Bridge ficbit – Rukongai brats

Isshin’s power was low as ever, but Yoruichi had no trouble finding where he was puttering in the clinic supplies. The crashes and mutters were enough to give a ninja away.

Target: shoulders. Pounce!

Isshin’s head didn’t thump quite hard enough into the top of the cabinet; he was sputtering curses, but not passed out on the floor. Good enough. “Now that I have your attention-”

If she hadn’t been expecting human speed, she would have dodged it. But she’d been visiting Isshin off and on ever since he’d crashed into Karakura. She knew he was powerless. Worse than powerless; zanpakutou shattered and destroyed, a gaping hole in a shinigami’s soul that no merely human love could ever ease. She didn’t mind that he’d tried with Masaki, really; though protecting three youngsters of shinigami blood was a little worrisome at times….

Isshin had her by the scruff of the neck. And he did not look happy. “How?” she demanded.

“I’ve told you before; I’ll tell you again. No pranks in the medical supplies, Yoruichi.” Carefully, Isshin closed the cabinet. “Stuff needs to stay sterile, and it needs to be intact. Could be someone’s life if it’s not.” He set her on the tiled floor. “And I thought you were already complaining about how.”

“Ichigo?” She felt at Isshin’s reiatsu – and there was pressure there, hidden under Kisuke’s wards. “That’s impossible! Kisuke checked you; he said there wasn’t a chance your power could be restored without a healer of Unohana’s caliber.”

Isshin grinned at her, not entirely friendly. “Or just a heck of a lot of power, and a healing spell that got lucky.”

“Ichigo?” The boy hadn’t even died yet. He couldn’t have that level of power.

And… Isshin wouldn’t have grabbed her if he weren’t trying to distract her. If she’d tracked him down, he knew she wanted something.

And he’s pretty sure it’s more than a saucer of milk, Yoruichi thought wryly. “You are teaching the children who they are. Just not what.”

Isshin looked bemused. “I am, huh?”

“Don’t play games with this, Isshin! If they don’t behave properly when they meet their relatives-”

“The were-cat’s going to lecture me on behaving properly?” Isshin snorted. “When’s the last time you played by the rules, Lady Shihouin?”

“I broke the rules after I had my position,” Yoruichi shot back. “Think! They’ll wind up in Rukongai with power and without a clue. If they try to press their rightful claim-”

“They don’t have a rightful claim,” Isshin cut her off. “I’m dead, Yoruichi. The insane traitor who attacked blameless Captain Aizen. Remember? Struck from the clan rolls and everything.” A wry smile. “So stop worrying about it. They don’t need tea ceremonies and what noble clan owes who a debt from ten centuries back. They need karate and good sense and old-fashioned, never-say-die, Rukongai brawling. ‘Cause they’re not nobles, Yoruichi. They’re Rukongai brats – my Rukongai brats – and they’ll make their own way up the ranks. Count on it.”


42 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rukongai brats

  1. The Kurosaki clan: explained in one monologue or less. Hee. (Would be more witty/in depth, but had very frustrating and crapy day. All love goes to you and the Bits, I’m going to go sleep or break things.)

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  2. I just realized since this is crossovered with Marvel we will have to deal with both Aizen and Doctor Doom. Two megalomaniac geniuses who when you think you beat them it turns out to be an illusion/doombot who want to rule all reality. God help the people in that universe if they ever meet.

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      1. @Vathara: I was going to leave a comment on your Mjolnir vs. Zanpakutou comment.

        Then I realized that you were the one who had written it.

        *zips lips into evil grin*


      1. Muramasa vs Mjolnir is what I want to see. The sword that gives voices/forms to your trusted (and sometimes taken for granted weapons) and the semi-sentient hammer that can build (not that we ever see Thor make use of this capability) and or destroy anything as well as determine the worthiness of its wielder. That would make for a fascinating scene. Or Muramasa and the Iron man armor. Not sentient in and of itself, but a medium for Jarvis to affect the world to assist Tony.

