What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Lawful or Good

A/N: Ended up rewriting a bunch of the Tiburon bit; some of it may get put into other scenes where it fits better. Here’s some of the new stuff.

Richard riffled the small sheaf of papers Simon had sent home for anyone planning to be involved in the dungeons, and gave Tiburon a look that said the stack ought to be at least three times thicker, with hazard to life and limb written all over it. “So you’re not just planning to teach my son self-defense. You’re deliberately taking him and other students into an… actively hazardous area.”

Tiburon sat attentively in the visitor’s chair, determined to keep this civil. And accurate. “An area where magic, magical creatures, and various magical hazards are present, yes.”

Richard winced. “Why? Haven’t they been in enough danger already?” He rapped the pages on the desk. “What possible experience do you have dealing with these… hazards?”

“Several years’ worth,” Tiburon said plainly. Not all years in this world, but that’s another matter. “And yes, they have been in danger. That’s why they need the experience, under controlled conditions. So that the next time a dragon decides to strafe the school grounds, it’s not just up to one young man to stop it.”

“Why should there even be a next time?” Richard said seriously. “That… tower, is gone.” And good riddance, his tense shoulders said. “You can’t seriously think someone ought to bring it back.”

“It’s not up to me, but yes, actually, I do,” Tiburon stated. “As I said. It’s a place where the students can get experience with magic under controlled conditions. They need that chance. Before they run into more creatures like those the Shays had on hand-”

“If there are monsters out there we should call the government,” Richard cut him off. “Call in the army. Call in an airstrike. That’s what they’re there for!”

“Yes, because that works so well in all the Godzilla movies,” Tiburon said dryly. “Mr. Silversmith… Richard. As I understand the situation, after several thousand years in which magic’s been a relatively weak force in the universe, it’s now becoming exponentially stronger. Which means even if a tower never rises again,” and I’d never count on that, Yunan has ideas about proper guidance of the world, “then inexperienced magicians, people who never knew they were magicians, might accidentally set off magical reactions that can create catastrophes. Giant monsters included. And that would be without the malevolent, trained magicians we know are already out there. Like the Shays.”


26 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Lawful or Good

  1. > and I’d never count on that, Yunan has ideas about proper guidance of the world, >
    Did that guy not notice the sheer amount of carnage, loss of life and insanity that occurred in the wake of his dungeon raising?

    Oh wait he did, by hiding down in a deep dark ravine and letting everyone else clean up the mess.

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  2. Richard, in the space of everything that has happened, have you forgotten the one tenny tinny problem that completely tanks you proposed solution that being, ALMOST NO ONE KNOWS THAT MAGIC IS REAL!

    Meaning the most government agencies first reaction to your report of magic-using bad guys and/or a monster attack will NOT be to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. It will be considered it either (a) you saw a normal but dangerous animal like a gator or one of the loose pythons and panicking, (b) a prank call wasting everyone’s time, or (c) that you are on drugs and thus hallucinating about seeing monsters and people doing magic. Or some combination of all three.

    In none of those situation will they be calling in the Air Force or something. Even if you have military contacts, they will not believe this story about magic and monsters without proof. Proof that you yourself cannot give. I seriously doubt Alan will be willing to demonstrate his abilities for said military contact. Because doing so will endanger him, his Djinn, his Household, his People and his allies.

    If you persist, they might even charge you with filing false reports and/or abusing the emergency telephone system. Eventually (like in several WEEKS or MONTHS) said reports MIGHT wind up in the hands of someone who knows about magic and you better hope they are better people than the Shays (and that person is unlikely to get anymore people to believe them about magic than you are) OR more likely in the hands of agencies like SGC and NID who think aliens and super tech, not magic.

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    1. And yet Richard actually does have a point, in the midst of all the flailing: half the reason the Shays could create the mess they did was no one knew it was possible.

      Not to mention Hancock is going to have to come up with at least an internal code of conduct for magic. Because teenagers. There will be bullying, there will be senseless self-absorbed behavior, and if there isn’t at least one try at a sex pollen incident I don’t know people. Hancock High has to come up with rules. And enforce them.

      And that’s going to be the argument they present to Richard: Look, we can’t go public right now, everything would hit hell in a handbasket. So help us come up with possible laws – help us figure out magical forensics, for goodness’s sake! So that when something happens that’s blatant enough someone official knocks on our door, we can say this is what works.

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      1. Valid point and exactly what they should do

        But the way he spoke it seemed like he thought that the very literal next time something hinky happened, he could treat the problem exactly how he would if there was no magic involved, aka let the police and/or the military handle it.

        Which, as of right now, they can’t. Not until they know its real and they cannot know its real this early in the situation. Because it’s too dangerous.

        Right now, Mr. Silversmith, if all government agencies could be made to believe in magic, a lot of those aforementioned agencies would tag your son as a threat to be eliminated OR a weapon to be used as they saw it fit. Along with all of his friends. They probably will whenever they stop hiding themselves but right now, it’s be too easy to cover up anything they did and make them disappear.

