Bridge ficbit – Hard Landing

A/N: I’ve narrowed down the events that need to get into Around to finish it off; I’m pretty sure 22 (will be 23 on AO3) will be the last or at most second-to-last chapter. That said, I need a little time to catch my breath, look over the events list, and in some cases heavily edit bits of 22 I’ve already written. So… I spent some time getting one of my several hunks of Bridge into one coherent bit. Have a confused trickster. Or two. Or four….

Bleach/ Thor crossover. (I own nothing.) Yes, I am playing with timelines. Break a transgalactic bridge, you have to be playing with time as well.

He wasn’t cold.

It took time to unravel why that was important. Cold had been etched into blood and bone and magic; even the winds of space hadn’t stirred it.

Falling. I fell. And then….

He didn’t remember impact. Though he must have hit something.

Or something hit me?

Something of magic. He could taste the power even now, like drops of moonlight. Not Aesir. Not jotunn. So what was it?

There was darkness. And someone touched me.

Or he’d touched them. He vaguely recalled an instant of pure stillness, like dropping a pebble on a centuries-still fault line. Just before everything let go.

I think… that was a defensive reaction.

Which was, in a way, even more daunting. Unshaped, uncontrolled power; an untrained will wanting only to make it stop. If he hadn’t had centuries of practice twisting others’ magic awry, it would have crushed him.

He hurt. Part of him wanted to die. But not without knowing, first.

Somewhere nearby is enough power to flatten a… a frost giant.

What in the worlds could it be?

Curiosity was going to get him killed one of these days. He just knew it.

Opening his eyes, Loki stared up at stars.

I’m in a bed. Shouldn’t there be a roof?

“Heck of a hole, isn’t it?”

An unfamiliar, cheerful voice; yet there was an undertone in it that clutched at him. Pain and loss and – no, nothing he knew. Not at all.

And it was indeed an impressive hole, punched raggedly though ceiling and roof as if a meteor had… oh.

Warily, Loki took a good look at the… colorful… speaker. White coat; he’d seen something like that before, when he’d walked unseen in SHIELD’s domain. Unruly black hair and beard-stubble; nothing you’d see on those of Asgard, but not out of place on humans like Stark.

Midgard, then. How did I end up here?

And how could he look away from that violently floral shirt, that somehow matched so well that mischievous grin….

A trickster never trusted just his eyes. Loki’s abused magic reached out, brushed the man’s ever-so-human-faint aura, recoiled-

Moon-shards. Shattered power wrapped in a shield of night.

He flinched, pain or no pain.

“Easy. Easy!” The not-human held up empty hands. “I’m a doctor. I don’t go around attacking patients. Even if they do put holes in my clinic and give my son frostbite.” He shrugged. “Isshin Kurosaki. Nice to meet you.”

“No,” Loki said precisely; one liar to another. True names rang; like struck crystal, like the singing of the stars. Isshin Kurosaki wasn’t one. “You’re not.” Green eyes narrowed at brown. “What are you?” Frostbite. That much was truth; he could feel that in the wisps of father-protecting-child seeping from Isshin’s aura. I hurt a child… I destroy everything I touch….

It was too much. He had to get out of this too-generous bed, no matter what the pain-

Braced on the coverlet, his hands weren’t blue.

His hands weren’t his. Aesir-pale again, but smaller, thinner; a youth of only eight hundred, rather than his own near twelve centuries. “What did you do to me?”

“Lie down.” Isshin pushed him back one-handed, the other snagging an extra pillow from somewhere to tuck behind Loki’s head. “Ichigo’s fine. And you were like this when you went splat here. Well, except for being blue. And chilly. I thought I was going to have to drop you in the penguin exhibit. Antarctica, not Galapagos. But then Ichigo came in to see about the noise, and….” Isshin smiled ruefully. “He’s fine. Right over there. See?”

He couldn’t help but see. A small, orange-haired boy curled up on another cot, fingers swathed in bandages and tear-streaks down his face. Prickles of expended power hung in the air around him like dust from a Valkyrie’s sky-ride; Loki wasn’t surprised to see the boy out cold.

I’m rather more surprised he’s still breathing. All that power, from a child? “He should know better than to touch dangerous strangers,” Loki said harshly.

“Eh, takes after his old man,” Isshin waved it off. “Can’t leave a mystery alone. This time he got out of it with just sore hands.” The doctor moved into his line of sight. “Stop beating yourself up over something that wasn’t your fault.”


31 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Hard Landing

    1. *EG*

      Loki will also have definite Opinions on Urahara’s usual training practices. Also, given the kids have more exposure to magic earlier, Karakura’s not quite as bad a mess as canon. Not quite.

      (Because Aizen is a nasty, nasty megalomaniac and will still deserve much stompage.)


      1. > (Because Aizen is a nasty, nasty megalomaniac and will still deserve much stompage.) >
        Loki’s opinion of Aizen’s plans are probably in the category of ‘Stop trying to destroy all of reality you idiot. It’s were I keep my stuff.’

