Bridge ficbit – In a Pickle

“He felt her die.” Isshin sighed. My poor son. “It’s not his fault.” He had to say it. Until he believed it. “It could’ve happened to anyone.”

Well. Not anyone. There weren’t that many sensitive people in the world.

:There may be one more, now.

Isshin caught that hint of bemused interest. Felt carefully, very carefully, at the ravaged ice and rainbows of Loki’s power.

Ice, and rainbows… and a streak of black lightning, like all the joy of storm.

:A gift, to another soul in pain,: Engetsu observed. :I wonder how he’ll take seeing ghosts?:

Reluctantly, Isshin grinned. Well. He couldn’t just kick the kid out now. Not until after Hollows 101, or What To Do When You See A Big Ugly, Besides Die.

Breakfast was going to be interesting.

Eggs, Loki thought, sniffing air that had the indefinable scent of a cleansing dawn. Rice. And… pickles?

Pickles, indeed; vegetables in brine were an unmistakable tang drifting past, though they didn’t quite smell like anything he remembered from Asgard. The timing was all off, for one. Who had pickles with breakfast?

“Aha!” Isshin boomed, far too nearby. “I knew it! Teenagers can sleep through the Apocalypse, but not my precious daughter’s cooking!”

Warily, Loki pried an eye open.

Dear gods.

He blinked fast, but not fast enough to block out the memory of red and orange flowers on a livid yellow shirt. Augh.

Small fingers poked his arm, like a kitten pouncing. “You’re not blue.”

Eyes snapping open, Loki glared. And had to revise the angle of his glare downward, to meet determined brown eyes. “Does no one in this household have any sense of self-preservation whatsoever?”

“Dad’s got us all eating Yuzu’s cooking,” a thin little black-haired girl safely behind Ichigo said dourly. “You tell me.”

“Karin,” Ichigo frowned, as the little blonde behind them both bit her lip, covered basket swaying in her hands.

“What?” Dark eyes glanced at her sister, and Karin winced. “It’s not like any of us know how to cook….”

“Don’t you worry, Yuzu.” Isshin hugged her, slipping the basket out of her grasp and onto a bedside table. “One bite, and they’ll see the error of their ways!” Picking her up off the ground, he grinned at Loki, and gestured from eldest to youngest. “Loki, this is Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu. Kids, Loki. He’s going to be here until he’s in a few less pieces.”

“I thought the clinic was closed,” Karin grumbled, crossing her arms.

And her pointed look was so much like Sif’s, waiting for the inevitable twist of fate that dogged Loki’s footsteps like Garm would a strayed shade. Here was someone who didn’t know him, didn’t trust him, and was expecting the worst until proved otherwise. He was almost relieved.

“Well, it was,” Isshin admitted. “But he… well, kind of landed on us.”


30 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – In a Pickle

  1. Well, Shiba Isshin was Captain of the Tenth Division and is currently a doctor, so (probably) not a (complete) moron. And considering the antics of the Shiba Clan (ie. Kukaku and Ganju) as a whole, I’m gonna say…Refuge in Audacity.

    So much that I’m vaguely terrified of the chaos that particular clan caused before Aizen had them wiped out.

    And on an earlier note… Simon Cavins. In Karakura. Oh God. There are no words. (Though something tells me Simon would try to establish an overseas branch of Hancock High. And possibly succeed.)

    …Oh who are we kidding? This is Simon Cavins, the living embodiment of “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


  2. First thought upon seeing title: Chibi!Loki in a pickle jar. With pickles. And not amused.

    Second thought: ….Isshin’s just crazy enough to figure out how to do that.

    Third thought: Well, no pickle jar. But breakfast in bed is a prefered substitute?

    The Asgardians cound’t see Hollows? Then how did Odin know about Shinigami? Or is it just Loki who couldn’t see them? Interesting things are indeed afoot…


  3. Wait. How old (human-relative) is Loki (in appearance? Well, brain chemistry and development are things, but alien) in Bridge?

