Bridge ficbit – Hide and Seek II

“You’re going to pay for this,” Yoruichi declared, finally finding the jacket neck and wriggling loose. “He wasn’t trying to catch me, he was trying to catch you!

“You never said he had to know whom he was catching,” Loki said sternly. “Sworn is sworn, and you already had more than your chance to set the terms. He met them all. You promised.”

“…Damn it.” Black ears lowered. “If it hadn’t been for that mouse… hah! You were the mouse, and the deal is off-”

“He wasn’t!” Ichigo scowled down at the frizzed-out cat. “That was me.” Biting his lip in concentration, he made his power small and shadowy again. Just one little bit of magic, sparkling like a small life in his senses.

“You pretended to be a mouse.” Gold stared at him, unblinking. Glanced fire at Loki. “How in the worlds did you get his reiatsu that much under control?”

“Practice,” Loki said firmly. “A very great deal of practice. And a teacher as stubborn as his student.” He smiled. “It’s good I know you’re just as stubborn as both of us, isn’t it, Yoruichi-san?”

“Heh.” The cat sat down, licking ruffled fur back into place. “All right, kiddo. First lesson. Try to catch me now.”

Midnight blurred, and Yoruichi was gone.

Realizing he was gaping, Ichigo shut his mouth. “That wasn’t teleporting….”

“I believe it’s called flash-step,” Loki informed him. “It takes a great deal of control and skill, but not the precision of teleportation.”

Ichigo tried not to redden. Skill, Loki said he was learning. Control… well, they were working on that. Precision? Um. Not so much.

But if there’s another way to move fast….

“And it looks like fun.” Loki winked at him. “Don’t worry. She will keep her promise and teach you. I know it.”

Ichigo’s jaw dropped. “She?”

Loki just laughed.

14 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Hide and Seek II

  1. I really hope Yoruichi doesn’t try to throw Ichigo off by transforming back into a human. If it nearly caused a 15 year old to have a stroke it will probably be ten times worse for a nine year old.

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  2. So she is largely going to employ the same method of teaching Ichigo flash-step that she used to improve Byakuya’s flash-step? AKA Extreme Tag.

    Well, maybe after they stop trying to kill each other, Ichigo and Byakuya can bond over the frustration that is trying to catch Yoruichi. Because I’m sure Ichigo will be experiencing a lot of frustration over that task.

    On the plus side, maybe Yoruichi and the rest of our exiles will be in better shape by the time the shenanigans / bad guy makes his move starts happening – I know it didn’t seem like it but Yoruichi made remarks during the Rescue Arc about being out of shape since she hadn’t really used any of her skills / seriously stretched them for a century. I have the feeling that they are going to need everyone in the best shape they can get in to save the world (and save it, since this is occupying the same story universe of at least part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanas and Aizen probably will not be the first or last villains with a hankering for world domination / destruction / mass genocide they encounter . . .)

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    1. Mock, smirk, flash, repeat. *G* That’s the black kitty for you.

      And the exiles probably won’t be in top shape – they’re just training kids part-time. But a little more exercised, yep. 🙂

      And whoof, no, Thanos and Aizen are just two of many world-destroying annoyances. (Loki doesn’t want Earth destroyed. It’s where he keeps his stuff!)

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      1. >>Mock, smirk, flash, repeat. *G* That’s the black kitty for you.>>

        Byakuya: “I feel your pain.”
        *silently hopes that, after all is said and done, that Yoruichi does not decide he needs to play tag with her again because ‘Little Byakuya is still too serious.’ Because she will find a way to get him to chase her. Even if tag with Yoruichi does sound infinitely more interesting than doing his endless array of paper-work*

        >>And the exiles probably won’t be in top shape – they’re just training kids part-time. But a little more exercised, yep.:) >>

        That’s better than nothing. And might make it easier for them to step that exercise program into high gear when they realize just how crazy things are going to be from now on . . . which they should have expected. Living this close to a Shiba, what were we thinking?

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    2. > Mock, smirk, flash, repeat. *G* That’s the black kitty for you. >
      With lots of hijinks as Ichigo tries to catch her because there is no way in hell she’s falling for the mouse trick again. I suspect he’s going to be learning parkour the hard way.

      Of course the question is if he or Loki manage to put up an SEP field or something while he chases the fleeing feline all over town.

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      1. > *Wry G* >
        I guess the insanity could be a way to introduce the rest of the Soul Socity/Asgard smashing team (those that aren’t already clued into the magical world at least).

        Because I doubt a Yoruichi chase is going to be subtle.
        The frustrated growls, mocking laughter, yells for the crazy cat to get back here, and the screams when the chaser realizes his flash-step sputtered out half-way over the intersection and has to grab a lamp-post in order to not become street pizza.

        You know, little things like that. Along with Loki with a camcorder and popcorn because this is hilarious.

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      2. > You read that fic on too, huh? >
        You mean Stray Cat Strut by Case13?

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  3. 》”Practice,” Loki said firmly. “A very great deal of practice. And a teacher as stubborn as his student.” He smiled.

    There aren’t very many times three sentences can imply so much property damage, headdesking, cursing, explosions, pillow screaming, patience, and encouragement as those three sentences.

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