Bridge bit – Snow sharks

A/N: Definitely don’t own Calvin & Hobbes. (Darn!)

The snow looked different this time.

Zangetsu raised an eyebrow, but let his footfalls crunch on it anyway. He was the visitor here. And he was going to be polite.

The circling white and ivory fins, slicing through the icy crust, almost made him change his mind.

He could have left. He could have attacked.

Zangetsu chose to laugh, instead. “Snow sharks? You’ve been in Ichigo’s comic books.”

“Why not?” drifted in the wind. “They seem quite effective.”

“I am certain they would be.” Ah; the echoes were confusing, but Zangetsu knew how to slice the wind. He ignored snow, ice, and fogs, and inclined his head toward this soul-scape’s owner. “It is good to see you.”

Loki stepped out of a veil of blowing snow. “What is your name?”

“That, I will first give to my shinigami,” Zangetsu said levelly. “Ossan will do.”

“Old man?” The sorcerer looked amused. “I could give you a hundred years for every one of yours, and still be your elder.”

“In a way,” Zangetsu mused, “I think you have.”

The moaning winds quieted. Not still, not quite; but Loki was listening to him. “Isshin said you were Ichigo’s sword-spirit. That you were born with him. You should be a child.”

“I was,” Zangetsu agreed. “I am not certain what happened. But….”

Patient as the drifts whispering past, Loki waited.

“Isshin’s companion tells me Masaki knew some of what he was,” Zangetsu stated. “What Ichigo might be. And what she wished most of all was to protect her son.”

“A dying wish,” Loki murmured. “Even from a powerless human, those may warp the very strands of fate.” Green eyes narrowed. “Yet she was not powerless, was she?”

“No,” Zangetsu shook his head. “She woke me, when I should have still been in slumber. She begged me to breathe, to act – to save him, and myself. And I tried. I tried. But I was still a child.” He sighed. “Then you came. And the power wrapped about you said, protect my son.”

“A resonance.” Loki stroked his jaw with a thumb, thinking. “We were both under similar enchantments. Ichigo had the power I needed to survive. And I… well.”

“You have centuries of experience discerning friend from foe, and improvising to survive them,” Zangetsu stated. “I do not know the events that formed your knowledge. But… I feel them.”

“So you are no longer a child.” Loki drew in a sharp breath. “Did I harm Ichigo?”

“Which would have been the greater hurt?” Zangetsu countered. “To feel sorrow and joy too soon? Or to know only the fear of what lurks in the dark, and be helpless to fight it?”


12 thoughts on “Bridge bit – Snow sharks

  1. I think I’d take the former over the latter . . . but if the latter was what happened in cannon, you begin to understand why Ichigo is so cranky . . . and why he is always so desperate to protect the people he cares about. He might not have remembered all of the details of his mother’s death (either from trauma or Urahara, Isshin, etc altered his memory) until later but he knew something had gone very badly wrong and we know he blamed himself for it.

    Ossan . . . nice origin for it in this universe . . . plus Ichigo will probably refer to him as such, even knowing what Zangetsu is, until he can hear his name. And Ichigo totally should be the first one to know the name of his spirit-blade. It’d be wrong if other people knew a zanpakuto’s name before their shinigami does – and I think our spirit blades would be offended by the suggestion that they would even do something like that.

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    1. You do get the impression that the latter’s what happened in canon – Ichigo says flat-out he killed his own mother, before we figure out it was Grand Fisher who did the deed. Can you imagine what that does to a 9 year old? Gah.

      And yes, there’s no way Zangetsu’s letting anyone else know his name before Ichigo. 🙂 Especially given he has some hints of what Loki can do with names already! 😉

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  2. Masaki reminds me of Nora from FF13. (Nora was a totally wasted chance for a BAMF Mom.) She ends up with a rocket launcher! Her second most memorable quote is “Moms are tough.” And what do they do? They make her the tragic backstory for another character. This is what happened with Masaki.

    And then it was retconned that Masaki wasn’t BAMF enough to face off with Grand Fisher as a mundane. No, he had to play with DNA. Gah. Ichigo’s genetic history: A Wizard Did It.


    1. And then it was retconned that Masaki wasn’t BAMF enough to face off with Grand Fisher as a mundane.

      *gives that nonsense the look it deserves*

      Yay for Vathara cheerfully ignoring that and other equally annoying retcons and plot twists . I’m always against an author ruining Women Being Awesome and/or lessening the impact of their Heroic Sacrifice.

      And I know opposites are supposed to attract but sometimes they don’t. A lot of shy, retiring types would find energetic and loud people Isshin too exhausting to hang around much, let alone date and marry. And since people in the Shiba Clan seem to have an independent streak a mile wide, you’d think they have a weakness for partners who exhibit that same kind of independence and will.

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      1. Opposites may attract, but they don’t stay together that well. So yeah. I suspect Masaki only looked quiet. Where other people weren’t watching, she was gleefully helping Isshin set up pranks to turn Ryuuken’s hair purple.

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      2. *nods full agreement* Really, I suspect “opposites attract” works for electromagnetism… but not for personality styles. There – if you’re to have any chance at a real relationship, platonic or romantic – it should be “complements attract”.

        (Oh, yes, definitely. I’d be dead after a day with an energetic, loud person.)


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