What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Purgatorio

“Don’t try to get up too fast, Magister.” Phaenomena’s voice, tired and relieved. “You’ve been out for almost two days.”

Callimachus blinked, taking in the brightness of the rukh fluttering through the odd little Arabian nest of a room, the neutral expression on Ja’far’s face, the quiet smirks Malachy and Tiburon were trading, and the grin on Simon Cavins, as he sat sideways, curled up against a pile of tasseled cushions. “We’re not dead.” Which means they want something.

“No, you’re not,” Simon agreed. “Aladdin was very insistent that you not be dead, by the way. Pulled out some totally unfair stories about Sinbad and a certain assassin… well, I suppose those were fair, but that assassin didn’t go after children in Sinbad’s care. So I’m still very angry at you. Very.” He took a deliberate breath. “But when you thought you were dying, your last act was to try and warn us what the Shays were capable of. And that… that makes me think you deserve a chance. I’m holding you to that archive access, by the way. We’re learning a lot.”

Callimachus winced. He’d spent centuries gathering those tomes, carefully sorting false information from true-

“You could learn a lot, too. If you wanted.”

Which meant Cavins had his complete and undivided attention, and the man knew it. Grrr.

“From what your companion tells us, all you’ve really wanted was to bring magic back to the strength of the legends,” Simon went on. “I think you saw what we’ve managed of that.”

The alchemist nodded, not trusting his voice.

“I have magicians in this school,” Simon stated. “Magicians, and magoi-users, and people who just want to know enough about magic to treat it with the respect it deserves: a difficult, intricate art that can help us all do what might otherwise be impossible.” He pointed at Callimachus, then Phaenomena. “Magician. Magoi-user. I want to hire you.”

“To work with… teenagers,” Callimachus stated, almost hoping he hadn’t read the man accurately.

“And younger children. And a few adults, as we pick them up,” Simon agreed. “I did say I was still angry at you. What’s redemption without a bit of penance?”

It made a frightening amount of sense.

“Aladdin’s a very nice kid, but he still has hopes anyone can be redeemed,” Simon mused. “I wasn’t at all sure about you, but Boston demonstrated that you at least have standards.” He grinned. It had an edge of teeth. “Though it also demonstrated that you have problems with the ideas of restraint, appropriate limits, and innocent bystanders.”

Ja’far snorted at that one.

Callimachus almost winced at the burning irony. When the man who’d played Sinbad the Sailor thought someone needed a refresher on restraint….

“Lucky for you,” Simon said gleefully, “I just happen to have a facility devoted specifically to teaching mini-psychopaths how to function in the world at large without getting arrested. Much.”


22 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Purgatorio

  1. *CACKLING* T-teachers Callimachus and Phaenomena! “Penance.” *breaks into cackling and cannot type.*

    (Seriously, students end up loving Phaenomena’s no nonsense attitude and respect the crap out of her ability to bring the pain. The Fanalis want spars. Many of them.

    Callimachus is thought kind of a nerd until he looses his temper and blows something up… then the mad scientist rumors get started, and it’s all history from there.)

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  2. Is it bad I kinda want Callimachus to never actually find out the truth? Like, not so much anyone’s hiding it from him, just, no one ever comes clean either. So he can keep considering Simon ‘the man who played Sinbad the Sailor’, and thus continually be floored by the weirdness and crazy that keeps happening. So he spends a very long time not understanding why, despite all his efforts, it’s this bunch of crazies that hit the jackpot, not him.


  3. Huh. That definition’s a bit of a change from the usual. But I suppose not all mini-psychopaths take to being taught kindly, so it might just as well be Hell to them…


  4. He might not realize just what he has signed up for by agreeing to this punishment until he has his first moment of hair-tearing out frustration . . . because Hancock or not, this is still high school. And high school is evil . . .

    I would also find it amusing to see how long it takes our Alchemist and martial artist to figure out, if they ever do, that Simon has more than played Sinbad in the movies . . .

    Oohh . . . his reaction to Yamraiha’s bag of tricks when she gets her memory back *grin* (she might want if only to figure out why that swords-maniac is always grinning at her . . .)

    Knowing our semi-evil duo, they will probably be unable to resist breaking SG-1’s brains when they show up. Through given how much she likes a challenging spar, our lovely and deadly martial artist will probably want a round with Teal’c . . .

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    1. ATM I’m working on Simon introducing him to the rest of the school. It is… amusing.

      And yes, the whole goal is to make sure Callimachus has enough exposure to teenagers to want to never go near them again.

      Once our alchemist gets a look at the wards up on Hancock already, and what Yam adds to them – he may grit his teeth and put up with kids anyway!

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      1. Now I’m picturing Callimachus coming to the realization that the Shays want his head on a spike, and that the safest place in the world to get away from them… Is a high school. Run by Simon.

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    1. Tiny red bugs with one Hell of a bite. Really itchy. They’re about the size of the head of a pin, or smaller- you might not even see it when it gets you..


  5. I once won a thread of bad high school experiences, Hancock High actually sounds fairly nice and sweet to me! Yes, even with the gym teacher, both of mine were horrendous about getting students injured, both regularly and seriously.

    And eh, I can actually see both of them settling in fine after the penance part, Callimachus is fairly smart, organized, and when he gets a chance to get his feet under him, should get along with Jafar in Simon wrangling. And I imagine the spars between Malachy, Tiberuon and Phaenomena become things of school/spec ops legends.

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