Bridge ficbit – Patterns of Family

The energy Ichigo and his sisters have isn’t Asgardian magic, or even jotunn; not quite. Though the flavor of it reminds Loki of Fa- of Odin’s Valkyries, and that’s something he doesn’t want to look at too closely.

But energy is energy, and if it isn’t exactly like, it still has patterns. And patterns can be manipulated.

He starts with healing. Ichigo, after all, is always getting into scrapes. One way or another.

Isshin’s hidden his children’s power so well, no one not deliberately searching would find it. And if they did, Isshin’s heritage (whatever that might be, he’s much more than just a shinigami) would drown any faint trace of other like a drop of ink in the ocean.

Yet Loki has found raindrops in the sea, and runes of power in the dust pile that had been an ancient tome. He sinks into a kenning of blood and bone, and knows.


He ought to think of her as Frigga; surely she, of all people, knew he was no child of hers. But – and this is painfully, achingly clear in a trickster’s memory – she never claimed he was one of the Aesir.

Odin’s son, yes. Her son, yes. But she had never said he was not a jotunn.

So. Now he knows why little Yuzu, all of five and trying so hard, has never burned herself in the kitchen.


10 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Patterns of Family

  1. Oh Loki . . .

    Of course, she didn’t. She knows full well the power of words.

    And yeah, Ichigo is going to get into scraps. It’s his nature.

    Shinigami are like Valkyries. Sort of. In a way. Similar. Like how horses and zebras are kinda of similar.

    Good explanation for how the Gotei 13 patrolled Karakura for years without once noticing the Kurosaki family – I presume they aren’t the only ones in Karakura whose presence there is very carefully hidden.

    Hmm . . . despite the official stance of the Central 46, they didn’t seem have looked all that hard for the Vizards and Yoruichi . . . and seem to be willing to ignore Urahara’s continued existence . . . is it because they think Urahara is powerless . . . or does someone besides the people in Karakura think there was something very, very fishy has been going on in the Soul Society for the last century or so and isn’t weird how Aizen always seems to feature in these strange incidents in some way that have left very powerful Shinigami dead, mutated, or in exile?

    Maybe not the old man but someone . . . like Ukitake? Kyouraku? Unohana?

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    1. Hah, yeah – look at Ukitake and Kyouraku’s immediate response to hearing about what was going to be done to Rukia. That? To me, that look at least to some degree pre-planned and well-researched. Like, even if they didn’t know when or to who it would happen, they EXPECTED it happen to someone, sometime, and darn it, they were going to be ready for that and KNOW HOW TO STOP IT. For everyone. Period.

      (Sorry for vagueness, I’m attempting not to spoiler that bit for anyone not familiar with it.)

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    2. Except in this ‘verse, Valkyries were based on Shinigami without the Aesir actually knowing what shinigami were. And because of the whole balance aspect, and the Hollows, and the need for more shinigami….

      Well, there are reasons the shinigami don’t like the Aesir. (And then Odin’s behaviour and tricks made things even worse.)

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  2. I read this, I get to the Valkyries, and I remember the bit about Odin kidnapping souls, and part of Soul Society’s beef with Odin, and I get a nasty feeling. It is totally in line with Odin though. Might be driven by my total willingness to believe the worst of Odin.

    But I’m tired and slow, so I’m tentative about the connection between Yuzu and Frigga. Is it the hearth magic or ‘mom magic,’ or is it a bit of a protection like Ichigo’s got/had? Mostly what I’m missing is the connection between Yuzu not getting burned in the kitchen, very impressive at five, and Frigga. (Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the cooking thing. On the one hand, *five* on the other Master Chef Junior. And then Isshan, but then again, Yachiru. He doesn’t have a normal reaction to little girls because he has a skewed view of what they can do.) (If you do get more up in the Tatterdemalion verse, my question about Kenpachi and Yachirou is, did they click together as Hollows? (And Tiny!Yachirou is adorable. The idea of a tiny!shinigami, all furry tentacles and, Yachiru. It slays with cute.)

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    1. *EG* On Valkyries.

      Frigga’s affinities are hearth, protection, and secrets. That’s the kind of thing that can pass down not just by DNA but by tradition and magical association – Masaki was human, but (instead of the canon Quincy) in this AU she came from a line of priestesses. (The Quincy stuff is all German-associated in canon, and it’s not that much of a leap from ancient Germans to the Vikings….)

      I have ideas for Tatterdemalion if I get back to there (need to get back to River first, oy…) and yep, Kenpachi found Yachirou as a baby Hollow. Which is one reason the Shinigami decide to take a chance on this particular pair with Kisuke’s experimental fix….

      (Some people think it was more successful than others.)

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