for them. Over the past few centuries she’s gotten a good idea of some of the things that are wrong with their species, and done her best to come up with solutions. Whether or not the Tok’ra would be interested in listening to the answers is another story.

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