Bridge ficbit – Cats

An untrained sorcerer would defend himself, instinctively. Often with deadly results all around.

But we’re not just talking about frostbite. “He walked into a trap,” Loki said, voice almost level. Damn it.

“Yes he did.” A blond man stalked out of the shadows, shades of green Loki himself would have favored swirling around him. A black cat rode his shoulder, shifting balance effortlessly as the blond leaned on his cane. “My, my, my. Tachyons, temporal distortion… I wonder. Is your current form due to temporal displacement, or some completely separate aspect of the protective spell?”

The pair had been standing right there, and he hadn’t sensed them. “What protective spell?” Loki demanded.

“Ah.” Gray eyes smirked under the shadow of a striped hat, as the blond raised a hand. “That would be… this one.”

Fingers drew across air, power waking power. Sun-gold runes blazed between them; seidr, Frigga’s own enchantments knotted about him like fiery lace.

Protect my heart’s son, sunlit power whispered to him. My Loki, my little sorcerer… find him safety. Find him healing. Find him home.

Old spells and new, woven around and through each other. Some ancient enough to touch the day Odin had first stolen him. Others so new….

This… this was cast when I was on the bridge, Loki realized. When I was fighting Thor. When I wanted him to kill me….

Isshin moved between him and the smirking blond. “Back off, Kisuke.” The doctor’s friendly voice had an edge of steel. “The kid’s had a rough night.”

“You and I both know that’s not a kid, Isshin.”

Green eyes narrowed. “And that’s not a cat,” Loki said sharply; he knew that eager sparkle in gold eyes. “And you’re not human. What are you?”

“Oh, I like this one,” the cat chuckled, deep and low. “He might even give you trouble, Kisuke. When he heals up a bit.” A black-furred spine arched, kneading a green-jacketed shoulder with glinting claws. “We’re exiles from another realm. Like you, I suspect.”

He was not going to flinch.

“Most of the time we blend in with the humans.” Gold eyes cut to Isshin. “Though some of us take blending in a bit farther than others.”

“Don’t go there, Yoruichi,” Isshin said tightly.

“Why not? It’s been a week, you’re all radiating enough grief to draw down a host of Hollows, and I’m tired of it. Protecting you isn’t quiet, Isshin! If you can’t keep your children shielded – and you can’t, can you? – then the Hollows are going to keep coming. And someone is going to notice. And then you’ll all be dead. Not just Masaki-”


Loki had heard that tone before. Usually before someone did something very bloody, and very stupid. “Don’t.” He reached for Isshin, and ignored how his hand was trembling. “She wants you to attack her.”

You could have heard a snowflake fall.

Loki smirked, taking in male and furry expressions. “What? No one’s seen through the voice before? Please.” He focused on Isshin. “If I know cats – and those who take the form of cats – she wants you to try hitting her. So she can dance around you like a shadow, and mock to her heart’s content.” That shielded, broken aura…. “What happened to you?”

Isshin eyed him, then nodded toward his clinic’s new skylight. “You’re not the first guy to go splat in Karakura.”


16 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Cats

  1. Loki knows whats up, cats are evil, evil creatures that challenge you to a game where the only way to win is not to play, and they meow and meow until it is safer for your sanity to lose.


  2. Fascinating . . . brain is whirling around the bits that it has going “Ohhh, like it” and looking at what it doesn’t have going “But want more!”

    Other part of brain reminds “Patience. You know the writer’s end product is always worth the wait and it’s not good to hound the bunnies with demands. Story nibbles are better for enticing them to return. And remember that the writer has other projects that you want more of too. Patience.”

    *deep calming breath* Sometimes you have to remind your inner impatient brat that sometimes it has to wait and doesn’t always gets it your way.

    Yeah, I didn’t think a shape-shifter, regardless of whether or not he’s met her, was going to fool a trickster. particularly one known for illusions and shape-shifting himself. 😉

    Wonder what Loki thinks of their sob story and what Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi are . . .

    And yay for addressing a plot hole that I didn’t realize was there . . .


    1. Loki and Urahara are going to butt heads more than once, I suspect. Although when they are working together, look out, bad guys….

      Loki is pretty sure the kids are innocent. He’s working outward from there. 🙂


  3. Loki is going to wonder what is WRONG with Midgard, because there are far, far too many tricksters here… and why did he just meet a good representation of the worst (best)?


  4. Embraced, nurtured, encouraged, and applauded. I have a feeling Loki WTFs for a while- even if he doesn’t show it. Karakura is so /different/ from Asguard. The Shinigami exponentially more so. (Thor would HATE it. All the multilayered political games and trickery. That just makes Loki love it more.)


    1. Not to mention the attitude that if you can’t cast spells as well as swing a hunk of metal around, you’re doing it wrong.

      …Or you’re in Eleventh. In which case, aim them at the monsters and stand back.


      1. Yumichika would coo over Thor’s hair-commercial quality mane and Thor would be offended and attempt to smash… THEN there would be sliceage. And a very hurt/confused Thor with Yumichika being calmed down by half of the Eleventh.

        They hold a grudge from that day on. Poor Thor. (Loki thinks it’s hysterical and has pictures. No one asks how he got them. Urahaha and Yoruichi may or may not be involved.)


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