What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Eye of Rukh

Ugo let his little creatures help prop him up as he limped across the sanctuary. Pulling himself together this time wasn’t taking nearly so long as it had after Judar’s attack all those millennia ago. Then again, this time he might not have a few spare centuries to draw his scattered rukh back into one form. Aladdin was out there, possibly still in the hands of enemies. Amon had not returned. And the few messages he’d gotten from Baal’s dungeon had been terse and confusing-

Shimmering rukh-birds scattered, as if blown by a sudden wind.

Ugo frowned, watching light bloom into a shining circle. Whatever that was, wasn’t made by his power. If that was Callimachus again, the enemy was about to find out the hard way how far a Djinn out-powered a magician-


His heart melted. Ugo cupped a hand around one edge of that mirror-light from elsewhere, seeing it shimmer into familiar faces. “Aladdin.” Well, and whole, and smiling at him in pure relief. With a familiar fierce redhead on one side, a blond with Amon’s aura on the other, and looking over all their shoulders…. “The men behind you look very familiar, young magi.”

“Simon Cavins, in this life, sir.” That familiar soul smiled at him, Baal’s aura a faint crackle of sparks in his own. “With your permission, I’d like to stand as Aladdin’s guardian until he’s eighteen. The country we’re in tends to get a bit touchy about teenagers wandering around without a supposedly sane adult to be held accountable.”

“He’s okay, Ugo.” Aladdin’s blue eyes were bright with joy. “We’re all okay.” Reaching out, he hugged his friends. “They’re okay, and I know what you did for them, and thank you.”


41 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 22 bit – Eye of Rukh

  1. Aw!

    And Ugo’s probably happy that, this time, the plans to save / protect the world and those he cares about haven’t gone completely off the rails almost as soon as they leave the station . . .

    And don’t worry Ugo, our semi-evil duo is starting to understand that very important life lesson. Seeing a King in Full Equip calling down Extreme Magic tends to do that . . . and they aren’t stupid enough not to realize (or not to realize very quickly) that purple-haired guy who is already kinda tick off at them for hurting his people can do something very similar with Lightning! instead of Fire . . . not to mention the four guys behind him either crackling their knuckles or idling fingering sharp pointy things . . . if it were me, I’d be very, very polite.

    Of course, there are no shortage of fools in the universe so I imagine someone is going to have learn the power difference between a magician and Djinn the hard way.

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    1. This is hypothetically set in Stargate ‘verse. I am sure at some point, someone will need manners taught to them via sledgehammer. (And hopefully one of those lessons will not be “These are people you don’t stick snakes in”, or the sledgehammer will be on *fire*)

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      1. Amen! I think there’s actually a blog out there, “Florida Man strikes again!” Referring to various news articles that lead with “Florida man….” And go on to: is eaten by alligator, blows up hotel room, etc.

        One of the latest? I’m sure you’ve heard of this one…. The guy who crashed into a building, trying to time-travel by hitting 88 MPH.

        …Yep. That wasn’t far from where Hancock would be, if it were real….

        So yeah. Cavins’ tower? It’s up to code with the airport, who cares….

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  2. Side Thought: Do you think this little section of Florida, if it doesn’t already, will soon have a special codes for Hancock? One for Hancock in General, One of Simon, One of Alan, One of Ja’far, and so forth.

    And conversations like this:
    Copper A: “It’s Cavins.”
    Copper B: “Again?”
    Copper A: “Yep.”
    Copper B: “Purple or Blue?”
    Copper A: “Blue, this – ”
    *gets interrupted by the radio, Copper A listens very carefully and grimaces.*
    Copper A: “I said corrected. Blue AND purple this time.”

    (Copper is used for police because I’m currently re-reading Night Watch.)

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      1. And now my bunnies are puzzling through how Jack and the rest of SG-1 would react to an Earth police department having a legit code for “giant lizard of the winged burney variety”.

