River of Stars Ch 10 bit – Armory

Watching a dozen spy monitors at once, Kanzeon rubbed her hands in glee, idly noting Jiroshin grab for the nearest pot of headache tea. Aww, the poor guy. Getting shaken out of his routine was good for him. Good for all of the Heavenly Palace, really.

Especially the ducklings.

Not that she’d call Rikuou and the rest of the First Unit sneaking around keeping an eye on Sanzo’s party ducklings. At least, not without Goujun around to be grimly sympathetic to the poor youngsters.

But they’re so cute to watch!

Cute, and adaptable, given what she’d put them through for having the nerve to die before she’d solidified her grasp on the throne. And patient. Once she’d revived them, she’d given them the straight-up facts. Tenpou and Kenren had died almost as nasty deaths as Konzen. She’d only been able to retrieve parts of their souls. Furling science said reincarnation was possible, but it could take centuries.

To a man, the First Unit had sworn it didn’t matter. They’d serve her, and wait.

“After all,” Rikuou had grinned at her, centuries ago, flipping back newly red hair, “General Kenren said Goku was like a son. How could we abandon the kid now?”

I love those guys, Kanzeon thought fondly, watching Hakkai approach Rikuou now and gently persuade him to allow Sanzo’s bunch a glimpse of an armory. She could almost taste the mingled shock and glee in the unit commander’s soul; so close to those he’d cared for, and yet so far.

Half-closing her eyes, she reached out for the sense of Rikuou and the others.

:Alive, they’re alive,: Rikuou sighed in relief. :Konzen has a gun? And looks like he knows what he’s doing with the grenades, this is going to be scary-awesome….:

:Aww, Goku’s up to our shoulders now!: Yuutetsu was hiding a grin. :Looks pretty sane, whew, let’s not mess with that. Those records of the throne room are scary….:

Jyouei was almost dancing. :The Field Marshal’s robbing our grenade bin. Heeee!:


20 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 10 bit – Armory

  1. Ducklings indeed~

    This is adorable in a really nonstandard way. Normal adorable is Sanzo in the middle of a kiddie cuddle pile. Instead, this is a bunch of soldiers stalking a group of mayhem makers and basically cooing over them. And debating on their relative sanity and how such a thing (or lack thereof) affects the adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *laughs* yeah, they now scarily fit in even better with the Army. *cackles* ya know Hakyruu’s mental picture earlier of Sanzo at the head of the Heaveny Army? That’s more of a reality than Sanzo actually thought…


    1. *G* Even more than you know. Let’s just say, Sam’s going to figure something out about them very fast. And have all kinds of questions! …That will have to come when they’re not at risk of dying horribly.


  3. D’awwww . . . . ducklings seems appropriate considering they are following them around like ones . . . and probably causing some confusion in the ikkou. Usually people aren’t this happy to see them hang around. Especially when they have or ask for things that go boom . . .

    How long before Sanzo suspects that he isn’t the only one Kanzeon helped pull the reincarnation trick for in a slightly non-standard way? And Hakkai? And Gojyo?

    Goku is kinda of naive in some ways but he does notice people acting weird. If for no other reason than people who are acting weird sometimes (often) attack his Sanzo. “Okay, friendly is nice. It’s nice to see people happy to see us for once but . . .”

    Others: “Yeah. But.


  4. Sucks that they didn’t make it through this version of Gaiden, though definitely glad that Kanzeon was able to revive them.

    So, were all of the first unit descended from Kanzeon? You said Sakra had multiple Queens, and those guys being in Garden means they were pre-Kanzeon’s takeover. Are some of those guys proof that environment (and reduced Naquadah) is the deciding factor for Goa’uld, not ancestry?


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