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  3. You tell her, Isshin . . . . through I have the feeling the reveal on Aizen is going to complicate that particular manner. Because official or not, if the whole story gets out, some people will expect them to know how to act. And get angry when they don’t. Through the same people would probably get annoyed at them acting like nobles when they aren’t because they are the children of a disgraced traitor, nevermind that Aizen was the real traitor. Catch-22 . . . so Isshin has the right idea – teach them to be Rukongai brats because they might be rough manners-wise but they are tough little brats.

    Besides what’s left of the Shiba Clan seems to be Kuujaku and Ganju who don’t seem to stand on ceremony very much . . . mmm, wonder how Isshin is going to react to what happened to his family in the Soul Society, particularly Kaien (because that was particularly nasty and I can’t help but think that Aizen was not being random with his choice of victims there).

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    1. > Besides what’s left of the Shiba Clan seems to be Kuujaku and Ganju who don’t seem to stand on ceremony very much >
      And from what little we’ve seen of the clan members before they got exiled, they weren’t exactly traditional nobles then either.

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    2. Huh.


      Okay, it’s been a while since I last read Bleach (back when the last transliterated chapter on MangaHere or whatever was the start of the face-off of the Captains vs. the… Numbers (yeah, you can tell how long it’s been!), just after Karakura was moved), but I’m pretty sure that Isshin landed on Karakura about twenty years before the start of the story. Kaien died forty years before the start of the story.


      1. Huh. I honestly don’t have a timeline on when Kaien died – but I got the impression it was after Isshin disappeared. Because Isshin, canon, was the 1oth division captain – yet Rukia never recognizes him. Implies she became a Shinigami after he vanished.


      2. Possibly. I can’t always keep the timeline straight for this series. It’s not as bad as some series or universes have been known to be but still . . .

        My point about Kaien not being random stands . . . and maybe why Isshin was poking his nose where Aizen thought it ought not to be . . .

        through you’d think if he was a Captain that recently that Rukia would have recognized him when she saw him . . . do Shinigami fail to recognize people if something is goofing with their reiatsu / shielding it (like Ichigo’s energy was so loud and overpowering that it effectively hide any lingering signature of Isshin’s plus whatever Urahara did to help with that?) or because he couldn’t see her and that he’s supposed to be dead, she convinced herself that it was a coincidence that he looked just like the former 10th Captain and had the same first name and his son bears a eerie resemblance to her squad’s deceased vice-captain who was the aforementioned Captain’s cousin . .


      3. Heh.

        I have no doubt that the targetting of Kaien was deliberate – whether because he was a Shiba, because he was Juushirou’s lieutenant, or some combo thereof.

        And Rukia is… somewhat blind when it comes to things like that.

        And even if she wasn’t… how often would she have actually met any captain but Byakuya (her brother), Juushirou (her captain), or Shunsui (as Juushirou’s friend, he’s probably in and out of Thirteenth all the time). I could quite easily see her never having met the captain of the Tenth.


      4. >> I could quite easily see her never having met the captain of the Tenth.>>

        Possibly . . . through we never see her fail to recognize any of the other Gotei 13 Captains . . . And she spent a lot of time with Kaien, guess he never visited his cousin or cousin never came to see him?

        Ow . . . Untangling Tite Kubo Possible Plot Holes and/or Continuity Snarls . . ow . . .


  4. > I have an idea for Muramasa…

    Could this idea involve hugs and chocolates? Oh, yeah, and the whole not dying thing would be great, too!


  5. Quick question: Mjolnir vs. Zanpakutou. Who wins? (This may, of course, depend on the sword in question…)

    Question strikes me, so I’ll take a stab..

