Bridge ficbit – Levin-BOOMs

Don’t laugh, Isshin told himself firmly, fighting to keep a straight face as Loki dropped into a chair at the dining room table. Don’t laugh. He’s had a bad day.

:A crispy one,: Engetsu giggled.

Isshin smothered a snicker, eyes dancing. Normally immaculate, Loki’s black hair now stood up at all angles, still trailing smoke. His clothes were charred as if he’d been attacked by flaming moths. And the less said about his shoes, the better. “So. How’d today’s lessons go?”

Still smoldering, Loki gave him a look that fell short of murderous only because someone had slipped a banana peel under its foot. “You knew.”

Isshin blinked. “Who, me?”

“You knew.”

“Well… maybe?” Isshin scratched the back of his neck, Engetsu cackling in the heart of his soul. “They could have all taken after their mother. Well, except Uryuu – though he could have taken after his mother-” Catching the way green eyes narrowed, Isshin grinned. “So. How’d it go?”

Loki’s jaw worked a moment, as if he were chewing his words into less pungent phrases. “Yuzu managed a few sparks.”

“Good,” Isshin nodded. “That’ll give the next preschool idiot who calls her a gaijin something to think about. And?”

“Karin grasps the basic principles of a levin-bolt well,” Loki stated. “She needs practice, but she can already put enough power into it to startle a Hollow.”

“My older girl likes to hit things,” Isshin observed. “And?”

“Uryuu needs to learn to tap his own power as well as his surroundings, but he has very good control,” Loki observed. “He’s doubtful a levin-bolt is preferable to a Quincy bow; and at the moment, at least, he’s right to be. It will take a far more powerful bolt than a nine-year-old can ordinarily manage to deter a Hollow.”

Ooo, this was getting good. “Any son of Ryuuken’s knows about control,” Isshin said lightly. “And?”

“…I could really get to hate what you don’t say, Isshin.”

“Old habit,” Isshin claimed shamelessly. “Learn by being cut, my teachers always said. You had to know what you were up against.”

Loki arched a charred brow.

Isshin shrugged. “If I’d told you, would you have believed me?”

“Possibly not,” Loki admitted. “Does this run in the family?”

Isshin grinned. “Don’t know, if you don’t tell me.”

“The other three may practice anywhere they like,” Loki said at last. “They’re careful, and they’re not using a great deal of power. At worst, Uryuu might take out a wall. Nothing more.”

Wait for it, Isshin thought, almost bouncing. Wait….

“Ichigo is not to even think about using a levin-bolt unless he’s under my direct supervision. And I’ve had the chance to get at least a hundred yards away.”


28 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Levin-BOOMs

  1. Hahahahahaha, that has Isshin written all over it. Next time, ask more questions Loki (not that our resident tricksters will give a straight answer but Loki’e canny enough to draw conclusions from what they *don’t* say)

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      1. Perhaps if Thor ends up in the area, and isn’t an antagonist somehow, Loki can suggest a friendly spar, ‘suggest’ to Ichigo that this would be a great opportunity to practice his kido, and ‘volunteer’ that pocket-dimension space under Urahara’s shop. That’s a nice swath of revenge right there…


  2. Oh Ichigo . . . . he never does anything small, does he?

    Anyone reminded of that scene when Renji tried to kido in the flash-back to the Academy?

    Besides their habit of blowing stuff up, Isshin didn’t explain what exactly it means to have a captain’s level of power, did he? Can’t exactly blame him – he’s not only used to hiding stuff but how powerful Ichigo is a dangerous secret

    And explaining some of that kind of stuff will expose not just Kurosaki family secrets but those belonging to several other people since Loki is very capable of adding two and two and getting four . . .

    Musing – Feel free to ignore the questions or simply answer them as “All will be revealed, patience, grasshopper.”

    Still, think learning to use power this early might make it easier for Ichigo to control his spiritual energy so he isn’t constantly holding up a metaphorically sign shouting “Here I am!”