    Loki with zanpakutou scares me. Not as much as it should everyone in that universe, but, yes. May his inner spirit be as melodramatic as he. (How DOES magic compare with Spiritual Power, anyway?)

    Isshin: Falling through my roof counts as following me home. We’re keeping him.
    Karin: Dad, he’s a teenager, not a dog.
    Isshin: *cries to Masaki poster if it’s up, wails dramatically if it isn’t.*
    Loki: *blink*
    Yuzu: *offers seconds*
    Ichigo: (Is NOT INVOLVED and clings to that lie.)

    Final thought: It makes me sad that Karin’s suspicion feels familiar and cozy to Loki as a familiar blanket. Then again, he might also be relieved to find “sanity” in the Kurosaki household. It’s rather unfamiliar.

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    1. ATM Loki looks… maybe 17 or so. He is very annoyed.

      Don’t worry, if Loki ends up with a zanpakutou it will be even MORE melodramatic. *EG*

      Magic and spiritual power… eh, for the sake of this universe I’m saying they’re variations on a spectrum of energy.

      That description of the Kurosaki antics rings so, so true.

      Karin is the Only Sane Girl. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. 😉

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      1. Hahahaha! Poor teen!Loki. There’s enough insanity and confusion about self-identy at that age without people liking your jock brother more than nerd you, finding out that you’re adopted, the offspring of your “mosy hated enemies,” bullied, and just accidentally survived your suicide attempt to land with crazy people who could possibly kick your ass (neither side wants to really try it right now.)

        Oh, stars and stones, how will having Loki impact Karin?! Cannon she suppressed a good bit of her powers because she was The Only Sane One, Damnit, but… Loki, and TEACHING, and honesty…. ooooooh. I like these possibilities.

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      2. It’s even more confusing when you know that when you dropped off the bridge, you weren’t a teenager. Oy, Frigga, your idea of blending in needs work….

        I see a grand alliance of Loki plus kids vs. Isshin insanity. So both sides get to be wild and crazy. It seems much more fun that way. 😉

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  4. Sorry Loki but not only have they entered your weirdness field, you have entered theirs. By the law of more than one chaos generator and/or trouble magnet in one place, the weirdness will also increased exponentially.

    Karin, somewhere out there, Ja’far raises a glass to you and says, “I feel your pain.”

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    1. Isshun: “KAREN! I’ve found you the perfect school! It’s in America!”
      Kurosaki family: “WHAT?!?!”
      Isshin: “Oh my lovely Misaki! Karen will make such a wonderful Hancock Ham!”

      Ja’far: [sudden unexplained sense of impending doom]

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  5. Among many other adjustments, poor Loki has to deal with very different food. I have no idea what a normal Asgard/Norse like breakfast consists of ( though I imagine that bread, meat and maybe some kind of porridge are possible) but a traditional Japanese breakfast is fish, miso soup, and tea. At least we know that Yuzu does vastly improve her cooking skills.


    1. Scandis have absolutely nothing against fish for breakfast, including lutefisk and hakke-(whatever that fermented shark thing is called). Loki would find that homey.

      I don’t think Asgard would have salty licorice, since that is a bit modern; but yeah, many of their tasty treats would be acquired tastes, as they say. So there is probably nothing much to scare Loki, except maybe natto.


  6. >>Well, given 1) a bunch of the Shiba clan died and 2) we know people who die in Soul Society are supposed to reincarnate on earth, it… could be possible. Eep.
    Oh, it’s much worse then that. We know that Magi happened *first* after all. Think of Sinbad *founding the Shiba Clan.* It would explain much, ne? And then if he died, went Shinigami, and then died there, we then would have Simon. Think of all the havoc he wreaked when there were no Sinbad Handlers to help contain the damage.


    1. That… seems entirely too plausible. No wonder Aizen took steps to wipe them out. He’d never have gotten anywhere if the clan was intact!

      …And the rest of the shinigami noble houses probably would have been silently glad these terrors were gone, without realizing the consequences would be even worse.


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