Bridge ficbit – Cat’s Paws

A/N: Note that this fic invokes not just the Cinematic Universe, but the X-Men movies, and several things from various comics. Because there’s no way I’m not having Dr. Strange in this ‘verse. Not to mention other magical shenanigans.


Yoruichi snickered, kneading the stomach she’d chosen for a seat. “Tense, hmm?”

“You!” Loki growled under his breath. “That wasn’t wise. I could have-” He bit it off.

“Could have what?” Yoruichi chuckled. “The day you try to hurt a cat, Loki Odinsson, is the day I know you’ve been taken over by evil mind-control.” She sniffed. “Unlike Freya… honestly, it was one hairball. She didn’t need that dress.”

Muscles tensed under her. “A spy, then. I knew I’d seen you move before.” His voice dropped to a low hiss. “I am not Odinsson.”

“Which is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.” Yoruichi flicked an ear. “I feel professionally embarrassed. That doesn’t happen often.”

A soft hah of a breath. Pain, that was; hidden, but as deep as any of the Vizards’. And how could it be anything else? He’d believed he was one of the Aesir. She’d believed it, all the years she’d stalked carefully through Asgard, marking the shape-shifting sorcerer as one of the most dangerous assets Odin had. To find out otherwise, however he had – and oh, she could only imagine the mess that must have been… well.

I should introduce him to Shinji. If I want all of Karakura blown off the map.

Heh. Bad idea. But oh, there had to be a way to use this! Even if Aizen had her reports – especially if he had her reports – he wouldn’t know

“Are you here to spy on Isshin?”

“Oh, I only wish,” Yoruichi chuckled. “Not that he couldn’t use a bit of looking after. But no. Kisuke and I have been… retired… for almost a century now. Isshin dropped in on us, not the other way around.” Through the sheet, she kneaded the flesh under her. “Are you all right? You haven’t petted me at all. I won’t ask what happened. Of course I want to know….”

“Are you going to tell me who you’re hiding from?” Loki said dryly.


Green eyes regarded her, narrowed. “That powerful, is he?”

“What you don’t know, you can’t give away,” Yoruichi said complacently. “You didn’t save me any tuna, did you?”


25 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Cat’s Paws

  1. Curious and curiousier said Alice . . .

    I hope they can keep Loki under wraps long enough to give Aizen some very nasty surprises. Maybe because I like sharing the butt-kicking, I hope everyone still living with a reason to kick his butt gets their chance.

    I refuse to believe that perfect hypnosis of his zanpakuto doesn’t have a weak point besides don’t look at it when it’s released

    And why does the hypnosis continue when the blade is sealed back up and without apparent ill effect on Aizen’s energy reserves because it was point blank stated that using a zanpakuto’s special abilities takes energy. If you are out of reiatsu, you can’t use them. Is he simply always been so powerful that he doesn’t notice a constant energy drain or is that ability really low energy? Or that constant energy drain why, besides other reasons, he prefers using minions to do everything?


    1. Exactly one of the things that makes me so grouchy about Aizen as God-Mode Stu. Every other zanpakutou has 1) effects limited to when it’s released in shikai or bankai, and 2) said effects take part of your power to set off.

      Granted, in canon Zangetsu is in permanent release as shikai. But Ichigo still has to charge any special attack, and said attack has time-limited effects. (As in, a few seconds. Swoosh, BOOM!)

      If Aizen’s hypnosis takes hold when it’s released, then by definition the sword should be not released most of the time.

      And yet. Apparently the “body” of Aizen, stabbed with his own sword, was one of those illusions. Maintained for several days.

      Honestly, even if he’s having a constant energy drain, this does not compute with the rules that apply to every other zanpakutou we see used.

      …So honestly, I feel kind of sympathetic to the rest of the Gotei 13 for not seeing Aizen for what he is sooner. By everything they know, what he’s doing is impossible.

      …Suggestions for how to retcon that welcome.