    Through that will change his first encounter with Rukia since he won’t be attracting Hollows like crazy but their meeting was going to go different anyway since Ichigo with Loki as big brother is unlikely to do the stuff that got Rukia so badly injured in the first place . . . unless something really screwed up happens and he acts impulsively out of panic . . . or Ichigo meets her because she got in over her head and things go awry from there . . . .

    Through if he has better control by the time he first calls Zangetsu, I wonder how that will effect things? It might not since Ichigo still has a monstrous amount of spiritual energy . . . but most captain level shinigami do and they can seal their zanpakuto . . .

    And maybe Ichigo can actually properly learn kido in addition to the magic Loki’s teaching him. Knowing Ichigo, he’ll do something that combines the two so his spells do stuff that other shinigami aren’t expecting / can’t properly counter since they haven’t encountered much magic outside of kido.

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    1. I’m still a little iffy/ambivalent about Ichigo ever having much success with Kido at all. Ichigo is very much the extremely talented shown protagonist, and I always appreciated his complete incapability when it came to kido as a weakness. This is someone who has all the power in the world and can point it in a direction, which is good because that’s what they needed in canon, but you will never find precision or finesse from him. It’s also something that comes with a nice built in cost: sure our hero CAN take out the bad guy, you don’t mind if he also destroys everything in a city-block radius, right?


      1. Ichigo will probably never, ever be good at kido. Ever. Maybe he can get some healing to work, Loki would pound that into his head the hard way – but spellcasting? Not so much. And the few times he does get spells to work… hello, Murphy.

        That said Loki will probably be able to get him to finesse the fire hose of reiatsu a little. So maybe he only destroys HALF the block…..

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      2. Re: Ichigo and Kido

        I’m cool with that. Kid needs to be bad at something – and since, canon, he’s good at swords, hand-to-hand, and flash-step, kido it is. Besides Rukia has to have an area where she totally trounces him. Fair is fair. He and Renji (after the rescue arc) can bond over their inability to spell most spells without blowing stuff up they didn’t mean to.

        Bunnies were just tossing around ideas to see which ones seeded . . . and they just pointed out that the person mixing kido and Loki’s style of spells into surprise! doesn’t have be Ichigo, after all between Bleach and Marvel, we have Loads and Loads of Characters at our disposal.

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    2. He will learn how to shield better, and his mess with Rukia doesn’t go down exactly as canon… but this time instead of a horrible mess because he’s not clued in, there’s a horrible mess because he IS.

      (Hint: Ghosts are not the only thing that tries to hide behind Ichigo. And Hollows don’t just go after spirits.)

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      1. He just can’t meet Rukia without them being trouble up their eyeballs? 😉 Or rather Ichigo can’t seem to meet and befriend any of his friends without one or both of them being in hot water at the time . .

        Kinda of like a certain purple-haired king and his closest associates can’t either. . .

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      2. Ichigo attracts trouble. Full stop. Loki will eventually determine that this isn’t carelessness, hapless heroics, or ignorance. It’s a magical affinity.

        Yes, Loki has discovered a literal Trouble Magnet. Poor guy….

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    1. >*G*>
      I always did enjoy the stories with various spirits and creatures living alongside or just a few degrees off from humanity. But then I also enjoyed Spirited Away (I recommend non-Disney subs, there are particulars that get lost in that one), XxxHolic and some of the fan creations of the Touhou-verse.

      Of course the question becomes in Bridge why the various rank and file Shinigami have apparently never seen any youkai etc over the years/decades/centuries? I mean they can be so blind/stupid to mistake them for normal humans right?


      1. >youkai are usually pestering the living, not the dead.😉>
        And when Rukia end up crashes at the Kurosaki house, they’ll have something new to play with.

        After a good portion of Youkai are like cats (even the non-feline ones) in how they tend to poke, prod and bat around a new element to get a measure of it.

        Rukia: Why do these, these BEASTS! keep going after me?!?
        Tatsuki: One: you keep inadvertently insulting them so payback is needed. Two: they think you’re completely hilarious to mess with. It’s like a dog or cat with a squeaky toy.

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