Bridge ficbit – Cat pounce

Ichigo was biting his lip. “Sometimes they don’t have chains.”

Ah. So there was reason for confusion. “Then how do you know they’re spirits?” Loki asked, trying to keep his tone simply curious. A little fear was good, spawning the caution that might keep the boy alive. Terror would shut down thought; and given what stalked these streets, that would kill Ichigo faster than any blade.

He drew a breath, seeing his hands fade back to Aesir-pale, warm again. He wasn’t sure if it was a relief.

“They feel scary. And sad.” Ichigo frowned. “And – they disappear, and I don’t see them anymore….” Staring out the shattered window, he went white.

Loki followed his gaze to the shimmer still slipping over ice, and bit back a curse. Most of what he could sense from out there was hunger and pain. But under that, like the echo of a half-forgotten melody….

Scary. And sad.

Unlike a certain son of Odin he could mention, there was obviously a working brain in Ichigo’s head. The boy had put two and two together, and now huddled close with his sisters as if he would protect them from the whole world.

…Which left him huddling oddly close to Loki, as Yuzu had taken the fading of jotunn-blue as license to snuggle. “You’re all right!” the girl gulped.

“Darn it!” Karin grumbled. “The blue was way cooler.”

…Oh gods. Bad puns ran in the family. Help.

“No it’s not!” Yuzu said fiercely. “He’s better this way.”

“Is not!” Karin shot back.

“Is too!”



Loki eyed Ichigo. Who looked as bewildered as someone who’d had their favorite sword glued into their scabbard.

“He’s like a superhero!” Karin declared, obviously expecting this to win the argument.

Super-villain, to be precise, Loki thought dryly. I wonder if SHIELD has a file on me yet?

Yuzu looked about to burst into tears. “Mom was a hero! I don’t want anyone else to go away!”

“He’s not going away!” Ichigo said fiercely. “He’s gonna stay ‘til he gets better. Dad said so.” An impressive young scowl challenged Loki to deny it.

“It seems the wisest course,” Loki said judiciously. “For now.” He peered out into the gray street, worried; ice was melting at the edges, and he wasn’t sure how he’d managed to summon it in the first place-

A small black blur shot through the air, diamond-glints of claws slashing heat-shimmer like a hot knife through butter.


Gone. Only a cat, licking her paw before she sauntered off the road.


12 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Cat pounce

    1. Check out the TVTropes page for a pretty good summary. Very short version: Ordinary High School Student Ichigo (who sees ghosts) runs into shrimp of a Psychopomp (shinigami) Rukia defending souls and escorting them to the afterlife. Ends up stuck with her job while she’s de-powered. And things get more complicated from there.

      There are a lot of people who love the setting but facepalm at some of the later plot-twists. Not to mention the author’s tendencies to solve plot problems by tossing in a whole horde of new characters. Look up “Aizen butterfly” if you want some real fan arrrgh with your spoilers. 🙂


  1. I can’t wait for Loki to meet the Eleventh Division, he’ll be like “How did the valkyries miss these guys”. Actually I can’t wait for Loki to meet the Gotei 13 in general, especially Gin “Looks like a snake” Ichimaru and Toshiro “Ice Guy” Hitsugaya.


    1. *G* Helps that they were kicked off the planet before most of 11th head-butted their way into Soul Society.

      And meeting Toushiro should be very interesting indeed.

      Loki, watching Ichigo attract yet another ice-wielder: “I see a trend….”

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  2. Fascinating . . . and it’s good to see Ichigo using his brain. Loki gaining some acceptance for his Jotuun form would be nice through being able to avoid unwanted attention / hurting the people around him that comes with that form is of the good.

    And yes Loki, the terrible puns and otherwise quirky sense of humor is hereditary. Just wait until you meet Isshin’s cousins . . .

    I’m in the camp that loves this setting and many of its characters but face-palms at the plot twists. Like the standard shounen fighting series plot formula that took over. Or the God Mode Sue that is Aizen. Or how certain characters are allowed to get away with all sorts of bad stuff and other stuff that just plain bad for the good guys winning with absolutely no consequences *glares at Mayuri*

    Or how Ichigo’s genetic backstory got increasing convoluted. He was fine as a shinigami / human hybrid. There was no need to make him part anything else – he can care about the fate of a group of people or have a stake in a plot involving them without being a part member of their species.

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    1. Ichigo will always be impulsive. Always. But he can learn to temper the “jump in before you think!” reaction. (It helps if you’ve been constantly pranked by an older brother for years who uses pranks you can think your way through, if you try.)

      *Nod* Definitely agree on the way-too-complicated. I have a plan. It involves the fact that you can have inherited traditional connections as well as DNA.

      I am changing up “what happens to a soul after death” a little. One thing I’m putting in this setting is that while not all youkai were ever human, a lot were once; and those youkai are, like shinigami and arrancar, just another form a human soul might take after death. Your average young shinigami might not have a clue about this….

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      1. > Your average young shinigami might not have a clue about this…. >
        *EG* Oh hi there Rukia.
        Ichigo and Loki watching Rukia get caught up in another Youkai-related embaressment-
        Ichigo: I’m starting to see why you pranked me all the time.
        Loki: Close, you leap in trying to help without thinking. She always assumes she knows all there is to know about the situation.

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