Earring Tales: Rose Bracelet


The rose bracelet is very interesting, numerologically speaking. 196 rows = 2x2x7x7. 12 beads per row = 2x2x3. 3 latch beads. 3 loops of 17 beads each for the other end of the latch. And the way I’m putting the latch beads on, they were held with pairs of 3, 4, and 5 stopper beads, respectively. (Until that didnโ€™t work and I ended up adding the 3 pale green stone beads. Canโ€™t hurt!)

Once I figured out the numbers, plus rose = symbols of secrets and Mary, I figured this might be good for bashing unpleasant supernatural types over the head. And there are 2 “ghost beads” in the design, for further confounding of nasties. 1 is a spot where there’s 1 bead missing. *amused.* Second? There’s a bright orange bead in there in place of one pink. Believe it or not, it’s almost impossible to find. It’s almost easier to find it by knowing you’re looking for a slightly larger bead, than by the color. And yes, I apparently added that one by accident too. I had some orange beads left over from another project, and they were just there on the bead cloth.

The 3 latch beads may be plastic, not sure. I’m recycling them from a bracelet that I picked up cheap and broke down for parts. But they are a nice true purple, so complement both colors in the bracelet. EG The Pinkness! …Yeah. This is a very Yachiru bracelet.


10 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Rose Bracelet

  1. It must look different in person. Because I saw somthing off about the picture immediately and when I read the pert about the orange bead, I knew that’s what it was. (From left to right, there’s a flower on the left, then it’s up top right before the middle flower gets swirly.)


      1. Ah. I’m personally allergic to nickel, but I’m also petite enough that I always look for things that are adjustable so that I can hopefully make them fit. (Put it this way: I can cut the bottom of a Pringles can and use it as a bracer for a good portion of my wrist/arm with room to spare. This is why I do not own many bracelets- they have a tendency to fall off.)


      2. *Wry G* I have thick-boned wrists, from (among other things) holding back a lunging bloodhound on a leash.

        And yeah; I don’t personally have metal allergies that I know of, but I have enough other allergies that why risk it? And I like to make my stuff hypoallergenic so anyone could wear it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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