What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Accidental magic

“The villagers said we were witches,” Maria whispered. “But we are not! Witches deal with evil spirits, they hurt and harm – we are not them! We just, when there is fear on us, when we are angry….”

“Things happen,” Alan finished. “Fires in wastebaskets. Stuff shorting out. Dust-devils in people’s eyes. It’s not malice. It’s accidental magic.” He shrugged, a faint smile on his face. “The… lock thing started out as that, too. I didn’t realize it was anything strange. Until I ran into Aladdin.” He looked down again. “But Mom knew. She knew, and… she never told me….”

“Alan,” Richard said softly.

“I’m – going to get a handle on that, now,” Alan got out. “Simon – Principal Cavins actually knows about this stuff. And Ja’far, and Yunan; they’ve seen magicians and magoi-users before, they can help the kids, help Maria, so they learn how to do magic on purpose. Not by accident.” He looked up. “They’ve got to learn that. Because the Shays are still out there, people like them are out there, and these kids are targets.”

Maria winced. “People like my father.”

“You’re not him.” Alan turned to look her in the eye, blazing with determination. “Maria, you’re not him. You did the best you could, you got away from him-”

“I knew he was coming! I knew he was coming for you!” Maria was shivering, rukh around her flashing gray as night storms. “I came, I came to save you – and he took Señora Anne…!”

“That wasn’t your fault.” Edna moved around the table, opened her arms so the girl could lunge at her and hold on. “You did the best you could with what you knew. That’s all you could do.” Her gaze rose to Alan’s. “That’s all any of us can do.”

Alan held that look, and nodded.

And for just a minute that made Aladdin want to burn something with fire, because it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair, the things people did to Alan, that they’d done to Alibaba, and got to walk away, because his friend didn’t believe in revenge….

“Yes; though I don’t know what Sister Thomasina thinks she knows,” Richard said bitterly. “I knew Anne. She might have made life uncomfortable for the wealthy and the corrupt, but she’d never hurt children. How could she think you would?” He rubbed his knuckles between his eyebrows. “Alan, why didn’t you come to me? Even to ask?”

“Ah, lawyer?” Alan said wryly. “You’re legally bound to report criminal actions or be disbarred. You want me to quote the statutes, or just leave it at, you have to report lawbreaking stuff? You could lose your license if you don’t.” He held up a hand, ticking off a finger at a time. “Crossing state borders as an unaccompanied minor. Airplane… I don’t know, is it ticket fraud if they didn’t know you were on it? Unlawfully stowing away on a passenger jet, whatever they hit you with for slipping TSA security, arson. Major property damage. And how. Arson. Causing a public disturbance – we did a bunch of those. Arson, unlawful entry, breaking and entering, destruction of property, arson, vandalism, endangerment of a minor, probably several minors-”

“Don’t forget possession of burglary tools,” Sarah put in, amused.

“Aaand I was hoping people would miss those…”


30 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Accidental magic

  1. *snerk* Of course you would. Oh Alan.

    Though, to be fair, that is a much better reason not to involve the Responsible Adults than 90% of fictional protagonists. Good job Alan.

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  2. That’s what friends are for. Revenge and plausible deniability.

    And did he mention Arson? Yeah, there was a little of that involved. They are pretty lucky his usual use of fire is more along the lines of ‘this absolutely, positively needs to be destroyed’ rather than ‘fire would make this prettier’.

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    1. Alan knows they’ve been in contact with the fire department. Who he pretty much drove crazy all day. He’s kind of hoping that if he makes it a joke, people will not look too closely at the full scale of the conflagrations. Because I don’t think Richard really realizes he’s housing two Kids of Mass Destruction. Yet.

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  3. And here is proof that our boy thinks! A very good list of reasons not to go to dad for help. And Edna was wonderful. Just, she was awesome.

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  4. Just arson? Please Alan, what you and Amon were pulling later on was closer to illegal nuclear fusion experiments in a residential district.

    It would be experimentation because the USA doesn’t yet have a law pertaining to somebody legally operating a fusion reactor (or in this case, carting around a small sun).

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  5. Around (Magi Season 1) Drinking Game in Two Steps:
    1. Take a shot everytime Alan (Alibaba) mentions or commits arson (or property damage.)
    2. Die of alcohol poisoning.
    (Alternate versions include 1. Take a shot every time Simon (Sinbad) says/does something absolutely ridiculous AND IT WORKS. 1. Take a shot every time Ja’far either wants to facepalm or stab Simon (Sinbad). Double shots if it’s both.
    Step 2 remains the same in all versions.)