        Liked by 3 people

  1. I imagine touching an out cold frost giant is like sticking your fingers in dry ice. Ouch.
    This fic looks really both to read and write.


    1. Dry ice = that’s pretty much what I thought. So, it comes out alright, but Ichigo gets another early lesson in “jumping into things without thinking can get people hurt.” That in itself will have a snowball effect. Having a shaken Loki around on top of that… should be interesting.

      BTW, the idea behind this fic was mainly spawned by a gorgeous fanart the bunnies would not let go of. I can’t find it on DeviantArt now, but it was by AnHellica. This was the original link, now not functional darn it.

      Shirosaki looked like he has wolf eyes, I swear. And it is cool.


  2. Interesting . . . very intrigued . . . Certain that someone (probably Ukitake) is going to express shock that between Isshin, Urahara, and Loki that Karakura is still standing at all . . .

    Yay for Ichigo getting another lesson in “Before you act, THINK!” Loki usually stops himself from adding “Thor!” to the end of that . . .

    Yay for Aizen getting his butt kicked in hopefully more satisfying way than canon . . .

    Maybe Aizen-nonsense triggering a reunion between brothers, starting the repair work on their messed-up relationship . . . through the idea of Urahara joining Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in the Science Bros stuff fills one with dread . . .

    Ohh time travel shenanigans . . . “Besides, I’m older . . . or I’m supposed to be . . . these things are fun aren’t they?” *Loki rubs forehead and starts looking for pain killers*


    1. Bunnies say the only reason Karakura’s still standing is Loki prefers the subtle… and he teaches Ichigo to at least try for subtle.

      Granted, Ichigo’s efforts at subtle are about as effective as a certain purple hat-winning Jaeger’s. Which is to say… not so much? (Then again, Maxim did successfully win the hat of Old Man Death!)

      I still haven’t worked out exactly how Aizen gets smackdown in this ‘verse. The Rescue went a lot differently, though!

      As for the time-travel – blame Frigga. She specified a certain situation. And magic is willing to bend things for Loki….

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  3. Urahara + Loki + Tony Stark + Mayuri (who I see Bruce having /issues/ with) = “Did you break the Universe AGAIN?!” (And any enemy of all four (five) should have started running at the time of this bit. And not stopped. )


      1. They’re going to have a rating scale for how bad your ‘oops’ is. And Urahara and Loki will probably have an argument over which one of them deserves top ranking…
        Darn it, I want to see the end of Around, but I also want more of this! Why is everything you write so awesome?


      2. Bridge is actually an old ficbit I never got around to posting, ’cause I had a bunch of disconnected fragments. But I think I can polish this 20-odd page piece into a standalone, so no worries, you’ll see more of it. 🙂 Around – I have a plan, I just need the bunnies to have a bit more energy….


      3. To which I can only cry out in response: YES! I will sit here and assume his fate shall be horrific. That and that his fate is probably also utterly horrific in Project Tatterdemalion. . . Unnnless he’s a major baddie there. Honestly in such a setting reoccurring baddie seems like a role he was born and bred for.


      4. Only as long as Mayuri’s fate is suitably horrific. I’m even fine with it being offscreen. I just have a Major problem with that guy.


  4. I was re-reading this and one minor continuity nitpick- when Loki is first meeting Isshin, he makes an offhand comment about Tony Stark. This is set after the first Thor movie, right? Tony wasn’t in that one, he didn’t meet Loki until after The Avengers. (Which I’m guessing is going to go down very differently in this ‘verse, if it happens at all…)
    Since this is basically a rough draft, I hope I’m being helpful instead of annoying.


    1. Personally? I’m extremely hopeful that if the first Avengers film events do go down anywhere in this fic (even off screen) that either Loki + Karakura get to be good guys/third side and that Thanos’ pointman is Red Skull instead, like the original film script called for.

      (Seriously, that scene in Germany would be so much more powerful with Red Skull standing over the crowd lecturing them instead. Also if it was in German with subtitles. Marvel!Loki gets to cheat with AllSpeak, but why are the Germans speaking English, I ASK YOU WHY?! *breaks down in tears*)


      1. Ooo, I hadn’t known that. I was poking at making Mordo the bad guy – but Red Skull has plenty of thaumaturgical connections as well! Not to mention HYDRA’s DOA organization…. (See the Nightstalkers comics. Hannibal Smith will always be my favorite vampire detective.)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah. ‘S why Red Skull yoinked away at the end of the first Cap film. He was the planned bad guy for Avengers. But then Tom Hiddls!Loki proved so ridiculously popular that they just switched it around to him and made some script edits. I don’t know all the significant changes, though I suspect his confrontation with Thor on Stark Tower was mostly a post Loki-Swap choice.


  5. “Stop beating yourself up over something that wasn’t your fault.”

    The sad thing is, that’s probably the first time Loki had ever heard that directed at himself. Don’t mind me, just needed a fix of Bleach, Loki, and your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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