A Net of Dawn and Bones – cool review!

ManaCrucifixion  left this awesome comment on the intro chapter of A Net of Dawn and Bones up on AO3. *G*


Excuse me while I glee, because it’s a great relief that the character voices came through as so different and people liked it. Whee!


4 thoughts on “A Net of Dawn and Bones – cool review!

  1. My local library finally got a copy of _Net_, a couple of weeks ago. (The time taken is measured in fractions of a year, but they’re pretty good about buying in suggested new books.) Ripped through it in about four hours this afternoon, which left me with a bit of a sore neck but was great fun. Now I’m going to reread the snippets, meta, etc. the search turned up when I was looking for an appropriate spot to drop this. 🙂


    1. It’s actually getting into libraries? Yahoo!

      *Insert cheering and metaphorical backflips!*

      One of the paid services CreateSpace offers is getting a LCCN specifically so your book can be requested by libraries to buy, since they use that number to do it. Given I spend a lot of time in libraries myself, I figured that would be a good thing. 🙂

      Thank you! Made my morning! 🙂


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