    I leave Alan with the following Dresden Files quote: “What goes around comes around. And sometimes you get what’s coming around. And sometimes you ARE what’s coming around.”

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      1. I’m not sure downing an entire two liter as fast as you would playing the Around (Magi season 1) Drinking Game is advised either. Step 2 might be “explode from carbonation,” though.

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  6. Well, we knew Alan’s character alignment wasn’t Lawful Good. 😉

    Actually most of them aren’t . . . Chaotic Good, maybe? They do a lot of good but they kinda leave a bit of mess behind. And when I say mess, I mean rumble, ashes, and several investigative agencies starching their heads with ‘WTF’ expressions.

    Probably best for Richard’s long-term health if he at least figures out the Chaotic Good thing. Through the mean streak bunnies like their image of his gobsmacked face when (or if) he realizes just how much power his son and his Djinn partner can generate alone.

    Their (and my) money is also on Edna figuring out that Aladdin isn’t the only Kid of Mass Destruction under their roof first.

    With magic coming to the way it was before, those magician kids and our semi-friendly alchemist might be getting a power boost . . .

    Side thought: If this rapid increase of available mana is not localized, one of the first people to notice that something really squirrelly is going on with the magic is going to be people like Ja’far’s Clan. At least the bunnies are hoping they notice because they think Simon would love to see the looks on their faces if they realize their reborn assassin life magician blacksheep is kinda of instrumental in that uptick. Through it might also wind up being frustrating because their first reaction to the idea of Ja’far training magicians will probably be along the lines of he is training magic-using assassins or something . . . which isn’t entirely off but while Ja’far does believe in not killing anyone you don’t have to, he is not going to train any of their ‘kids’ to never kill no matter what.

    “If you can stop them, really stop them so they cannot continue to hurt you or anyone else in range, without killing them or seriously injuring them, then do it. But sometimes you can’t. No without needless endangering your life or the lives of others. If they up the ante to lethal, you up the ante to lethal. I don’t like funerals.”

    Basically, you don’t throw just stunners at your enemies when they are throwing around the Killing Curse.

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    1. Chaotic to Neutral Good, I’d say. Domingo’s a bit more Lawful, they’ll work on that…. 😉

      Edna probably will figure it out first, I suspect. And take it better. She raised toddlers! Kids of Mass Destruction can at least listen to reason.

      Ja’far’s clan is definitely going to notice. In part because he’s (Gulp) going to get in contact with them. Because a better memory spell is a good thing!

      And that should lead to some interesting things. Because the image of Ja’far protecting a Baby Sister from Awful Teenage Guys will never not be scary.

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  7. so sane!Potterwizards? Never made sense to me why the deatheaters were effective. All the competent wizards save the trio shipped to Australia for stealing bread?

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      1. The look of horrified realization on Dumbledore’s face when he realizes sure, Ichigo’s been wreaking havoc inside Hogwarts – but Dumbledore neglected to specify his “teachers” couldn’t act outside Hogwarts….

        (It is gold. Pure gold.)

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      2. Okay, I’m only on the beginning of the first chapter (Ichigo on the train), and I’m laughing my head off at him and Luna. They are so great!


      3. *snrks* Not quite there yet, though Ichigo’s first attack on Umbridge has happened. And I do have to agree with Ichigo about what even Kenpachi would think of the wizarding world (no, sorry, Ichigo, it’s not just Hogwarts).


      4. *snrks* Okay, I am at the point where Hermione is thinking that Ichigo is not taking the prison breakout seriously, so gives him info about the first war. She quickly realizes this is a mistake, because Ichigo realizes he wasn’t taking it seriously.

        Ichigo likes the Hufflepuff mindset. This makes him saner than the vast majority of the wizarding world (not that it’s a very high bar…).


      5. Okay, everyone? Read this story here. Seriously. It is absolutely hilarious what Ichigo (and Urahara and Yoruichi, but only in bits and pieces) do to Hogwarts and the British Wizarding World.

        And Dumbledore.


  8. So I’m just curious–do you check your fanfiction.net PM inbox often? I sent you a message but I’m not sure you’ve seen it. 🙂

    Also, what are your feelings about fanfic of your fanfic? Because I have headcanons for the early Simon and Ja’far friendship (with Tiburon cameos at the least)

    (and also a random idea that Tiburon works for SHIELD? Because Avengers crossover? *shrugs*)


    1. Sometimes I get messages and simply have no idea how to reply. I may have missed it, given I’ve been up to my ears in very persnickety Taka edits.

      Eh, I’m iffy on fanfic-squared. I can tell you, though, that Tiburon can’t possibly work for SHIELD, because the Marvel comics exist in this ‘verse.


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