    For what purpose and which one? (On the Zanpakutou side, at least)
    A great many Zanpakutou are no match at all for Mjolnir; Lower level shinigami swords are canonically weaker than higher class ones, and Mjolnir is easily more powerful in very basic ways than all but a few. To have a chance you’re looking firmly at the ‘captain level’ territory; Never mind getting hit by it (Which is a terrible, terrible idea), the lightning would trump most Zanpakutou. However…

    Once you get up to the vice captain level, Zanpakutou have strange and context breaking powers all seemingly unique; And they’re – basically they’re soulsteel, or at least /close/; They don’t seem to have the traditional power of Soulsteel in living hands (Never breaks unless you do), but still, they’re far more durable than normal least for the purposes of Ghost on Ghost combat.

    Mjolnir though, is a living being’s weapon. A living being who can see and interact with spirits fine – not having that ability would be an odd way to call that interaction, given mythology – but still, a living being.

    And unfortunately for most swords, Mjolnir is a hammer. All other things in play – no sword wants to take a hit from a hammer, or try to block one. That direction lies shattered blades.

    However, fortunately for most Shinigami, Mjolnir is a hammer and they practice Kenjitsu; /Parrying a hammer/ is not going to be on the table for their combat style. They outreach it, and their attack motions are thoroughly different; In non-contest of concept fights, therefore you get a kind of dance of not touching each other – because with it’s short haft and reach, the other thing Mjolnir is not so good for is parrying things.

    (Thor must be quite practiced at just soaking it. Loki’s opinion of this habit is likely dire.)

    That leaves the contest of concept arena. And that’s..not so in Mjolnir’s favor. It’s conceptual offense is it’s own invulnerability, capability to destroy things it actually connects with, and weather control.

    What it doesn’t do is give advice, warnings, or protect it’s wielder from you know. Playing a game being the rules. OMG, Everything is on fire. ‘Sting’. Being suddenly impaled. Or, unfortunately for everyone, absolute hypnosis.

    Ah. Concepts that would keep Loki up for weeks, horrified. isn’t Mjolnir vs Zanpakutou that’s the determiner of ‘can a shinigami win this fight’. It’s Zanpakutou vs Aesthir endurance – because Mjolnir doesn’t swing itself.

    And that, then, is the place where Mjolnir looses. Because Zanpakutou halfway to -can-.

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    1. Oooh, nice analysis!

      Let’s just say… I like the way Ichigo explains it to Tony. (So does Tony, for that matter. 😉 )

      Thor is… hm. A little slow on the uptake. (Not that Ichigo expects any better of him when the introductions click. But at that point, Ichigo’s had a big brother for over six years. And he’s learned.)


  6. Honestly if and when the Karakura Town residents throw down versus Asgard (Vathara mentioned something about Loki+Yuzu being captured and brought to Asgard at some point) things are going to be interesting.

    Getting to Asgard itself might be simpler then at first glance. Yuzu and Karin have a bond (fraternal twins) in regards to magic. Law of Contagion and all that. Also Karin’s affinity is apparently related to secrets, and likely related to figuring said secrets out. Between that and some mad magic/science by Urahara getting to Asgard shouldn’t be an insurmountable issue.

    Also this bunch of sorcerers/Shinigami/adepts/Quincy/whatever are not going to fight the way most of Asgard will expect. I’ve gotten the impression that aside from the few older generations most of MCU Asgrad hasn’t had tons experience with opponents they just can’t run over. Even when de-powered Thor demolished groups of highly trained soldiers so I’m putting baseline Aesir above that of most humans.

    This bunch however are likely to have similar capabilities to them and are going to be cheating (whether by magic or tactics) every step of the way. Or at least the Asgard will consider it cheating. The humans will just consider it common sense. After all, they aren’t here to win glory or fame. They’re here to rescue the captives and get out.

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      1. @unseene: It would not surprise me in the least.

        (Of course, in this case, “More Dakka” probably means bankai.)


      2. (*headdesks self*) And… other things. *cough*Ichigo and Uryuu had Trouble Magnets even before Rukia showed up, and there’s a reason Dr. Strange does not want to go back to Karakura*cough*


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