What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Letters home

Mother, Father, Svitlana,

This year at Hancock promises to be even more interesting (if potentially life-threatening) than the last. The energetic upswing the clan has noticed appears to be an accelerating trend, at least in the local vicinity. Exposure to the concentration accessible here has had… side effects. I’ve enclosed photos so you can judge for yourself.

Yes, those are freckles. Simon has declared them cute. I haven’t stabbed him. Yet.

Photo #2 is our current physics teacher; Mr. Stafford is on sabbatical, for his health. (Mental health. No, it was not Simon’s fault. This time.) I find that ironic, given I strongly suspect Stafford may be a reincarnation of Matal Mogamett. But then, some things are best left buried.

If you would look into any rumors or history of an alchemist known as Callimachus, I would appreciate it. I think he’s had enough exposure to our local Kings to have had some of the venomous edges taken off, but we would all appreciate more information.

Yes, I said Kings. Simon has a protégé.

(If you let the Elders read this, you probably want to leave your earplugs in for at least the first five minutes of hysteria. Or until after you tell them it could be worse. Seriously, of all the souls that could have been reborn into this age….)


26 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Letters home

  1. > Yes, I said Kings. Simon has a protégé. >
    Tiburon: Did you guys here that? It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and then curled into shuddering balls and wept.
    Ja’far: Seems like the family finished the letter I sent them.

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      1. Part of the standard Giving the Elders Horrific News kit? Along with customized paper bags to breathe into and the makings of their respective favorite calming beverages (they figured that this would be an ongoing thing after meeting Simon for the first time and took Steps. Ja’far’s reincarnation was before this and took them by surprise. He tried very hard not to make waves before bringing purple haired insanity to the Elders.)

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  2. Do you think this is our favorite white-haired assassin way of poking at his family and Clan’s reaction to just who they woke up when they revived his past life memories? Letters (and when visiting, in person) with the all the snark and sass that the number 1 Sinbad Wrangler can muster? Which is a lot.

    I have no sympathy for the Elders nerves. They are playing with fire with that memory spell. I understand why they are doing it and agree that letting more magic slip into the ether when it was already so darned difficult is not good but . . . still playing with fire. And when you do that, eventually you get burned. Even if all they ever got was reborn magicians, not all magicians are friendly.

    Or would give you a chance to explain just what in the heck was going on like Ja’far did . . . damn, Tiburon’s right, they were damned lucky they got him post-Sinbad, Ja’far running most strongly on pre-Sinbad memories would have killed them.

    Somehow I don’t think the Elders have cottoned on to just how lucky . . . they know Ja’far is lethal. I don’t think they realize just how lethal. And how if it was earlier or someone else, like let’s say someone like Hakuryuu or Kouha or a certain peach-liking magi, just how badly something like that could go . . .

    Through to be fair, after meeting Simon, wouldn’t you find the idea of there being two of him terrifying? Through Alan isn’t as wild . . . yet. He’s still young. And finally in an environment with people who will encourages him to cut loose and show off a little . . .

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  3. I’m more amused at the “of all the souls” comment. I can think of worse Simon could be training. Also, Jafar’s comment on Stafford breaks my brain.


    1. Might explain how close minded he was though. If I suddenly started having flashbacks/nightmares about running a city with a concentration camp underneath it, and seeing the suffering as justified, i would probably run screaming into the night, or do something monstrously destructive, possibly culminating in suicide. It would be so much more attractive to believe that it was all a delusion.

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  4. Ooh, ooh. Are you still taking suggestions for SG-1/Magi Crash Into Hellos? Because I had one: people kept bringing up the NID grabbing a Hancock Crew member, what about the remnants of the Shays trying a nab-n-drain on someone peripherally related to SGC that was in the area/they misread as a magoi-user? Cassie’s looking at college campuses and has some bad luck (wrong place, wrong time, and her rukh looked weird because she’s not Earth-native)? Or the Shays are plotting revenge near Hancock when a SG member that had Tiburon recommended by grinning black-ops buddies gets yoinked when he lets his guard down because he’s on Earth.

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  5. Y’know, since part of the fun of this story/au idea is seeing who everyone reincarnated as, I’ve been wondering two things for a while that just linked up in my head (and I don’t know how I didn’t think of this before). Is Svitlana a reincarnation of anyone from Magi? And who/where has Marga reincarnated as? Because the first question could be amusing, and the second is probably a priority for Titus. And if the answers to these questions are related that Is an extra level of hilarity on top of everything.


      1. . . . Worried because he’s got a guess? Or worried because that’s his baby sister and it could be *anything*?


      2. @sightlessraiton: *snrks* When Vathara says “Svitlana is not a reincarnation”, she means that literally. Can we say “new soul”, everyone? 😉

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