        That thud you hear would be me falling over laughing.

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      2. >The problem would be finding a way for SG-1 to actually find that out. They don’t usually deal with the police!>
        For some reason the local police arrest them and then hand them over to Simon as part of the unofficial Hancock Handles Weirdness agreement.

        Where Simon finds out that while SG1 and the doohickey they were investigating are weird, it’s not the weird he’s used to.

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  3. Hapless Newbie: The dragon one’s a joke, clearly.
    Bullpen: …
    Hapless Newbie: You’re kidding. Clearly. Dragon’s don’t exist *Stalks off*
    Policeman 1: Bets on how long he’ll last? *EG*
    Policeman 2: Before or after a close encounter of the Simon kind?

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      1. . . . Does the local police department basically turn into a mash-up of the Santa Barbara cops from Psych and the department from Brooklyn Nine-Nine after a while?


      2. I haven’t seen either, so I honestly wouldn’t know. I was thinking more along the cops in Gargoyles. They know there’s some weird stuff out there, but they only plan to put handcuffs on something breaking the law. 🙂

        …Besides. In RL in this area, the cops are called for reports of UFOs. I kid you not. Which they often conclude with, “Dispatch, that’s a UTL (unable to locate) on the UFO.”

        I honestly don’t think dragons are going to shake them that much. *G*

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  4. Hmm. I actually think it’s more likely SG-1 would be poking Hancock first, then get arrested….

    I can see that happening.

    *SG-1 is sniffing around Hancock. The tower is making them very curious. They trip all of the perimeter spells around the school as hinky – not to mention the danger sense of the well-trained students who immediately report their presence to the office.*
    Simon: “Halt!”
    *SG-1 freezes and looks over to see Simon, Ja’far, and Malachy, looking very serious.*
    Simon: “Gentlemen . . . and Lady, I don’t know how you missed it but this is a school. Visitors must check in by the front office. Meaning by me.”
    Jack: “And you are?”
    Simon: “Principal Simon Cavins. This is my school and you are scaring my kids. You currently have two options. (1) Come up to the front office to be signed in as visitors, provided you are willing to show your photo ID and your stated business is deemed appropriate for a school. Or (2) You can leave before I have you arrested for trespassing.”
    *They leave but try to sneak back in not too long after. And not too long after that, they find themselves confronted by police.*
    Police: “You are under arrest.”
    Jack: “What for?”
    Police: “Trespassing. Principal Cavins told you get off of school property.”
    Jack: “Are you serious?”
    Police officers give them no-nonsense expressions.
    Police: “Yes.”
    Later . . .
    Hammond: “What do you mean you’ve been arrested?”

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    1. Or it could be listed as an interesting tourist note? I doubt SG-1 would go in without a briefing, and I wouldn’t put it past a joker in background research to mention that the police code for “fire-breathing lizard”.

      Or maybe that’s why SG-1 is going in? Some research jockey finds the police code, pokes at it, finds Alan’s blog, and starts to wonder if alien tech isn’t somehow involved. SG-1 has seen weirder things done with tech… Not many, but enough to approach an apparently legit sighting of a dragon with caution.

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      1. *grins* I know right? They probably feel a little of sorts . . .

        Through maybe Teal’c shouldn’t be with them when they were jailed – I’m not sure Junior would escape notice during a pat-down search . . .

        And hopefully Jack wasn’t expecting much trouble and therefore was only carrying his minimum amount of weapons (because being a paranoid black ops officer*, I doubt he goes anywhere unarmed voluntarily).

        Hammond already has a headache and his people hasn’t even gotten to the really crazy stuff about Hancock and its’ Duel King insanity yet.

        *And therefore is likely to have ticked off people who are not aliens or connected with Project Bluebook but were connected with the stuff he did before getting involved in this whole mess. And even if he didn’t have any living enemies related to that stuff, aliens have popped up on Earth and attempted to ruin his day . . .