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      2. Which is one reason Tiburon’s pointing out in a little later bit, look, everyone I know who knows magic is scared to death of the government. You want them to vanish? I don’t! Relax, let’s think about this….


    2. There is also a fourth reaction, though it’s unlikely for the government to be the one to react as such- civilians, on the other hand… Look at Disney.

      Take into account just how sugar coated today’s idea of magic is, the fae being a prime example. Now imagine people treating fairies like harmless, simple little creatures that simply want to be your friend.

      Magicians are still human, yes- They also have access to a lot more power, so they can’t get a lot worse than people might expect is possible. They can also make miracles.

      Civilians will likely downplay how nasty magic can really get. The government will probably make enemies by way of preemptive strike.


      1. Like adventures, miracles are things that are usually much safer and healthier to hear about happening to someone else, somewhere else, then to run into yourself.


      2. I’m halfway convinced most gov’t agencies, on hearing something that sounds like “magic”, will spend 3 years passing the buck around until someone finally circular-files it. Or gets eaten. 😉


    3. There’s also another problem that Tiburon isn’t bringing up just yet (I do hope it’s occurred to them, though).

      Biegen was an Idiot!Expendable. So he didn’t know about magic.

      What do you want to bet that at least some of the Shays’ contacts/people in the government do know about magic?

      Now, think about what would happen if Richard called it in (and someone actually believed him). The legit government wouldn’t even get the chance to try a snatch at the Kings, because the Shays and their allies would get there first. And Callimachus hasn’t had time to teach our beloved Dungeon Monitors some of the ways to avoid getting into situations like what happened in Boston.


  3. If Richard continues to act like this stupid, Alan is going have blood in his mouth from biting his tongue to stop himself from telling Richard exactly what he thinks about him and his actions to date.

    Spoiler alert, most of it would not be flattering. To put it mildly.

    Alan has got a lot of patience, knows his people are counting on him holding it together until they can arrange something better, but everyone has limits. And let’s remember that there is a very nasty temper hiding under all that (blonde) hair. And there might be a good reason that his (first) Djinn is one that controls fire.


    1. Richard is panicking, a bit, yes. Alan and the rest are going to try and get him past the panic reactions to things that are actually helpful.

      Part of the problem is – aside from his dealings with Anne – Richard has led a pretty upright and honest life. (Yes, an honest lawyer.) The idea of playing fast and loose with “what do we report” has him very uncomfortable. As it should, honestly.

      Hopefully our heroes can convince him “look, we’re not costumed vigilantes, we plan to leave everything possible to the cops. But when something odd does pop up… well, it’s like being a volunteer firefighter, right?”

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  4. Why do I have a feeling that sheaf of papers is… complex and if you read through the lines and understand all/most of the understatements, it has “no, seriously, DANGER! But if we don’t do this now, WAY MORE/WORSE danger later.” In great implied detail.

    I don’t blame Richard for clinging desperately to sanity. He doesn’t remember magic, he hasn’t SEEN what it can do (good, bad, or flat-out incredible) in vivid, graphic detail. He doesn’t know what Rukh or Kings are and their calling. I’m not sure he even believes in past lives. He’s lived a normal, sane, (mostly) boring life and been happy with that. Then his lover died and his child got sick and he was on the peripherals of Dual King Insanity. It Makes Sense that he wants it to be Someone Else’s Problem, unfortunately, the buck stops with the Kings.


  5. No, Richard. Stop, Richard. We *will* end up with a Magnostadt-esque situation if we do this your way-at best. If the magic-users aren’t organized before they go public, the government will organize them themselves. (Shudders in horror)


  6. I thought it was implied that Richard and household weren’t entirely unfamiliar with magic and magic users in Chapter 15. I mean they took the dragon and getting through airport security in stride…wanders off muttering in confusion…


    1. There is a massive difference between seeing a photo of a dragon, and SEEING a dragon. Getting through the TSA can be explained without magic, so it’s forgiveable for Richard to miss the connection between “dodged airport security” and magic.

      Of course, getting magic is real to stick may be… Sticky.


    2. Dragon plus costume = “could still be a movie stunt”. And they don’t know how Alan got through security. He’s avoided details.

      There’s a big, big difference between that and, “Oh by the way, I can summon lightning bolts….”


      1. “And fireballs . . . sometimes a very, very small nuclear reactor . . . and we could, in theory, between the two of us, lay waste to most of the continent . . . not that we are going to that but there is a difference between can’t do something and won’t do something . . .”
        “Ooops. That might have been too much information.”

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      2. You notice neither Alan nor Simon are mentioning this to most people! They might let themselves be seen in Full Equip, depends on the circumstances – but the full scope of it? Need to Know only.

        Though Richard ought to be wondering about that glow on the horizon he saw. The fact that he doesn’t want to know… ouch.


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