Bridge ficbit – Monsters

“Sooner or later,” Kisuke said, grim as Ragnarok, “they’ll find him.”

“Get out.”

“Think about your girls, Isshin.” The striped hat tipped toward Loki. “Don’t go anywhere.”

Cat and man disappeared into the shadows.

Disappeared to Loki’s eyes; from the tension in white-clad shoulders, Isshin could still sense them. Very disconcerting, that.

Finally Isshin let out a breath, and shook his head. “He wants you to bolt.”

“I gathered as much,” Loki said dryly. And he suspected there might be yet another layer under that; Kisuke wanting him to be contrary, and stay. A skilled trickster could work with either.

Other tricksters. This is not Asgard.

Leaning against the pillow, Loki arched an eyebrow. “The question is, why?”

“He’s a scientist.” Isshin scratched at wild black hair. “He probably wouldn’t hurt you. Intentionally.” He forced a grin. “Do me a favor, huh? Stay put, until you’re healed up enough to run for it.”

Loki blinked. That was one of the odder offers he’d had lately.

And… Isshin was trying to distract him. Again. “Shinketsu,” Loki said plainly. “Is that what you are?”

Isshin sighed, and shrugged.

Good as a yes. “And Ichigo,” Loki murmured. “But his mother was human….” Oh. “The trap was meant for Ichigo. But she sprang it.”

“Not for him,” Isshin said quietly. Painfully. “Not exactly.”

Truth. Loki waited.

A sigh, and Isshin snagged an odd wheel-rattling chair, sitting backwards on it to face him. “You don’t know what a Hollow is, do you?”

Loki shook his head. “I’m not familiar with the term, no.” Though he could hear the echoes of pain and danger and failure.

Why failure?

“When humans die, sometimes – a lot of the time – their soul doesn’t pass on right away,” Isshin said matter-of-factly. “They become ghosts.”

Ah. This was sounding a shade more familiar. “Unless they die in battle, and are Chosen to become Einherjar.”

Isshin’s second of silence spoke volumes.

Loki’s fingers curled against the sheets, as he tried not to feel betrayed. Tried not to feel anything. If he knows of Einherjar, he knows of the Aesir. And the humans had called Odin’s kin gods, and fair…. And now the lies begin.

“Huh.” Almost soundless, that wry amusement. “I wondered if you were a jotunn.”

He knows. Loki felt a flush of rage, heart pounding in his aching chest. “Then why would you bring a monster near your children!”

“Trust me.” Isshin’s voice cut like a scalpel. “You haven’t seen monsters yet.”

Certainty. Utter certainty, in a trickster’s face. Daunting. But he refused to be daunted. “Have I not? You have no idea what I’ve tried to do, what I’ve done-”

You didn’t eat my wife’s soul.”


20 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Monsters

  1. Yeah – I think Isshin wins the “something horrible happened to me / ones I love recently” prize – which is a crap prize by the way. No one ever wants to win it. Through Loki’s entry is very strong.

    And I think Loki will be horrified by the Hollows. Not like afraid horrified but “oh powers, how awful” kind of horrified . . .

    Mmm . . . I foresee Loki advocating telling Ichigo and his sisters as much truth about the situation as their age / maturity would dictate they are capable of understanding . . . given his background, he’d oppose vehmently Isshin lying to his children about what he is and they are – and provide Isshin with an object lesson in exactly how badly it can go when the kid finds out you have been lying to them their whole lives . . .
    “Do you want one of your kids to try suicide by fight they can’t win or something equally crazy? No? Then tell them the truth.”

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    1. *Nod* That is indeed one of the major changes in this AU – beyond any amount of magical shenanigans. (Of which there are lots.) Loki is a object lesson in “hiding something this big from your kids tends to end badly.”

      Not that Isshin’s going to tell them everything right away. But some basics… yeah.

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      1. “Everything” is a bit much for kids of Ichigo and the twins’ age to cope with just now. But “some basics” is good.

        *snrks* And lots and lots of magical shenanigans. Not all on Loki or Urahara’s sides. *whistles casually*


  2. Can there also be some object lessons for Urahara in ‘informed consent’? Some of the stuff he got away with absolutely drove me bonkers, and ‘turning Ichigo into a Vizard without explaining the risks’ is pretty much at the top of the list. I know Ichigo was backed into a pretty nasty corner and probably would have said yes anyway but…
    Sorry to rant, that’s always been a big pet peeve of mine. Anyway, on to things that actually pertain to the segment! I’m really liking the interactions between Ishin and Loki. This might be exactly what Loki needs to get his head on straight. Kind of wondering how much truth Loki is going to tell everyone about who he is and why he’s here though.


    1. Loki is going to be squirrely about the truth. On his part, Isshin is going to leave around books covering “what are normal emotional reactions to finding out you’re adopted”. In short: Trying to wipe out a whole civilization, bad. Being incredibly angry and upset? Normal.

      And yes, Urahara will definitely get some headthumps. It’ll help that – heh. Let’s just say, if you’ve got illusions on your side, avoiding certain near-lethal strikes becomes a bit easier…

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    2. I’m. . . Not actually sure how intentional that was. . . ? The impression I always got was ‘Known and extremely unlikely risk with this method. A risk I’m not mentioning and if it happens not explaining until way later. But everything else about this method I’m saying is true.’ and honestly after saying ‘succeed or turn into a Hollow’ I understand leaving out the ‘oh, and if you happen to succeed at the last second while turning into a Hollow’ you become this nifty Shinigami-with-Hollow-bits thing a couple of my bros are called a Vizard. Orrrr poooossibly the inverse of that an Arrancar. Please tell me exactly how you feel, this is for science!’


  3. Loki, dear, welcome to Master Level Trickster (and Trolling). You’ll be figuring out things for years- and that’s only because you’re clever and your learning curve is outrageous.

    Monsters? You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. Tresure that innocence. Blue and chilly is so far down on their worry list it might as well be right above vanilla humans, carnivorous trees, and angry bees.

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      1. Blue? Icy? Scary? You’re within normal proportions, you have one head, and the usual amount of limbs. You don’t explode or emit slime. You’re neither poisonous nor venomous… why do you even think you’re scary? Pish. Now go freeze the hollow who can divide itself and spits acid before it kills someomeone. That’s a good Loki.

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  4. Plus, Loki meeting Sode no Shirayuki. Ice is nice!

    Or Hyourinmaru?

    I also think he and Hitsugaya would understand each other very well – they both that that “I’m surrounded by idiots” eye-twitch.

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  5. Loki is probably going to be horrified at a lot of things from the bleach verse. From soul destroying quincies to their king.

    I hope this isn’t just a standalone. Or if it is it goes on for more than one chapter. Because this fic is amazing.


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