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      2. I hope you meant _Dual_ King insanity, because if Yugi and Kaiba show up at Hancock, the world would implode from the awesome.

        Honestly, for just trespassing, I suspect Jack would avoid being arrested. Escorted off the grounds and given a citation, more likely.

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  5. >>Honestly, for just trespassing, I suspect Jack would avoid being arrested. Escorted off the grounds and given a citation, more likely.>>

    Likely. Provided he heeds the citation – meaning no more trespassing. If he gets caught there after the citation, he’s going to jail.

    And provided he doesn’t act like a jerk to the police officers citing. Because getting a citation instead of being arrested is at the discretion of the officers in question.


  6. >>I hope you meant _Dual_ King insanity, because if Yugi and Kaiba show up at Hancock, the world would implode from the awesome.>>

    Yes, that’s what I meant. It would be cool if Yugi and Kaiba showed up but that just might be too much awesome in one place
    “You mean there is another place as crazy as Domino City?”
    “Frightening, isn’t it?”

    . . . Through Sharrkan / Tiburon does kinda of look like Malik / Marik and he is half-Egyptian . . .

    Argh! Darn crossover bunnies. Bringing up stuff like how it is kinda big question mark about how exactly the ancient people of Earth managed to kick Ra and them off the planet . .

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    1. > Argh! Darn crossover bunnies. Bringing up stuff like how it is kinda big question mark about how exactly the ancient people of Earth managed to kick Ra and them off the planet . .>
      Don’t worry some of mine are even more nuts. One involved Aladdin fumbling a dungeon summoning and connecting to a Transport Gate/Fairy Ring from Log Horizon.

      Because hey, if you are making a pathway to two places through time, space and dimensions anything can happen.

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      1. *blink*

        That’s different . . . but the bunnies are going “hmmm” instead of “inconceivable!”

        My bunnies have been very crossover oriented as of late – Like one of my projects is AU Harry Potter universe and they are refusing to keep the character list and ideas to the world of Harry Potter. And dismissing any protests of “But all of those series don’t take in England and/or aren’t concurrent!” with “Alternate universe. It’s all alternate universe anyway.”

        >>Because hey, if you are making a pathway to two places through time, space and dimensions anything can happen.>>

        True that.

        And “Oops” is probably also near the top of the list of things you never want to hear a Magi say.

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      2. > That’s different . . . but the bunnies are going “hmmm” instead of “inconceivable!” >
        I can cross some really weird ideas. It’s a consequence from mucking around in the Halkeginia Online series for so long.

        Here’s hoping Triggerhappy manages to finish his rewrites of volumes 1 and 2 (he’s finished 3) and start producing volume 4.
        Because lord have mercy did he end volume three with a cliff hanger.


      3. I like the ideas behind that series, but I got frustrated with the depiction of horrible battles scenes, and then the author saying “well, you know, actually they did quite well in that situation”.

        If you didn’t write it in the story, we didn’t see it.

        …Ahem. *Wry G* I really do like some of the discussion on spacebattles around that story, though. Especially the giggles about Cait Sidhe babies and cardboard boxes….

        …No, bunnies. No crossing Magi and SAO without a really good reason. Djinn kind of wreck the whole level system!

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      4. > If you didn’t write it in the story, we didn’t see it. >
        Honestly that seems to be a problem for a lot of ‘verses. I mean how do you explain everything that’s happening to the audiance from a limited perspective character without seeming contrived or infodumpy?

        I guess it’s part of the reason a lot of anime etc have supplemental materials explaining the greater universe etc because the characters wouldn’t have a reason to explain all those details.

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      5. *Nod* It was just the continual “oh, horrible things happened to our characters” being portrayed, while the author’s comments said “No, really, this wasn’t that bad.” It couldn’t have taken that much for one of the Halk-native characters – who are familiar with war! – to actually say that?

        Meh. I have to admit I liked the worldbuilding details more than the actual fic, in that one.

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