Bridge ficbit – Snow Sharks 2

I must be insane.

Everything Loki knew about magic said touching another mind was dangerous. Everything he knew about spirits said stepping inside one should be impossible. Possession, that was possible; two souls fighting for one body. Infestation, certainly; there were entities that could burrow into a soul like a tapeworm, devouring it from the inside out. But for part of himself to be present in another soul – as himself, not as part of an animated mindscape – it shouldn’t work.

Yet here he stood, on the glass and steel side of a rain-swept skyscraper that defied gravity. Trying to decide if he should believe his eyes, or his churning stomach.

“Neither.” The sword-spirit stood beside him, ignoring such mundane details as gravity. “Believe your heart, Loki. It will not fail you here.”

Loki winced. “That’s hard to believe.”

“I know.” A steady, amber-lensed gaze. “Did you think something worth having would be easy?”

Loki wiped rain from his face, wryly amused by the sheer simplicity of Ichigo’s first defense. The rain wasn’t a weapon. It wasn’t an attack someone could turn back on itself. It just was.

Thin it out, it looks innocent. Thicken it, and an intruder will only see a few feet in any direction, even if he shields himself from every drop. You’d have to attack the whole soul at once to stop it. And if you did – this is a city. Any with ill intent would have to be very powerful, or very lucky, to find what they were looking for.

Subtle. Effective. Apparently innocent. “You truly did learn from me, Ossan.” Loki shook his head. “I’m not certain that’s a good thing.”

The spirit raised an eyebrow.

He knows how to use silence, as well. “Does it rain here all the time?” Loki asked abruptly.

“Not always.” Casual as walking down stairs, the spirit stepped onto thin air.

When in Tokyo…. Loki stepped off of glass and steel-

Apparently, gravity here depended on whether you noticed it or not.

Evil, evil child….

A/N: Because Ichigo did inherit the family sense of humor. He’s just a lot subtler about it. *EG*


18 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Snow Sharks 2

  1. >A/N: Because Ichigo did inherit the family sense of humor. He’s just a lot subtler about it. *EG*>
    Subtler> Not always. I remember the Rukia shot-put incident in Soul Society.
    Google: Ichigo throws Rukia for the scene. 😀

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      1. Have the feeling that little gem is still going to be part of this story. Up to and including Rukia and Renji cursing him at length for tossing Rukia like that. And after realizing that they are actually going to survive this, vow that revenge will be theirs.

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  2. It’s probably good for his long-term health and maintaining useful insanity that Loki learns not to underestimate Ichigo. Or Zangetsu. Let’s all remember that Ichigo tends to learn very quickly and should only need multiple renditions of the same lesson for stuff like curbing his impulsive saving people thing to check it out first and get a reasonable idea of what you are leaping into, then leap in. Because that is part of his inborn personality and they aren’t trying to change his desire to protect people, just get him to do it smart.

    *sudden evil grin* And it might be handy for Ichigo to learn that it pays to have his opponent think he is an overconfident, impulsive idiot. After all a while, he going to wonder if the bad guys are ever going to not fall for that.

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    1. >Poor, poor Byakuya. *G*>
      I forget, how many times did Sakura-blossom boy underestimate/not give Ichigo his ful attention in canon because he was ‘just’ a human etc?

      Of course a Loki-trained individual won’t try to convince said opponent that they are indeed a treat, he’s just going to take advantage of that gaping hole in the enemy’s defense.

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      1. Waaaay too many. *EG*

        And yes. At least with encouragement from Chad, Ishida, and Orihime, Ichigo’s reaction to being underestimated should lean toward “you just keep thinking that.” Until he gets in a good uppercut….


  3. Oh, this Ichigo is going to be a very scary thing indeed when the time of the canon start-up comes around… In canon Ichigo only started getting stronger once Rukia showed up and he started fighting all the time. Here, he’s getting a very early start indeed… Wow, he’s going to surprise a LOT of people, isn’t he?


    1. I’m leaning toward, shouldn’t be so much a power-up as a more stable foundation. So he thinks through a few more options than just “charge in and destroy everything between me and Rukia”.

      …Not that some targeted destruction is a bad thing….


      1. I think the Twelve will scare our heroes. In the ‘oh my gods, how does stuff like this happen?!’ kinda of way.

        “It’s an entire division made up about 200 Urahara clones with somehow even less scruples when it comes to Science! stuff.”
        *silence as everyone contemplates that image*
        “Well, I know what we’re doing after we save Rukia. Through, if the opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to break as much of their stuff and possibly the geek-squad-from-hell as you possibly can. It will probably be necessary for the continued existence of the universe . . . and science lab explosions make good distractions . . .”


      2. And if Juushirou and Shunsui find out about it, they will be careful to not know what is being suggested/spoken of. 😉


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