What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Relatives

You’re probably wondering about… Simon’s nephew.

(Blue hair. Anyone would believe he was Simon’s nephew. Hopefully, anyone will.)

I would love to have a very long talk with you about this boy. For now – see the attached diagrams and components list. Along with the estimated power requirements. It’s not easy, but it works.

Also note that the “buffer” can be activated as a stand-alone on someone who has already passed the Clan’s adulthood rite. I don’t know of anyone else who reacted as badly as I did, but it… really helped smooth over some painful edges. I’m doing much better lately. Though part of that may just be reduced stress, given I now have some help in Simon-wrangling.

I’d like you to meet that help.

I will admit here and now that I have ulterior motives. Simon intends to expand a certain set of elective study options. For now, we’re calling them “nonstandard physics”. But at the moment Hancock only has two people qualified to teach the, er, higher math portion. Simon and Tiburon can teach the applied biofeedback techniques, and the young King actually knows a fair amount of both – at least the theories behind it, even if his own application can be shaky.

In short, we need more teachers. And you managed to get these critical life skills through my skull, even when we all knew I was starting from scratch. Would you be interested in a visit, to consider it?

I’ll also admit to a second ulterior motive. I know whose birthday is coming up, and… I don’t want Svitlana to hurt the way I did.

Your grateful son and brother,

Ja’far Zmiinyi Zvezdilin.

P.S.:  Be careful opening Simon’s enclosure. He won’t let me see everything that’s in it. Says you deserve a surprise. The mind reels.

P.P.S.: And Alan added his own note. That one should be safe. I think.


14 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Relatives

  1. You know, I ended up making myself a cowl, finished if just in time for spring, and in my head I call it my Cavins Cowl. Because I somehow didn’t notice that my purple yarn was the exact shade of Simon’s hair and the other bit was blue. A hit dark to be Aladdin, but maybe after he got hit with the magical puberty fairy, because that does change hair shade a tad.

    And I love how we opened the story with Alan and his estrangement from his family, and we’re coming to a close with a tentative bridge in the wide gap between Ja’far and his family. It all begins and ends with family.

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  2. Poor Ja’far is warning them and still can’t help but understate. His washing his hands if Simon’s and possibly Alan’s additions tickles me. Because Alan’s SHOULD be safe, but he IS a king…

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    1. *Snrk* To be fair, he’s sending something overseas to the Ukraine! He can’t be absolutely sure some jerk won’t read it.

      …Of course, if they did, they’d run into whatever Simon enclosed, and Ja’far would not feel sorry for them at all.

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      1. Simon managed to get one of the tiny wyvvern from Baal’s dungeon into an envelope, didn’t he?
        After all, tiny cute pets are a traditional gift for little girls.

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  3. He dropped enough hints* there to make them curious and we all know magicians are curious . . . I do hope his family shows up . . . curious if one Elder would tag along, to see what this reborn assassin/magician/school teacher-vp is up to and probably with every intention of being scowlingly disapproving of everything from his hair to his job to how and what he teaches.

    Okay, ulterior motive, I want Ja’far’s friends to give at least one Elder the disapproval and The Reason You Suck Speech they deserve. Perhaps his King. Because Ja’far is one of his people and they have hurt him and continue to hurt him and that is not allowed.

    Also the bunnies like the idea of a group of Ja’far’s fangirls and students who consider him their favorite teacher for other reasons giving said Elder very dirty looks for upsetting Mr. Z.

    Won’t it be fun if Svitlana and Morgan got along extremely well?

    *Well, as you said, they had to be hints. Because he can’t be sure that no one else will read this letter before it reaches his family. And they have secrets to protect.

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      1. Alright, I looked that up and that’s super cute. Although to find it I had to wade through some false results for an airstrip officially called an intergalactic spaceport, which is…a really cool false result to get, actually. Humans, man.


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