      1. Aizen lied about his zanpakuto’s special ability. The illusions were created by something else, something that most of his fellow Shinigami won’t think of because they are simply unaware of the existence of species other than shinigami, humans, or Hollows. His zanpakuto simply reinforces those illusions and/or can tinker with memories in a manner similar to the powder stuff that Rukia sprays on people in the human world to cover up the activities of the Soul Society – thus mainly working with what’s already in the person’s head.

        Or Aizen isn’t actually a shinigami. He is some kind of plant / spy and his zanpakuto isn’t one but a prop.

        Or Aizen isn’t just a shinigami. He’s a shinigami and something else with illusion powers or something along those lines.

        Or mix and match those ideas into something you like that makes sense. 🙂


      2. Not sure where I read this — think it might have been a time travel AU, need to go see if I can find it again — but the Aizen “illusion” that got stabbed was presented as… Well, basically as a flash clone or variant gigai (or however you spell “false body”). A really good one that fooled Unohana up to and including after she did a post-mortem.

        As for the shikai thing, I’d ask, “How does everyone know he’s NOT in shikai all the time and hypnotizing them into thinking he’s not?” Or a subliminal trigger…? Though that may mess with the “plan” to insure Ichigo was able to take him down… When did Ichigo run into him the first time?

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      3. *Shrugs* I always figured that Aizen was like Ichigo: powerful enough to leave his Zanpakuto in constant release and that the drain from the ability was small enough that he could just keep it going constantly. Ichigo may have seen the blade in its released state, but he was still immune. The key to being vulnerable was you had to see him release it, not just its released state.


  2. I always thought that Aizen planted a trigger for his illusions but I never figured out how he had kept an illusion of himself stabbed working for several days


  3. What if it’s not actually ‘hypnosis’ like he claims? What if it’s like a delay-release kind of trigger? Let’s see if I can explain this right, I have the image in my head but words are struggling to come…

    He doesn’t actually create a mass illusion, but he creates little ‘traps’ that are scattered about when his sword is released, like dandelion seeds, and latch onto whoever is watching. Doppler-Effect kinda thing, only homes in if you’re -looking-. Maybe it latches onto the back of their neck or something and goes dormant and pretty much untraceable, Then when he makes use of his ‘permanent illusion’ trick he’s actually switching them active, maybe through those Reiatsu Strings that are never really given justice in-canon. And then the traps siphon off minute amounts of their -host’s- energy to fuel the conflicting sensory output. And since it’s not actually doing anything -big- they don’t actually notice the drain.

    I think there’s something like what I’m describing in the computer world, but the name and proper descriptive adjectives are escaping me >.<;

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      1. Ditto. And that explains how he was able to do a false body. He could lace his gigai with the ‘trojans,’ (what I will call the dandelion virus), and use a method of storing reiatsu to power it. After all, if the Twelfth can create something that constantly nibbles away at Kenpachi’s reiatsu, that produces no lasting long term effects as shown by his immediate jump in power after takin his eyepatch off, then they can probably come up with a way to store that energy and use like a battery. And I fully believe that Twelfth was in in with Aizen up to their necks.

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  4. Added note: Doesn’t the Academy have established Soul Reapers come in to demonstrate Zanpakuto Release to new students? If Aizen volunteered the whole time it’d let him ‘seed’ just about every Soul Reaper potential. Then he could fairly easily portray his true Ability, once his true colors come out, as ‘mass illusion’ rather than what it really was.

    Tricky, misdirecting, and leaves his victims barking up the entirely wrong tree. That just sounds like his MO, yes?

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  5. The nice thing about Cumberbatch is that he does seem to have embraced the whole “arrogant surgeon, loses his vocation, finds a new life” thing. Also the mystic passes. When they started releasing the first info about Cumberbatch and it was all about him doing arcane gestures in front of the mirror, I knew he would do okay.

    And yeah, I am far from being a fangirl of his; but the role is well within his wheelhouse. The good news is that it really seems to be fun for him, too. Marvel movies should contain delight.

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  6. > You just want to burn down the whole division.

    That. That is the sole sane response to the type of mad science 12th cooks up. It’s not even Mad Science. It’s just… mad.

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